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2011 eeCranks Set

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 eeCranks Set

2011 eecranks set   2011 eeCranks Set

To be released this 2011 is the redesigned eeCranks set from eeCycleworks. Little was changed in terms of aesthetics adding a black option to the silver one. For a standard English BB, the whole set, which includes the bottom bracket, cranks, spider and rings, it weighs approximately 630g to 650g.

A 170mm outer BCD will be utilized by the eeCranks along with inner bolt circle diameters for both standard and compact. With the larger outer BCD, the result will be 48T to 53T+ chainrings to most compact and regular sizes and the options for crankarm are 170, 172.5 and 175mm.

While the 2011 eeCranks Set has an incredibly light weight, its performance is not reduced as one might suppose. This crankset is one of the stiffest ones on the market, if not the stiffest. Also, still being worked on is a BB30/PFBB30 crankarm/spindle design.

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2011 Moser Bike 111 Ultegra

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Moser Bike 111 Ultegra

2011 moser bike 111 ultegra   2011 Moser Bike 111 Ultegra

Moser Bikes returns to the racing scene with the new 2011 Moser Bike 111 Ultegra, which is really a great bike to ride thanks to the design and the comfort.

The new bike from Moser currently costs $3459.98 and features some great elements and components, including a Carbon Monocoque frame and fork as well as Shimano Ultegra front and rear derailleurs, drastically improving the stiffness and controls while riding.

Seeing that the name is Ultegra, the buyer should be aware that the design and the make of the bike definitely follows the Ultegra line, including the cassette, the chain and brakes. The chainset for the bike is from FSA Omega and the wheels are made of Fulcrum R7.

FSA covers the handlebar and the seatpost in the form of the FSA Vero Compact and the FSA SL-280 seatpost. Saddles are from Sella Italia.

And while the bike is chockful of heavy hitters,…

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2011 Endura Equipe Exo Softshell Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Endura Equipe Exo Softshell Jacket

2011 endura equipe exo softshell jacket   2011 Endura Equipe Exo Softshell Jacket

Great for the Endura professional road racing team is the 2011 Endura Equipe Exo Softshell Jacket. Its background includes the reputation of Endura in mountain biking and Equipe in road cycling. With a long back and short front, the Exo Softshell features a perfect cut that is ideal for most cycling positions.

What makes the cycling jacket comfortable without being baggy is its close fitting cut that comes with a slightly stretchy fabric. When it comes to aesthetics, the garment combines stylish and serious looks with its mix of black and lime-green with some white reflective strips and available in red and black, too.

Waterproof and windproof, the 2011 Endura Equipe Exo Softshell Jacket is ideal for various rides under different seasons, especially for serious winter riding. Its waterproof sealed seams, neat stitching, rightly joined panels, all result to a first-rate cycling garment construction. …

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2011 Principia RSLe Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Principia RSLe Road Bike

2011 principia rsle road bike   2011 Principia RSLe Road Bike

Featuring a combination of utmost power transfer, great handling and comfort, the 2011 Pricipia RSLe Road Bike is an ideal bicycle frame. Famous for making some of the best aluminum frames for bicycles in the world, Principia also combine great strength and low weight with high-tech carbon bike frames.

Astounding results and performance is guaranteed by the bike frame’s state-of-the-art technology. Revolution Weave C40T, Principia’s flagship, is made from high-strength carbon filaments.

Giving the rider more efficient power transfer and more control is the Ellipse Project. Without increasing weight, the 2011 Principia RSLe Road Bike has an enlarged diameter of the midsection of the tubes that gives more strength and rigidity.

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Carnac Attraction Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Carnac Attraction Shoes

carnac attraction shoes   Carnac Attraction Shoes

Designed for both competition as well as for performance during casual walks, the new Carnac Attraction shoes combines efficiency and comfort with a unique magnetic fastening system.

The Attraction shoes feature an upper part that consists of a breathable, ultra-light fabric while the lower part, including the heel and the foot’s tip, are asymmetric and molded into a single piece, which effectively supports the foot when pedaling, giving the rider an added boost in power.

Comfort is also placed on various parts of the shoes, including the front area of the foot and toe, which is also thanks in part to the non-deformable design of the shoe.

The rider’s foot fits snugly into the shoe all thanks to the new magnetic fastening system coupled with a double strap fastening system. Speaking of magnets, the Carnac Attraction also features a light MCS (Magnetic Closure System) that closes the insides of the foot from…

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NeilPryde Alize Frameset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   NeilPryde Alize Frameset

neilpryde alize frameset   NeilPryde Alize Frameset

Riders looking for a great aerodynamic type of frame to use for their bike should probably take expert advice and get the NeilPryde Alize Frameset.

Come crosswind or clutter the new frame set from Alize manages to cut across any type of wind. The Alize frame set features a lot of great and highly technical parts and details that make it truly a great break-away bike that’s truly aerodynamic.

Some of the NeilPryde bike’s technological features include optimized tube profiles for improved aerodynamic performance. It also has an extended Kammtail design for improved stiffness and maximum motion as well as an Integrated seat clamp with QFIT, which helps make riders comfortable with whatever road terrain they might encounter.

Other technology features include : Rib technology in full C6.7 carbon fibre forks, Rear drop-out and Internal cable routing. It is currently priced at $2,600 and available through the official NeilPryde website….

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2011 Adidas Team Sky Short Sleeve Jersey

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Adidas Team Sky Short Sleeve Jersey

2011 adidas team sky short sleeve jersey   2011 Adidas Team Sky Short Sleeve Jersey

Adidas joins the cycling gear foray again this year with the new 2011 Adidas Team Sky Short Sleeve Jersey.

As futuristic as it sounds, there are some elements for this year’s Team Sky Jersey from legendary apparel maker Adidas that doesn’t sound like it would be used and integrated into modern technology. Terms like cellular fabric might seem like stuff out of a comic book but once you really start using the jersey, you’ll have a better understanding of what it is and how you can benefit from it.

So unlike other jerseys out there on the market today, this short-sleeve jersey from Adidas is lightweight. It doesn’t drag you when hitting the most crucial points of your training or the actual race. The jersey has also been designed with moisture wicking qualities, preventing you from experiencing too much sweating when handling your bike.

The jersey is also semi-fitted and…

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