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RePlay XD Video Camera

pinit fg en rect gray 20   RePlay XD Video Camera

replay xd video camera   RePlay XD Video Camera

Riders wishing they could record their runs on a mountain trail or on the city will definitely get a kick out of using the new RePlay XD Video Camera.

Dubbed as “The Smallest Action Camera on Earth”, the RePlay XD is compact and records crystal clear images in a small yet tough exterior.

When tested on various bikes, the RePlay XD was found to be easy to use and can be mounted on any type of handlebar or even on helmet. This small camera also looks good with its ruggedly handsome alloy construction. Definitely a great buy for riders looking for a great and handy camera.

Whats great about this new innovative camera is that it weighs as light as 30 grams but can be used for a myriad of activities, including off-roading, rock climbing, skydiving, surfing and even hunting. The RePlay XD is not only easy to handle but its…

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2012 Campagnolo 11 Speed Time Trial Components

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Campagnolo 11 Speed Time Trial Components

2012 campagnolo 11 speed time trial components   2012 Campagnolo 11 Speed Time Trial Components

Campagnolo returns with a new set of components for time trial bikes in the form of the 2012 Campagnolo 11 Speed Time Trial Components.

The new components from Campagnolo features derailleurs for time trial bikes. It consists of time trial specific fixed gears, including bar-end shifters, base-bar brake levers, brake calipers and a crankset both perfect for configurations ranging from 10 speed and 11 speed.

The time trial bar-end shifters can be bought in two forms, either in 155g carbon or 167g aluminum for the 11-speed models while the 10 speed variant carries only the aluminum bar-end shifter. Either way, both shifters feature the “Back to Zero Position” which helps bring the lever back to its starting point and parallel to the wind after each and every shift similar to how the SRAM R2C aero shifters work. The 2012 models are definitely adjustable for comfort and ergonomic.

Three cogs can also…

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2011 Craft Leg and Arm Coolers

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Craft Leg and Arm Coolers

2011 craft leg and arm coolers   2011 Craft Leg and Arm Coolers

Cool down during training or intense rides with the new 2011 Craft Leg and Arm Coolers.

Riders can slip these great looking coolers, which helps cool down muscles with the aid of the tight compression on these coolers.

The new leg coolers from Craft also reduces muscle reduction with the help of the snugness of the materials. Even on the warmest days, the new arm coolers keep both arms and legs dry and airy.

Additionally, the new arm coolers also keep your skin safe from skin cancer and sun burns with the help of UPF 50. The apparel has also been treated with antimicrobial elements that can help in removing odor from the fabric.

It also has the trademark six channeled, hollow fiber polyester filament, which increases moisture absorption and at the same time quickly releases body heat. The arm coolers are currently tagged at $24.99 while the leg coolers have…

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2011 Fizik Antares Versus K:ium Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Fizik Antares Versus K:ium Saddle

2011 fizik antares versus kium saddle   2011 Fizik Antares Versus K:ium Saddle

A great choice for riders who prefer flatter saddles is the 2011 Fizik Antares Versus K:ium Saddle. For enhanced comfort, this saddle allows the rider to shift around on the saddle more with ease on long climbs without compromising the performance.

Along with the thicker foam, the saddle is specially shaped to offer more padding. On long rides, riders will feel more comfortable as the sit bones are kept from getting tender. Featuring enhanced airflow and pressure relief for the rider’s soft tissue, a channel runs the length of the saddle top.

Unlike most saddles the 2011 Fizik Antares Versus K:ium Saddle features a 45mm nose width. Being a bit wider, this saddle offers more comfort in the drops. The saddle also has a carbon-reinforced nylon shell that flexes smoothly across the part between the front and back ends where the rails prop up the shell.

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2011 LAS Squalo Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 LAS Squalo Helmet

2011 las squalo helmet   2011 LAS Squalo Helmet

The word unique comes to mind upon seeing the new 2011 LAS Squalo Helmet, especially from the visual aspect of things.

The new helmet from LAS called Squalo, which is “Shark” in Italian, also acts like a predator of the deep. It works well both in the summer as well as in the winter time.

The Squalo helmet has a winter pad that covers the helmet’s holes to avoid getting your head frozen during runs in the winter time. During the summer, users can also opt to get the mesh pad with a lighter padding, which works perfectly well with the 29 vents that help in circulating the air.

The LAS Squalo also boasts of the Cat-Eyes 3D Evo 3D fitting system. This helps riders adjust the back strap either vertically or horizontally with a limit for 44mm.

The helmet is also exceptionally light weighing in at 294 grams and has…

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2011 SRAM Alpine White Apex Groupset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 SRAM Alpine White Apex Groupset

2011 sram alpine white apex groupset   2011 SRAM Alpine White Apex Groupset

While we’ve already seen the original SRAM Apex groupset, this year holds a surprising new addition to this elegant line of groupset from SRAM in the form of the 2011 SRAM Alpine White Apex Groupset.

The 2011 Apex will continue to feature all the best features from the Apex groupset, including a wide array of gear ratios far wider than the typical chainset arrangement. The 2011 Apex also features a wide ratio cassette concept dubbed “Wi-Fli” as well as double chainrings that help reduce the weight and improves the user’s ability to shift gears.

Visually though, the 2011 Apex groupset from SRAM changes its color from black to white. The group’s crankset, however, stays black but gets a matching white graphic to make the new groupset look striking in the color white.

No details about the price but SRAM have stated that the new groupset will be available in…

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2011 BH Ultralight Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 BH Ultralight Bikes

2011 bh ultralight bikes   2011 BH Ultralight Bikes

BH Bicycles has recently revealed their latest creation, the new 2011 BH Ultralight bike, which boasts of a 747 gram frame weight.

The new Ultralight bike from BH Bicycles continues to provide the signature BH ride quality, which is definitely world class. It also offers over 166% more torsional stiffness and an increased of 125% in rear end stiffness.

Other details for this great looking bike include maximized tube diameters as well as a 1.5” tapered head tube, which greatly increases the stiffness for the Ultralight bike from BH Bicycles. It has a derailleur hanger, which is forged from 7075 aluminum and features a massive box section seat tube to help compensate in adding side-to-side stiffness. With the help of modern studies and research, the bike’s performance has also been improved. The new BB386EVO design is wider and helps make transitions smoother in to the bike’s integrated molded carbon dropouts…

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