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2011 Torm T6 Jersey

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Torm T6 Jersey

2011 torm t6 jersey   2011 Torm T6 Jersey

39% Merino and 61% polyester, the 2011 Torm T6 long-sleeve jersey is light and efficiently keeps essential body heat locked in and wicks moisture away from the skin thanks to the Sportwool and the T6′s cut. Along with the accurate sizings are an extended tail and sleeves long enough to stay down while on the bike.

Tailored specifically for bike riding, the 2011 Torm T6 long-sleeve jersey has great new features that include a drawstring waist and lock-down YKK zip with a chinguard. On the rear is a silicone gripper to keep the jersey in place. The Torm T6 also features subtle reflective strips, three well-sized pockets and two water resistant zip pockets that have looped zips for easy access.

As compared to the original jersey, all joins on the rear pockets of the 2011 Torm T6 jersey have been reinforced. Extra stitching has been added at each point where a…

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2011 Shimano 105 FC-5750 Crank

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Shimano 105 FC 5750 Crank

2011 shimano 105 fc 5750   2011 Shimano 105 FC 5750 Crank

The 2011 Shimano 105 FC – 5750 is a quality crank for road bikes. The crank was made sure to have a smooth rotation to ensure greater action. Built with an increased spacing between the plates to achieve a lower contact to the chain when switching to smaller gears, the 2011 Shimano 105 is very easy to install and set-up.

The crank comes with 10-speed cassette crown that features HOLLOWTECH II cranks, dual SIS compatibility, hyperdrive compatibility and a 50-34 tooth gear. The shoulder is made of aluminum material with adonized aluminum plates. The length of the arm is 170mm.

The 2011 Shimano 105 FC-5750 Crank approximately weighs 805 grams without secondary motion….

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Profile Design Kona Men’s Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Profile Design Kona Mens Saddle

profile design kona mens saddle   Profile Design Kona Mens Saddle

Male cyclists can now comfortably and fashionably cross the finish line with these unique and beautiful looking saddles from Profile Design called the Profile Design Kona Mens Saddle.

This sleek looking saddle has a pedigree all its own as it is also the official saddle for the Ironman competition. It has been designed specifically for the male physique, making each and every curvature and arches something that will help make riding easier, especially in triathlon specific events and races.

The saddles are available in two colors: black and white and weighs approximately 295 grams. Extra features for this saddle from Profile Design include a vented cover to help ease moisture transfer. Despite the lightness, the saddles are also equipped with extra padding for all day comfort even in the most grueling runs.

It currently fetches for $40.00 and is available in most cycling shops around the US.

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Blackburn Delphi 6.0 Wireless Computer

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Blackburn Delphi 6.0 Wireless Computer

blackburn delphi 6 0 wireless computer   Blackburn Delphi 6.0 Wireless Computer

Blackburn has recently released a uniquely distinct cyclometer called the Blackburn Delphi 6.0 Wireless computer. This great looking cyclometer has an integrated heart rate monitor and altimeter, which works perfectly with trips.

This cyclometer features a wireless speed transmission and wired cadence that helps you find your pace and aids you in picking up the pace when necessary. The built-in cadence function also helps you determine the current, average or maximum cadence of your run.

Unlike its bulkier counterparts, the Delphi 6.0 has a larger screen that, making it easier to read the data and information relayed by the bike computer. The screen also sports a back light feature that makes it easier to read the details, especially when cruising at night. This 4-liner cyclometer not only tells the altitude and the speed but also the time of day and the total ride time.

In a more technical look at the Delphi,…

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2011 Sixsixone Elite Bomber Undershorts

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Sixsixone Elite Bomber Undershorts

2011 sixsixone elite bomber undershorts   2011 Sixsixone Elite Bomber Undershorts

Designed with enhanced flexibility and feel, the 2011 Sixsixone Elite Bomber Undershorts are a cycling garment that will help achieve greater comfort during a tough or long ride. This padded undershorts by Elite Bomber got its amazing flexible features from its soft EVA foam and embossed hard foam.

In less critical areas of the Sixsixone Elite Bomber Undershorts, EVA foam is added to make the garment softer. On the other hand, the Elite Bomber undershorts integrate embossed hard foam meant for protection in the hips.

Additional features of the Sixsixone are chamois and 4-way stretch flexible body to further make it softer and more flexible. Chamois is added to the undershorts to add more comfort in the saddle and the vented 4-Way stretch flexible body is a new feature.

Riders will find it great wearing the 2011 Sixsixone Elite Bomber Undershorts because of its anti-slippery qualities, too. Aside from cycling,…

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First Look – Cipollini RB1000

pinit fg en rect gray 20   First Look    Cipollini RB1000

first look cipollini rb1000   First Look    Cipollini RB1000

The new road bike from Italy’s Mario MCipollini is shaping up to be a work of art in the cycling world. Stamped with the great Mario MCipollini’s name, the MCipollini RB1000 is the pinnacle of fine craftsmanship in bicycles for years to come.

The RB1000 frame is made from the T1000 MCipollini carbon monocoque, which is handcrafted and given full attention to detail by designers, making each and every frame a unique frame. The fibers used in the production of this bike have been equally pre-treated with epoxy resins and are very durable and strong and at the same time visually appealing or easy on the eyes.

The bike saddle employs Selle Italia Teknologika Flow while the wheels used are the IIIM RA 16-RP20. The MCipollini RB1000 also ships with a Dura-Ace D12 Crankset 7950 50X34 and is currently priced at $6560 for the frame alone and $17,600 for…

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2011 Velocite Helios Aero

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Velocite Helios Aero

2011 velocite helios aero   2011 Velocite Helios Aero

Road bike lovers will definitely rejoice when the new road bike from Taiwanese-based bike maker Velocite bikes dubbed the 2011 Velocite Helios Aero hits the road this year. The Helios Aero is a ground breaking new road bike formed from the collaboration between Velocite bikes and award winning aero bike designer Lewis Mathiske, who has also worked with some of the best riders in the world. The new bike offers great aerodynamics only Mathiske can develop and make.

Velocite is proud of their latest innovation because it is the only bike with true aero profiles within the maximum allowable limits as dictated by the UCI as well as provides unequalled lateral stiffness matching or above average stiffness for non-aero high performance road frames with less emphasis on the weight.

This herculean feat was accomplished by the Velocite team by utilizing the best available composite carbon fibre materials and unique…

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