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2011 HED Jet Disc Wheel

2011 hed jet disc wheel   2011 HED Jet Disc Wheel

First offered in 1987, the original Jet disc is updated for 2011 as the HED Jet Disc Wheel. Retaining the same basic construction and design, new knowledge accumulated through the years will be added to the HED. With the Jet Disc that features excellent aerodynamics, a hybrid construction is used.

Available in tubular or clincher, the HED’s C2 aluminum rim minimizes two Cs- aerodynamic resistance (Cda) and rolling resistance (Crr). The rim’s width enhanced the efficiency of air passing over the tire and the contact patch and support for the tire.

While nicely innovated, the 2011 HED Jet Disc Wheel still offers the reliable features the original version had. The wheel features a valve extender steel-shafted and a HED quick-release skewer. Fitting perfectly in the opening is the tested Silca crack pipe disc wheel adapter.

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2012 Pinarello Rokh Road Bike

2012 pinarello rokh road bike   2012 Pinarello Rokh Road Bike

Pinarello has launched a road bike for 2012 called Rokh. Manufactured with balanced value and performance, the Rokh is claimed to be a full on race-ready machine. Along with the Pinarello’s 12K carbon used in the frame are the well-formed Onda forks.

Greatly designed, the frame is said to be a combination of the Kobh’s somewhat longer chainstays and relaxed geometry and the Quattro’s race worthiness. Such reliable features enable the bike to tackle any crits when needed.

From higher-end race machines, the 2012 Pinarello Rokh Road Bike uses the asymmetric frame designs. Aside from the the Movistar Team Replica paint scheme option, two kits will be offered, which are Sram Force and Shimano Ultegra both with excellent component specs.

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2011 Basso Laguna Ultegra Road Bike

2011 basso laguna ultegra road bike   2011 Basso Laguna Ultegra Road Bike

A nicely specced Italian road bike for 2011 is the Basso Laguna Ultegra Road Bike. With the Ultegra-based transmission, the Laguna is one of the more competitive road bikes in its price category. Superb components include a Shimano Ultegra 10 speed groupset and MicroTech’s Krium Elite wheelset.

With a very light frame and wheels, the road bike offers a buoyant ride feel along with great comfort in the saddle. The new compact race design of the monocoque T700 3k carbon fiber frame makes the bike an excellent modern racing and sports bike.

Aesthetics and performance are combined by the design of the 2011 Basso Laguna Ultegra Road Bike. Along with the slim and bold frame shape is the bike’s innovative design that is beneficial both to the bike’s overall style and technical value of the frame.

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2011 Onix Azzuro

2011 onix azzuro   2011 Onix Azzuro

Onix Bikes, a new British brand, has just began to building complete bikes, one of which is the affordable road bike called Azzuro. Released in its 2011 line-up, the Azzuro is a top-level bike that features a carbon racing frame that allows riders to have it built based on their preferences with a wide range of choices.

Exclusively for Onix Bikes, the bike is produced from a specialist carbon manufacturer in the Far East. To make sure the bike is of topnotch construction, the materials and quality control procedures used are strictly controlled.

Finished in-house, the stiff and aggressive frame and fork of the 2011 Onix Azzuro is build to the unique specifications of Onix Bikes. Both the frame and fork are completely made of Toray T1000 carbon with the use of an ultra high pressure technique. The 2012 and 2013 ranges are also under development.

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2011 Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Wheelset

2011 zipp 404 firecrest carbon clincher wheelset   2011 Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Wheelset

Finally released after two years of developing, the 2011 Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Wheelset takes pride in its well thought out features. These include the wheelset’s unique and innovative aero rim shape and carbon materials.

Among all deep-profile carbon clincher designs, the Firecrest rim shape is the first one to provide advanced aerodynamics, strength, ride quality, and handling of a broader rim body. Weighing 557g per wheelset, it is one of the lightest deep-profile carbon clinchers on the market.

Although quite pricey, the 2011 Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Wheelset is one of the best all-around wheelset for bicycle racing out there. Though designed as race wheels, these can also be used for frequent training with reliable durability.

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2011 Panaracer Ribmo PT Commuter Tire

2011 panaracer ribmo pt commuter tire   2011 Panaracer Ribmo PT Commuter Tire

Released for 2011 is a road-commuter’s tire from Panaracer called Ribmo. Along with the Kevlar-belted PT Puncture Resistant Technology is the All Contact Tread Shape, which pertains to the oblong-ish profile of the tire.

With such an unconventional design, the tire can accomplish four things. These include smooth and predictable transition from center to side, maintained contact with the tread, reduced tread cuts through the elongated sidewall surface, and a unique shape that caters to all riders and riding styles.

While the 2011 Panaracer Ribmo PT Commuter Tire seems to be innovative, it has some downsides. Since the tire tends to sketch, dive, surf, and drift erratically on variable riding surfaces, it does not tackle ice, snow, muck, mud, and dirt well.

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2012 Specialized S-works Amira

2012 specialized s works amira   2012 Specialized S works Amira

Specialized S-works has released a women’s bike for 2012 called Amira. Designed for a harder, longer, and speedier ride, the Amira is ideal for professional and amateur riders as well as recreational riders. Both comfort and performance are guaranteed.

Excellent handling allows the bike to tackle roads, epic downpours, rapid descents, and climbs very smoothly. With a tapered 1-1/ 8” to 1- 3/8” headset, its monocoque fork enhances precision steering and strength. Also, the bike is available in Dura-Ace, SRAM Red, DI2, and Ultegra configurations.

A rigid and light ride for women riders is guaranteed by the 2012 Specialized S-works Amira. Thanks to its S-Works Amira FACT IS 11r carbon frame that comes with carbon lay-up including a tapered head tube. The new Oura saddle also helps women riders to optimize their performance.

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