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2011 Assos Roubaix Legwarmers

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Assos Roubaix Legwarmers

2011 assos roubaix legwarmers 2   2011 Assos Roubaix Legwarmers

Cold weather might bring others down but then again, you don’t have to feel that cold with the help of the 2011 Assos Robaix Legwarmers.

These are perfect for outdoor rides in temperatures that range anywhere from the 40 to 60 degrees. These legwarmers from Assos definitely sets the standard for added warmth, protection and comfort.

Portability is another concern for cycling enthusiasts, especially since legwarmers are sometimes cumbersome to lug around during bike trips. The Roubaix legwarmers, however, are quite the opposite. They can be easily folded into a jersey pocket if the trip suddenly takes a warmer turn.

The Assos Roubaix legwarmers are available in two sizes that can be used for all body types and is currently priced at $76.

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2011 Castelli Nano Cycling Shoe Covers

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Castelli Nano Cycling Shoe Covers

2011 castelli nano cycling shoe covers   2011 Castelli Nano Cycling Shoe Covers

Rides during autumn and milder winter days call for waterproof and comfortable cycling garments such as the 2011 Castelli Nano Cycling Shoe Covers. celebrex buy no prescription Effectively keeping out harsh winds, drizzle and road spray, the Castelli Nano Cycling Shoe Covers are trusted by the Cervelo Test Team.

Castelli’s Nano material, a silicone-coated Lycra, makes the Castelli Nano Shoecovers ultra-lightweight, while the heavy-duty YKK zippers at the back makes the shoecovers extra durable. Riders’ feet will stay incredibly dry and warm during a rainy ride, thanks to the waterproof polyurethane face of the 2011 Castelli Nano Cycling Shoe Covers.

At the ankles of the said cycling shoe covers, silicone-coated elastics are used. With these silicone-coated elastics, riders will achieve a cozy fit to boost aerodynamics and to avoid having water run down their leg and straight into the shoes. Adding…

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Capo Cortina Wind Vest

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Capo Cortina Wind Vest

capo cortina wind vest   Capo Cortina Wind Vest

The Capo Cortina Wind Vest is all about looking great and delivering a much needed warmth from the harsh cold elements, specifically for female riders.

The this amazing Wind vest is a cut above the rest of other female apparel thanks to a well refined cut that covers most parts, never flaps or bulges and as mentioned earlier, keeps the rider warm when out in the cold. To be able to do this, the sleek fit uses a revised Windtex Flight Plus 2 fabric, which is an improvement of the old Capo windtex materials, given more stretch and a softer hand to boot.

Ventilation is also an important factor that is being utilized in this promising women’s apparel. That is why the Capo Cortina Wind Vest has been crafted with a breathable mesh back, which helps sweat evaporate easily. When the going gets too hot, the new Wind Vest…

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Campagnolo Athena Groupset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Campagnolo Athena Groupset

campagnolo athena groupset   Campagnolo Athena Groupset

Campagnolo returns with a great groupset in the form of the Campagnolo Athena groupset, which blends perfectly efficient performance and value. Maintaining class and elegance that has been a constant in most of their products, the Campagnolo Athena groupset enters the realm of Base model 11 speed group with the Athena. Regardless if you are a vintage bike collector or a picky customer, the Athena groupset will still definitely catch your fancy.

The Athena’s lever called the ErgoPower is paired with the Campagnolo’s dual compound hood, which can be easily used for riders from any shape and size with an adjuster that increases the lever by 8 degrees with the use of a body shim. The brakeset is equipped with a single pivot rear design. Riders might have too much fun with the single pivot rear brakes’ anti-lock ability even when panic braking.

Like the goddess Athena from whom…

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2011 Trek 2.1 Triple Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Trek 2.1 Triple Road Bike

2011 trek 2 1 triple road bike   2011 Trek 2.1 Triple Road Bike

Aluminum frame and various carbon components are combined to make the 2011 Trek 2.1 Triple Road Bike a competitive machine but still affordable.

Though specifically designed for road racing, the 2011 Trek 2.1 Triple Road Bike is also ideal for riders who want to enhance their performance in the non-competitive area. Bontrager and Shimano logos are plastered on the Trek 2.1, indicating that it functions well not only for road racing but to exercise and leisure as well.

Riders can control the Trek 2.1 Triple Road Bike with its Tektro brakes, which help improve the precision and smoothly knit everything together. Blue and grey flashes add exquisite definition to the Trek 2.1 Triple Road Bike frame, making for a great modern style.

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2011 Assos Airjack 851 Cycling Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Assos Airjack 851 Cycling Jacket

2011 assos airjack 851 cycling jacket   2011 Assos Airjack 851 Cycling Jacket

Designed for winter rides, the Assos Airjack 851 cycling jacket can tackle temperatures that range from 32-47 degrees. Aside from outstanding thermal protection down to freezing conditions, the Airjack 851 also provides total wind protection.

To protect riders even from the most frigid breezes, the jackets fabric is strategically distribute at the collar, chest, and fronts of the arms. With its outstanding windproofness, the Assos Airjack allows riders to ride on without feeling the air seep through and hit skin.

When in riding position, riders can get rid of excess material on the sleeves and chest with the AEPD II design of the Airjack 851 jacket. Though it carries less volume, the Airjack does not compromise the riders’ freedom of movement. To conform to the rider’s movement, Airblock 851 4-way stretch fabric is used.

Additional features of the cycling jacket are a zippered rear pocket and reflective accents for safety.

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2011 SRAM GXP BlackBox Ceramic Bottom Bracket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 SRAM GXP BlackBox Ceramic Bottom Bracket

2011 sram gxp blackbox ceramic bottom bracket   2011 SRAM GXP BlackBox Ceramic Bottom Bracket

SRAM is pulling out all the stops with a new addition to their ever expanding list of parts. Their latest creation, the 2011 SRAM Red GXP Blackbox Ceramic Bottom Bracket.

While similar in design and look with that of the SRAM Force series bottom brackets, the GXP Blackbox uses ceramic balls made out of silicon nitride within the sealed cartridge bearings, putting quality over quantity. And it is because of the materials used in the bottom brackets that helps in reducing the drag that a bottom bracket experiences when the crank arm spindle passes through it.

Being fabricated by SRAM these bottom brackets will work well with any type of SRAM crank sets. The GPX in particular is equipped with alloy cups, which are anodized in Red and are available in two different kinds of threading, one in a 68 mm English threading and another in Italian with a…

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