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2011 Northwave Aerlite S.B.S. Cycling Shoe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Northwave Aerlite S.B.S. Cycling Shoe

2011 northwave aerlite s b s cycling shoe   2011 Northwave Aerlite S.B.S. Cycling Shoe

With combined Formula One technology and Italian craftsmanship, the 2011 Northwave Aerlite S.B.S. Cycling Shoe is a stiff, light, and cool competition shoe ideal for road biking. Aerlite S.B.S features an exclusive Aerator System from Northwave that provides vents in the toe that scoops air into the shoe, past the foot and out the rear.

To maximize stiffness, the cycling shoe has a full-length carbon fiber soleplate. For revolutionary comfort and fit, it uses a thermoformed wooden midsole. Riders’ feet are secured by the upper works in a Web Power Cage that goes from arch to instep to heel and locks the feet in with the Step-By-Step S.B.S. micro-adjustable buckle.

Innovative carbon technology gives the 2011 Northwave Aerlite S.B.S. Cycling ultimate stiffness with minimum thickness. With Northwave Aerlite S.B.S., road bike riders will enjoy direct, immediate power transfer for optimum efficiency and acceleration.

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2011 Campagnolo Cycling Jacket, Jersey, and Shorts for Women

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Campagnolo Cycling Jacket, Jersey, and Shorts for Women

2011 campagnolo cycling jacket jersey and shorts for women   2011 Campagnolo Cycling Jacket, Jersey, and Shorts for Women

Campagnolo released a new Tech Motion lineup for women, including a windproof jacket, jersey and shorts. Some similarities with the Campagnolo cycling apparel for men are featured in the 2011 Campagnolo Cycling Jacket, Jersey and Shorts for Women.

Such is the 2011 Campagnolo jacket for women, which incorporates Light Textran windproof, breathable fabric. Reflective piping is included in the jacket’s front and rear zips and IQseen heat-applied reflective inserts is on the front, back and sides to greatly increase all-around visibility at night. To wick moisture away from the skin, the jacket has a hydrophillic membrane in its fabric.

Like the jacket, the Campagnolo jersey also has eflective features along with two open rear pockets and a third side-entry zip pocket. A small pocket above the left breast is on the front with a concealed zipper. With Lycra Xtra Fine material, the jersey is very lightweight, flexible, breathable and…

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2011 Bissell Cycling Short

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Bissell Cycling Short

2011 bissell cycling short   2011 Bissell Cycling Short

Extra comfort with style is the main feature provided by the 2011 Bissell Cycling Short. Thanks to the combination of mining three-dimensional cut and ergonomic, breathable, and soft material, comfort is guaranteed during long tough rides.

The 2011 Bissell Cycling Shorts also take pride in its Coolmax pad with an ultra-light breathable moisture protection pad, which cannot be fully attached to the skin displacement. While the burden on the rider’s hips is reduced, the kinetic energy caused by cycling is effectively absorbed for a long time.

Riders will certainly feel comfortable and dry as well with the protective liner surface with anti-bacterial deodorant treatment, which can quickly wick away sweat. Using high saturation, bright colors, high-tech environmental protection, and Italy sublimation ink printing, the 2011 Bissell Cycling Shorts is also printed with exquisite style….

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2011 Rawland rSogn Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Rawland rSogn Road Bike

2011 rsogn road bike   2011 Rawland rSogn Road Bike

The reissued Sogn or the 2011 rSogn road bike has been released. Rawland Cycles, the company that introduced fat-tired, production road bikes to the cycling industry, decided to introduce another innovative machine after the success of the Rawland Sogn, the first true fat-tired, production road bike.

Tailored after the core design principle of all Sogn models, the frameset of the 2011 rSogn road bike has a true road geometry. Decided with a steep head angle, low-to-mid trail fork, and moderate chain stay length—paired with the ability to fit tires up to 2.5” wide, the rSogn is ideal not only for daily commuters. Long distance cyclists will also love this quick handling bike, which can smoothly climb and tackle rough surfaces.

Every detail of the 2011 rSogn road bike was thoroughly thought out. Its wheel size, tubing type and profile, load carrying optimization to its color, sizing, brake type, braze-on types and…

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2011 Fizik Cyrano Aluminium Seatpost

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Fizik Cyrano Aluminium Seatpost

2011 fizik cyrano aluminium seatpost 2   2011 Fizik Cyrano Aluminium Seatpost

Italian saddle companies like their saddles nice and comfortable but at the same time very efficient in performance, especially during races. But for a saddle to deliver its intended promise, it relies on the seatpost for help. It is the main reason why saddle maker Fizik has created the 2011 Fizik Cyrano Aluminum Seatpost, a innovative seatpost that offers great comfort and efficiency.

Two keypoints for this seatpost that riders should be aware of are as follows:

The first keypoint is that the Fizik Cyrano works well together with just about any type of saddle and bike frame rails. The seatpost head is made of durable alloys and is divided into two parts. A narrow upper clamp and a lower clamp that is ultra-wide.

The other part that makes the Fizik seatpost so unique compared to other seatposts available to the market is its adaptability. It can work well with carbon…

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Soma x Rivendell Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Soma x Rivendell Frame

soma x rivendell frame   Soma x Rivendell Frame

Soma and Rivendell Bicycle Works is working hand in hand on a road frame—Soma x Rivendell Frame. Rivendell is known for its previous projects with Nitto. Soma gives their full trust in Grant Petersen, who will provide them the road sport frame concept that Soma has always wanted.

Current specifications as of today would include San Marcos as a project name. Such name came up from a great place in Guatemala, which is the birthplace of Soma’s main warehouse guy. It’ll come with a threaded fork and flat crown of 1”. Built with full Rivendell lug set with Tange Prestige heat treated tubing, this frame will come into two of the smaller sizes such as 650B.

Grant Petersen will do the designing as Soma is confident enough that he will provide them a design that complies to Soma’s philosophy of being tough, reliable and affordable. The prototype presents several graphic…

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2011 Lotto Cycling Jersey and Bib Short

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Lotto Cycling Jersey and Bib Short

2011 lotto cycling jersey and bib short   2011 Lotto Cycling Jersey and Bib Short

Breathability, quick drying quality and environmentally-friendly ink are the best features of the 2011 Lotto Cycling Jersey and Bib Short. Outstandingly breathable, this Lotto garment is also cooldry and anti-UV.

Manufactured with 100% polyester mesh fabric, the Lotto sublimated cycling jerseys offer extraordinary Coolmax breathability and quick drying qualities. Vivid patterns and bright colors are used applying environmentally-friendly ink that makes fading impossible.

During long rides, moisture expulsion and quick drying qualities are ensured by the Lotto cycling shorts and pants. Thanks to its Coolmax 3D silica gel seamless cycling pads (chamois). Another special feature 2011 Lotto Cycling Jersey and Bib Short offer is a permanent antibacterial effect….

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