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2011 Argon 18 Krypton Frameset

2011 argon 18 krypton frameset   2011 Argon 18 Krypton Frameset

Revised to allow riders to optimize their potential, the new 2011 Argon 18 Krypton Frameset features an enhanced measure of efficiency. Medium sized, the Krypton weighs 1225g and offers an additional 17% rigidity at the area where it counts.

Cut for the medium size frame, the newly-designed 390g Argon 18 Krypton monocoque carbon fork matches and complements the ride quality and characteristics of the frame. The monocoque frame features larger and load-specific tube shapes.

Riding experience is enhanced by the 2011 Argon 18 Krypton Frameset, thanks to its Geometry – AFS. Customized, the frame structure allows for immediate transfer power and maintenance of degree of comfort. The 3D headtube allows position adjustment without compromising overall frame stiffness.

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Madison Shield Protec Mens Roubaix Non-Padded Bib Tights

madison shield protec mens roubaix non padded bib tights   Madison Shield Protec Mens Roubaix Non Padded Bib Tights

For riders who are looking for a a pair of bib tights that are relatively comfortable, even in cold and wet conditions, the Madison Shield Protec Mens Roubaix Non-Padded BibTights are recommended. Styled to be worn with a pair of shorts, the Shield Protec Roubaix tight is supplied pad-free.

These bib tights are guaranteed to stand the test of time, thanks to its simple but bombproof construction. Comfort is optimized by the cutting edge fabrics and a six-panel fit of the garment. For enhanced protection, the Thermal Roubaix fabric is treated with a water-resistant coating.

A secure fit and more warmth around the abdomen is featured by the Roubaix bib section of the Madison Shield Protec Men’s Roubaix Non-Padded Bib Tights. These durable, comfortable, and close fitting bib tights also feature elasticated foot loops, bib upper, flatlock stitching, and reflective detailing.

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2011 Wilier Izoard XP/SRAM Force

2011 wilier izoard xpsram force   2011 Wilier Izoard XP/SRAM Force

With a combined Italian aesthetics and custom tailored component kit, the 2011 Wilier Izoard XP/SRAM Force is a complete bike that features both style and function. Maximum performance is guaranteed by solid components, including SRAM Force and Mavic K10 Wheelset.

Designed with full carbon monocoque construction, the Izoard XP is built exclusively from Toray carbon. It is standard to have it with a Wilier Monocoque carbon fork with an aluminum steerer. The bike has an English bottom bracket, a 31.6mm seatpost, and a 34.9mm clamp on front derailleur.

Named after the most legendary pass in the French Alps, the Col d’Izoard, the 2011 Wilier Izoard XP/SRAM Force is one great complete bike. Available in white/red, the bike comes in six sizes ranging from X-Small to XX-Large.

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Campagnolo Carbon-Aluminum Aerodynamic Bullet Wheels

campagnolo carbon aluminum aerodynamic bullet wheels   Campagnolo Carbon Aluminum Aerodynamic Bullet Wheels

A new line of carbon-aluminum wheels from Campagnolo officially called “Campagnolo Carbon-Aluminum Aerodynamic Bullet Wheels” features an aerodynamic wheelset, which is most definitely a sign of bigger things to come next year.

The new set of wheels called the “Bullet” series utilizes a 2-Way Fit system over their new carbon rim with an aluminum brake track.

The wheels themselves get a visually striking new look, which features a super slick and slim rim profile that was added in to increase the low pressure section at the back of the tire. The new design was also integral in minimizing the high pressure zone located in the front of the wheel. Cleverly using aerodynamics to their advantage, the new wheels from Campagnolo, the wheels get pushed with less friction and resistance and even reduces the turbulence.

To help thin the wheel’s rims, Campagnolo also introduces the new “Direction Rim Spoke Coupling” to the…

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2011 X-Fusion Hilo Dropper Seatpost

2011 x fusion hilo dropper seatpost   2011 X Fusion Hilo Dropper Seatpost

One new affordable dropper seatpost is the 2011 X-Fusion Hilo. Available in a 27.2mm size with 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameters as well, the X-Fusion covers most bikes. The seatpost offers 100mm of adjustability from the hydraulic internals, too.

There is a handlebar-mounted remote and a simple under-the-saddle lever options for setup. To activate the dropper mechanism, a simple gear cable is used by the remote lever. However, cable layout underneath the seat is poor with the cable-actuated handlebar mount easily filled with winter spill.

On a positive note, the rotating seat clamp design makes the seatpost function smoothly, even after being left covered in dirt for a few days. Featuring a double keyway design, the 2011 X-Fusion Hilo Dropper Seatpost is designed to avoid the saddle from twisting or moving.

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2011 Quattro Assi DBS Frame

2011 quattro assi dbs frame   2011 Quattro Assi DBS Frame

Manufactured in China, the DBS is an exclusively produced 2011 Quattro Assi Frame available in aluminum and steel models. The aluminum DBS frame consists of TIG-welded 7046- alloy round tubes with large first-class uniform beads.

A Wave carbon fiber fork is modeled by Quattro Assi after Pinarello’s design with a little finer profile. With a variation the lower half featuring an exposed carbon weave, the Wave fork enhances balance, comfort and rigidity for a smoother ride and maintains momentum through corners.

Even without racing-level acceleration, the 2011 Quattro Assi DBS Frame is a lively and competitive machine that has incredibly agile steering. On steep descents, the lively feel and jumpy steering is not a major obstacle and at high speed, the DBS keeps its momentum.

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2011 Solo Lugged Bib Shorts

2011 solo lugged bib shorts   2011 Solo Lugged Bib Shorts

While it is a quite pricey cycling garment, the 2011 Solo Lugged Bib Shorts are undoubtedly of top-notch quality. Between the bib section and the lowers are swoops and points that are similar to the lugs on a traditional frame.

Strong performance is guaranteed by its chamois, an Aero Sotto pad from the Italian Teosport that has 4mm-deep foam. Ventilation is enhanced by air channels and perforations. The seamless garment avoids chafing and comfort which is guaranteed by the soft microfiber face fabric.

Other features include a good quality nylon/spandex mix lowers and a very lightweight mesh bib section. A top-quality garment with an excellent chamois, the 2011 Solo Lugged Bib Shorts provides uncompromising comfort on the saddle during a whole day ride.

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