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2011 Michelin PRO4 Road Bike Tire Range

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Michelin PRO4 Road Bike Tire Range

2011 michelin pro4 road bike tire range   2011 Michelin PRO4 Road Bike Tire Range

Michelin introduced the new PRO4 Road Bike Tire Range during its 120th anniversary celebration this 2011. The new bike tires offer enhanced longevity and performance. As compared to the PRO3, the PRO4 Service Course improves wet surface cornering speed by 16%.

On the other hand, the PRO4 features a better cut resistance and a new dual compound tread as well. In rolling resistance, the Comp Service Course offers a 7% improvement with a 150tpi casing and minimal 180g weight.

Four tires are included in the 2011 Michelin PRO4 Road Bike Tire Range. These are the Endurance with longer tire life and enhanced protection, Service Course with all-around performance, Comp Service Course with rolling efficiency emphasis, and Comp Limited Service Course with unprecedented rolling efficiency and maximized for speed.

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2011 Blue AC1 SL Frameset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Blue AC1 SL Frameset

2011 blue ac1 sl frameset   2011 Blue AC1 SL Frameset

Blue Bikes has polished the ACI SL this 2011 after introducing it last year. The refined road frameset is made to build a bike that runs incredibly fast. Combined with the Super Flow Tube Technology (SFT2) are monocoque frame construction and race proven geometry.

As expected from Blue, this frameset offers the handling characteristics that are highly beneficial to racers. Made of aerospace grade T800 and T1000 carbon fiber, its weight is greatly reduced. For better, horizontal stiffness with vertical compliance, tube shapes and carbon layup are carefully engineered.

Extremely fast, stiff, and light, the 2011 Blue AC1 SL Frameset is a very versatile aero machine. Teardrop profile to the wind is optimized by precisely shaping each tube. Aside from its very stiff monocoque fabrication, the frameset also has a highly advanced application.

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2011 Kestrel RT 1000 SL 105 Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Kestrel RT 1000 SL 105 Road Bike

2011 kestrel rt 1000 sl 105 road bike   2011 Kestrel RT 1000 SL 105 Road Bike

Perfectly combining comfort, light weight, and performance, the 2011Kestrel RT 1000 SL 105 Road Bike is a reliable machine. Shimano 105-equipped, the Kestrel RT 1000 can surely deliver for both road race and triathlon. With internal cable routings, the bike has superior aerodynamics and a neat look.

Along with the very stiff head tube and bottom bracket, the 800k carbon frame rear stays and fork are designed to soak up most road shock. With sculptured, H-shape seat stays, the frame maximizes comfort while it minimizes road vibrations. Vittoria Zaffiro Pro tires allows great responsiveness and traction.

Excellent features of the bike include reliable braking power and crisp and precise gear changes with solid and responsive handling. Thanks to its Shimano and Oval components. Indeed, the 2011 Kestrel RT 1000 SL 105 Road Bike is elastic and receptive enough to provide an enjoyable ride.

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2011 Citec 3000 S Aero Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Citec 3000 S Aero Wheelset

2011 citec 3000 s aero wheelset   2011 Citec 3000 S Aero Wheelset

Citec, a German company, offers a less mainstream choice this 2011 in the wheelset category with the new 3000 S Aero. As compared to other wheels of similar price, the weight of the 3000 S Aero is reasonable with the front weighing 700g and the rear 890g. With 14 at the front and 16 at the rear, the spokes are bladed and straight-pull all over.

Very impressive, the well-made hubs run slick on the road with oozing quality. With a slight flex evident, the wheels can quick rise to speed and perfectly perform. The rims that are only 27mm deep make the wheels less vulnerable to side winds.

Not only is the 2011 Citec 3000 S Aero Wheelset aesthetically nice. It is designed with excellent construction quality as well. Indeed, the 3000 S Aero wheels are a great choice for racers or sport riders who want to stand out…

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2011 Montane Featherlite Velo H2O Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Montane Featherlite Velo H2O Jacket

2011 montane featherlite velo h2o jacket   2011 Montane Featherlite Velo H2O Jacket

Montane balances breathability and waterproofness with its bike-specific jacket released this 2011 called the Featherlite Velo H2O. Ideal for performance road cycling, the lightweight and thin Freeflow H2O fabric makes the jacket sufficiently breathable and waterproof at the same time.

Perfect tight fit is offered by the jacket’s short front and long back. The arms are made very long to cover the wrists even when stretched out during rainy rides. The jacket has no hood and pockets, which allows it to pack down small and easy to stash in the jersey back pocket.

Fully showerproof, the 2011 Montane Featherlite Velo H2O Jacket keeps the rider’s inner clothing dry even under heavy rains. This makes it one of the most breathable cycling jackets available today and so far the only performance road cycling garment that perfectly balances breathability and waterproofing.

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2011 Velocite SCS Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Velocite SCS Saddle

2011 velocite scs saddle   2011 Velocite SCS Saddle

Velocite has released a full carbon saddle called SCS, which stands for Soft Carbon Shell this 2011. By using patented soft carbon fiber layup, the saddle becomes softer than usual carbon fiber products. Weighing in at 113g, Velocite SCS is made lightweight with only minimal compromise to comfort.

More riders are accommodated by the deformable shell in greater comfort than by other naked carbon shell saddles. A perineal cutout adds extra usability and comfort by aiding circulation and increasing ventilation. This makes the saddle for female riders, too.

Along with the soft carbon fiber monocoque shell construction of the 2011 Velocite SCS Saddle are oval carbon rails. Hung on the leaf spring at the rear, the carbon rails provides even more comfort to the saddle as compared to numerous standard padded saddles.

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2011 Wilier Triestina Zero.7

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Wilier Triestina Zero.7

2011 wilier triestina zero 7   2011 Wilier Triestina Zero.7

Wilier has announced the release of its lightest road bike so far called the Zero7 this 2011. Though the weight was made incredibly light, the bike’s ride performance is not compromised. This is achieved through the use of BB386 that was developed alongside FSA.

Very stiff, the Zero.7 has an almost zero loss when all of the rider’s power is moved to the rear wheel. The bike is constructed with Special Elastic Infiltrated (SEI), a new carbon layup technology that absorbs road vibration by placing a viscoelastic layer is in between carbon layers.

While it uses a tapered head tube and steerer, the 2011 Wilier Triestina Zero.7 features a 1-1/8in to 1-1/4in dimension instead of the commonly used 1-1/2in on traditional tapered frames. Uniformity and compaction are enhanced by the Large Inflatable Tube construction used to mold the Zero.7 frame.

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