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2011 Scott CR1 Pro Triple Road Bike

2011 scott cr1 pro triple road bike   2011 Scott CR1 Pro Triple Road Bike

Excellent comfort and intelligently designed geometry make the 2011 Scott CR1 Pro Triple an ideal road bike. A highly competitive cycle, the bike takes pride in its stiff racing set up and carbon frame.

Excellent components and good straight line allow the the CR1 Pro Triple to reduce the vibrations of the road beneath its Continental tires. To flesh out its features, the 2011 Scott CR1 Pro Triple Road Bike used Shimano Ultegra components.

Riders can guide the Scott with great handling experience, thanks to its cleverly set up brakes and gears. Comfort is enhanced by the bike’s carbon fork and seatpost without compromising its sporty performance.

In terms of looks, the 2011 Scott CR1 Pro Triple features a black frame with white grips and saddle mark….

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2011 Mavic Race SL Ti Pedals

2011 mavic race sl ti pedals   2011 Mavic Race SL Ti Pedals

It seems like 2011 is the year when pedals are experiencing a revival and Mavic is out to prove that all is fair in love and war with their 2011 Mavic Race SL Ti Pedal, which clocks in at an astonishing 220g total weight, a definite lightweight champion in racing bike pedals.

The Mavic Race SL pedal is as unique as can be. Equipped with an ultralight titanium spindle, this new pedal is as light as a feather but delivers the exact amount of force from your legs and feet right smack into the bike. Since the spindle was crafted using titanium, there are no weight limits on riders who can use this great pedal.

To make the pedal even lighter, Mavic has incorporated into the Race’s design the absence of wrench flats and instead has opted to use an opening for an 8mm Allen key.

The pedal in itself…

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2011 Trek 2.3 Triple Road Bike

2011 trek 2 3 triple road bike   2011 Trek 2.3 Triple Road Bike

One affordable but quality race-ready road bike is the 2011 Trek 2.3 Triple Road Bike. Handling, comfort and ride qualities are enhanced by the carbon forks and carbon seatpost of the 2.3 Triple. Top quality and an affordable price makes this it an ideal road bike for serious cyclists.

Though it owes its frame geometry to the Madone range, the 2011 Trek 2.3 Triple Road Bike uses aluminum and so it is quite more affordable as compared to other road bikes available on the market today.

Most of the quality features of this 2011 Trek are due to the Shimano 105 components, which are used extensively on the bike. Regardless of the rider’s skill and fitness levels, the Trek 2.3 Triple’s gears and brakes guarantee performance.

Nicely matched, black and silver frame gives the Trek 2.3 Triple a decent look for any ride on the road. …

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2011 Speedplay Nanogram Zero Titanium Pedals

2011 speedplay nanogram zero titanium pedals   2011 Speedplay Nanogram Zero Titanium Pedals

Riders looking for the next best thing after sometime using the Speedplay zero pedals might be interested in getting the pedals’ younger and cooler brother, the 2011 Speedplay Zero Nanogram Titanium Pedals.

Not only does the Zero Nanogram return with the same quality that made the Speedplay Zero a household name in bike pedals, including the low stack height and the cornering capabilities, it’s got some new tricks of its own. The Nanogram lives up to its name in every sense of the word, sporting an amazing 65g per pedal weight. This might have been the main reason why the world’s number 1 pro team, Team CSC/Saxobank picked up this great looking pedal.

With one glance you might say that nothings has been changed between the new Nanogram and the Speedplay Zero but upon further checking, you’ll find that the wrench flats are absent. This is all thanks to the new…

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2011 3T Rotundo Team Carbon Handlebar

2011 3t rotundo team carbon handlebar   2011 3T Rotundo Team Carbon Handlebar

A veteran of various cycling events and racing circuits, the 2011 3T Rotundo Team Carbon Handlebar is an excellent handlebar that has brought about success wherever it goes thanks to its design and materials.

This new creation from 3T combines things that pro cyclists would like on their bike handlebars. The 3T Rotundo is lightweight, stiff and oversized. The Rotundo has taken up a similar design like that of the popular 3T “Merckx Bend”, which includes a medium-drop handlebar with a fairly square top. The design incorporating the round bends have been placed because they offer more hand positions, which helps in giving better control and comfort.

The 3T Rotundo Team has 139mm of drop and 82.6mm of reach and has 31.8mm oversized stems. The handlebar’s center sections can also take any punishment that the clip-on aerobars can give out.

The 2011 3T Rotundo Team Carbon Handlebar is currently priced…

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2011 Assos Roubaix Legwarmers

2011 assos roubaix legwarmers 2   2011 Assos Roubaix Legwarmers

Cold weather might bring others down but then again, you don’t have to feel that cold with the help of the 2011 Assos Robaix Legwarmers.

These are perfect for outdoor rides in temperatures that range anywhere from the 40 to 60 degrees. These legwarmers from Assos definitely sets the standard for added warmth, protection and comfort.

Portability is another concern for cycling enthusiasts, especially since legwarmers are sometimes cumbersome to lug around during bike trips. The Roubaix legwarmers, however, are quite the opposite. They can be easily folded into a jersey pocket if the trip suddenly takes a warmer turn.

The Assos Roubaix legwarmers are available in two sizes that can be used for all body types and is currently priced at $76.

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2011 Castelli Nano Cycling Shoe Covers

2011 castelli nano cycling shoe covers   2011 Castelli Nano Cycling Shoe Covers

Rides during autumn and milder winter days call for waterproof and comfortable cycling garments such as the 2011 Castelli Nano Cycling Shoe Covers. Effectively keeping out harsh winds, drizzle and road spray, the Castelli Nano Cycling Shoe Covers are trusted by the Cervelo Test Team.

Castelli’s Nano material, a silicone-coated Lycra, makes the Castelli Nano Shoecovers ultra-lightweight, while the heavy-duty YKK zippers at the back makes the shoecovers extra durable. Riders’ feet will stay incredibly dry and warm during a rainy ride, thanks to the waterproof polyurethane face of the 2011 Castelli Nano Cycling Shoe Covers.

At the ankles of the said cycling shoe covers, silicone-coated elastics are used. With these silicone-coated elastics, riders will achieve a cozy fit to boost aerodynamics and to avoid having water run down their leg and straight into the shoes. Adding comfort to the rider’s feet is the nice coverage…

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