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2011 Reynolds RZR 46, RZR 46 Team Wheels

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Reynolds RZR 46, RZR 46 Team Wheels

2011 reynolds rzr 46 rzr 46 team wheels   2011 Reynolds RZR 46, RZR 46 Team Wheels

Reynolds Cycling introduces the improved RZR 46 and RZR 46 Team wheels for 2011. Now available in a tubular versions, the RZR 46 features UD laminate from 57 Msi moduls carbon fiber and 110 Msi boron fiber. It has a 21.25mm rim with rim height of 46.5mm. The RZR 46 uses Reynolds’ patented Swirl Lip Generator that guides the air to get closer to the rim as it travels over its edges. This limits airflow separation from the tire.

The RZR 46 uses N.A.C.A. (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) 0033 spokes and a Torque Flange carbon fiber hub. It weighs 910 grams and has a rider weight limit of 180 lbs.

The RZR 46 Team has the same make as with the RZR 46 but with added kevlar on the rim and spokes, making it stiffer and stronger. This is also in compliance with UCI. Ultimately it prohibits the…

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Van Dessel Rivet Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Van Dessel Rivet Road Bike

van dessel rivet road bike   Van Dessel Rivet Road Bike

Van Dessel gives the Rivet road bike the latest in carbon fiber frame construction, the tube-to-tube wrapping, which allows the Rivet to distribute excellent power transfer and extreme comfort when riding. The new carbon wrapping construction resulted in a tighter frame that Van Dessel believes to be its most dialed-in frame ever.

The Rivet has a tapered 1.5″ headtube and is BB30 compatible. Available in 7 sizes, it has 31.6mm seat post with a 34.0 front derailleur clamp. The Rivet has many build options that makes it flexible. Although it is better used for racing, the Rivet harvests enough comfort to endure longer rides, too.

Pricing for the frameset—which includes frame, fork and headset—is $1999. For the frameset, with FSA K-Force Lite Ceramic BB30 crankset, the price is $2699. …

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Selle SMP Full Carbon Lite Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Selle SMP Full Carbon Lite Saddle

selle smp full carbon lite saddle   Selle SMP Full Carbon Lite Saddle

With a variety of saddles coming up in 2011, the Selle SMP Full Carbon Lite was one of the highlighted among all. Made for the riders who prefers a saddle lighter in weight with a comfortable seating position, the 100% full carbon structure saddle encompasses a top design seat from Selle for mountain and road use.

Selle SMP’s Full Carbon Lite is built for those with a medium-wide pelvis, hence the reason for a completely free central channel along with Selle’s original eagle-beak nose.

Weighing in at 119g the Selle SMP Carbon Lite Saddle is available in 3 sizes (M-L-XL). Colors to pick from are the original Clear-coated woven carbon fiber (as seen in the picture), and one with a Gloss White finish with a heavier weight of 175g compared to the original one which is just 119g.

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2011 Selle San Marco Vintage Collection

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Selle San Marco Vintage Collection

2011 selle san marco vintage collection   2011 Selle San Marco Vintage Collection

Selle San Marco revives its 2011 saddles with its Vintage Collection line. The retro move brings back 3 favorites—the Rolls, Regal and the Concor Supercorsa—in different covers of leather, suede, perforated leather and textured leather. The Rolls and the Regal have options for titanium rails for those who want to shave off some weight. Prices range from 79 Euro to 170 Euro.

The Vintage Rolls were a favorite by many cyclists because its shape fits almost every one. Dimensions for the Rolls are 282mm x 143mm and weighs 312 grams. They come in black, brown and white colors.

The Vintage Regal comes with a racing pedigree combined with classic stud detailing. It weighs 345 grams and measures 283mm x 149mm. Color schemes are the same with the Rolls. It uses both leather and textured leather coverings.

The Vintage Concor Supercorsa comes in its original molding but in more colors. Blue, yellow, red…

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BMC Streetracer SR01

pinit fg en rect gray 20   BMC Streetracer SR01

bmc streetracer sr01   BMC Streetracer SR01

Streetracer SR01 is the latest offer from BMC in their road series of bikes. SR01 is known for its triple-butted tube sets made with superior quality smooth welding process, giving the bike a lighter weight.

With a very safe carbon-aluminum interface the SR01 was designed with BMC’s integrated skeleton concept. It makes use of a Straightedge SE48 fork directly from BMC and a Shimano 105 cassette. For those who want better handling, Scor MKIII was used for the handlebars, stem and seatpost.

On the other side, Shimano Ultegra products were employed to SR01’s crankset, rear and front derailleur and for the bike’s shifters.

BMC Streetracer SR01 has a Shark color finish, retails for £1599.99 and is available in 5 sizes.

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Louis Garneau 2011 Mouldable Footwear

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Louis Garneau 2011 Mouldable Footwear

louis garneaus 2011 mouldable footwear 2   Louis Garneau 2011 Mouldable Footwear

Introducing the CFS-300 for road and T-Flex-300 for mountain by Louis Garneau. Models are 100% repeatedly molded using a conventional oven, which gives it that perfect fit feel.

The CFS-300 offers an Exo-Jet Carbon outsole with carbon molded arch support. This road shoe model also provides cyclists with a mouldable toe box, inner and outer forefoot and a heel cup. With adjustable EVA foam padding that can be tweaked in two positions—either vertically or horizontally, it has a ratchet that fits comfortably.

At the upper part of the heel cup it features a band that works to secure its users heel. CFS-300 also provides good ventilation on warm days and regulate temperatures on hot or cold days by way of Coolmax Ergo Air insoles. With an estimated weight of 290 grams per shoe in a size 41, retail price is $299.99.

On the other hand, the T-Flex-300 mountain shoe model offers a grip…

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Wippermann Connex 10sG, 9sG and 920 Bike Chains

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Wippermann Connex 10sG, 9sG and 920 Bike Chains

wipperman connex 10sg 9sg and 920 bike chains 3   Wippermann Connex 10sG, 9sG and 920 Bike Chains

Wippermann releases its new bicycle chains in colors of gold and blue, the Connex 10sG, 9sG and 920. For the past 15 years, Wippermann has been making quality products to suit road and mountain bike drive systems.

The 10-speed chain and the 9-speed chain comes in gold with a coating of high grade brass to prevent rusting and corrosion. Retailing at $49.95, the 9sG has 114 links, 9 sprockets, and weighs 289g for 110 links. Compatible with all 9-speed drive systems out there, the 9sG has a pin length of 6.6mm and a dimension of 1/2″ x 11⁄128″. Both models come with one Connex link connector and feature 2.2mm roller width while pin ejection pressure is at > 1500 N.

The 920 chain has the same quality features as with the 9sG and 10sG bicycle chains although the 920 comes in blue. Color coated with Teflon, the steel chain receives less…

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