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2011 SRAM Alpine White Apex Groupset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 SRAM Alpine White Apex Groupset

2011 sram alpine white apex groupset   2011 SRAM Alpine White Apex Groupset

While we’ve already seen the original SRAM Apex groupset, this year holds a surprising new addition to this elegant line of groupset from SRAM in the form of the 2011 SRAM Alpine White Apex Groupset.

The 2011 Apex will continue to feature all the best features from the Apex groupset, including a wide array of gear ratios far wider than the typical chainset arrangement. The 2011 Apex also features a wide ratio cassette concept dubbed “Wi-Fli” as well as double chainrings that help reduce the weight and improves the user’s ability to shift gears.

Visually though, the 2011 Apex groupset from SRAM changes its color from black to white. The group’s crankset, however, stays black but gets a matching white graphic to make the new groupset look striking in the color white.

No details about the price but SRAM have stated that the new groupset will be available in…

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2011 BH Ultralight Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 BH Ultralight Bikes

2011 bh ultralight bikes   2011 BH Ultralight Bikes

BH Bicycles has recently revealed their latest creation, the new 2011 BH Ultralight bike, which boasts of a 747 gram frame weight.

The new Ultralight bike from BH Bicycles continues to provide the signature BH ride quality, which is definitely world class. It also offers over 166% more torsional stiffness and an increased of 125% in rear end stiffness.

Other details for this great looking bike include maximized tube diameters as well as a 1.5” tapered head tube, which greatly increases the stiffness for the Ultralight bike from BH Bicycles. It has a derailleur hanger, which is forged from 7075 aluminum and features a massive box section seat tube to help compensate in adding side-to-side stiffness. With the help of modern studies and research, the bike’s performance has also been improved. The new BB386EVO design is wider and helps make transitions smoother in to the bike’s integrated molded carbon dropouts…

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Canyon Excel Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Canyon Excel Helmet

canyon excel helmet   Canyon Excel Helmet

Racers with a good sense of fashion as well as on the lookout for an affordable helmet should definitely take up the offer of the new Canyon Excel Helmet from Canyon.

The new Canyon Excel helmets offer the best possible experience for style, weight, protection and ventilation at a fraction of the cost compared to most helmets out on the market right now.

Because of the design, which will feature a foam liner in the hard shell, the helmet gives an improved ventilation and is lighter compared to other helmets out now. While literally giving your head some breathing space it does not in anyway make the helmet’s strength suffer nor does it make it harder to wear.

The bike helmet has over 24 vents and it has machine washable anti-bacterial pads, which should be a great deal for a lot of racers who want to be hygienic while on the road. The…

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2011 Zephyr Merino Longjohns

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Zephyr Merino Longjohns

2011 zephyr merino longjohns   2011 Zephyr Merino Longjohns

Built with great versatility, the 2011 Zephyr Longjohns are a certified favorite Merino cycling underwear thanks to its top quality 100% Superfine Merino wool. Comfort during road rides it is guaranteed by this incredibly soft gear that gives a soothing touch to the skin.

To minimize washing and allow for constant wearing, this sporty garment has natural anti-bacteria properties making it ideal for the adventurous rider. With enhanced durability are a soft elastic waistband and comfortable flatlocked seams.

Prior to its process and knitting in EU eco-label certified spinners, the fiber of the 2011 Zephyr Merino Longjohns is derived from Natural Tasmanian wool accredited farms. Weighing 190gms with a classic fit, this cycling underwear features durable construction.

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2011 Tortola Roundtail Bike Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Tortola Roundtail Bike Frame

2011 tortola roundatail bike frame   2011 Tortola Roundtail Bike Frame

With combined lateral stiffness and vertical compliance, the Roundtail is one interesting bike frame from Tortola. What makes this bike frame stand out is its unique design by Lou Tortola, a bike designer from Windsor, Canada.

What the Roundtail design offers is ten times the vertical flex and more than sixty times the shock absorption of a traditional frame. Instead of a usual triangle, the design integrates a ring at the rear.

Expected from the unique shape of the rings, as claimed by Tortola, are aerodynamic advantages. However, the 2011 Tortola Roundtail Bike Frame seems to involve too much metal. The Roundtail is also claimed to be ideal for promoting the corporate sponsors that cycling teams so greatly depend on.

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2011 Cotic Solaris 29er Prototype

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Cotic Solaris 29er Prototype

2011 cotic solaris 29er prototype   2011 Cotic Solaris 29er Prototype A new 29er prototype bike this 2011 is the Cotic Solaris. Making the bike an outstanding item among the competitions is its light steel hardtail frame. Enhanced to match bigger wheels, its geometry is designed around an 80-120mm fork up front.
As a unique bike, the Cotic has a potential for different travel rocker links and different travel front and rear. Though new on the market, this bike is one of the first frames to feature the new oversized steerer standards.
Though it is not from a big company, the 2011 Cotic Solaris 29er Prototype features great components and design that helped it get the attention of the cycling population. The Cotic is just one of the few bikes that managed to feature a full susser design from scratch. …

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2011 Rapha Winter Long Sleeve Jersey

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Rapha Winter Long Sleeve Jersey

2011 rapha winter long sleeve jersey   2011 Rapha Winter Long Sleeve Jersey

With combined technology and aesthetics, Rapha offers an outstanding winter long sleeve this 2011. In terms of warmth, extra comfort against the chill is provided by the Super Roubaix fabric. Combining thickness, warmth, and stretchiness, this garment is perfect for cycling against the chill.

With a 25% merino wool, 61% polyester and 14% elastane mix, this Rapha long sleeve jersey is definitely thick and lushly lined. Its windproof lining provides maximum protection to the front of the rider’s torso during cold weather.

Along the sides of the rider’s chest, the 2011 Rapha Winter Long Sleeve Jersey has two zippered slash vents. These give more comfort to the riders when they choose to prevent most of the frontal blast and allow some cool air creep around the sides towards the back.

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