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2012 Evoc Bike Travel Bag

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Evoc Bike Travel Bag

2012 evoc bike travel bag   2012 Evoc Bike Travel Bag

With a nice volume of 280L and weight 8600g, the Evoc is one of the best bike travel bags riders need to have for 2012. Whether the rider travels by plane, car, or train, the Evoc nicely accommodates the bike. Just dismount only the handlebars, the pedals, and the wheels.

Whatever type of bicycle it is, be it an XC, FR, DH, enduro bike or road bike, it can be securely stored within just a few minutes. Tube struts in the side wheel compartments distribute pressure and impact to the tires and rims and protect the brake disks from damage.

Fitting all road and mountain bikes, the 2012 Evoc Bike Travel Bag is a must-have for riders who travel a lot. Its very wide carriage is free from tilt and impact and it features sturdy, supple skate wheels and sealed bearings. Riders will surely love this bag’s full protection, quick…

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2012 Nema Jewel Ride Shorts

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Nema Jewel Ride Shorts

2012 nema jewel ride shorts1   2012 Nema Jewel Ride Shorts

One of the exciting cycling apparels to be expected for 2012 is the Nema Jewel ride shorts. Contrary to what its name implies, the Jewel is made for riders who are looking for cycling garments that are affordable but do not compromise quality, especially for mountain and road rides.

Include in the top-quality features of the short are rip-stop nylon outer shell, front-pull cotton drawcord, and rear stretch panel that guarantee maximum riding comfort. Moreover, the four cargo pockets, Alpha X-Liner, and molded one-piece chamois make the short even more competitive.

Well-tailored and aesthetically nice, the 2012 Nema Jewel Ride Shorts are definitely a bargain considering its affordable price. Its black and carbon models can match almost any kind of upper cycling garment. The only offset of the short is the liner, which is not removable.

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2012 Norco Valence Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Norco Valence Road Bike

2012 norco valence road bike   2012 Norco Valence Road Bike

Norco has released a lot of exciting bikes for 2012, one of which is the Valence Road Bike. The Valence is designed for road riders who join Grand Fondos and charity rides instead of racing. While it is a high performance machine, its setup and position are more comfortable than those of a pure road race bike.

The new proprietary frame is designed to offer high performance with compliance for road vibration. Making the Valence a precise steering machine bike is a stiff chassis formed with an oversized downtube, a tapered headtube, oversized headset, and a proprietary full carbon fork.

Nicely refined and engineered, the 2012 Norco Valence Road Bike is an aluminum machine that comes with vibration-damping Applied Road Compliance (ARC) seatstays. It offers a beginner-friendly upright ride position and smooth inner surface, achieved through the EPS (ethyl polystyrene) mandrel system.

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2012 Cervelo S5 Aero Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Cervelo S5 Aero Road Bike

2012 cervelo s5 aero road bike   2012 Cervelo S5 Aero Road Bike

Cervelo has released a new aero road bike for 2012 called S5. Compared to the S3, the S5 design offers 12% greater stiffness. While a curved seat tube is integrated with tucked rear wheel from their TT bikes, the fit and geometry reflects those of the S3s so it works well for normal riding and racing.

Its smooth frame hardly registers beyond the frontal profile of the tire. Keeping the shift cable loops concealed. Moreover, the seatstays were engineered to partly hide the rear brake from the airflow.

Designed to be the most aerodynamically efficient bike possible, the 2012 Cervelo S5 Aero Road Bike guarantees top performance. While the downtube maximizes aerodynamics, the S5 frame also features amazing stiffness, ride quality, and incredible speed.

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2012 Raleigh Capri Womens Road Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Raleigh Capri Womens Road Bikes

2012 raleigh capri womens road bikes   2012 Raleigh Capri Womens Road Bikes

Included in the new line of bikes for women released by Raleigh Bicycles for 2012 is the Capri. Like the 2011 model of Capri, the new version gets the same geometry and a full carbon frame and fork. The four 2012 Raleigh Capri Womens Road Bikes are all available in 45, 49, 52, 54, and 56cm.

Ideal for beginners is the Capri 1.0. This starter model comes with Shimano 2300 8-speed. A step up from the 1.0 is the Capri 2.0 that comes with 8-speed. However, the 2.0 is still not with the mainstay of 10-speed and it features Shimano Sora 9-speed and FSA cranks.

With the same aluminum frame and fork, the Capri 3. 0 has a downgrade on parts to Shimano 105 10-speed for the majority of the drivetrain. The Capri 4.0 has a carbon fork with an alloy steerer, hydroformed aluminum frame, and except for brake calipers,…

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2012 Bianchi Impulso Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Bianchi Impulso Road Bike

2012 bianchi impulso road bike   2012 Bianchi Impulso Road Bike

As the only new road bike from Bianchi for 2012, the Impulso is an exciting machine to watch for. Aside from its good looks, the bike also guarantees a stable ride. Weld texture is removed from the headtube making the increased front end stiffness smoother and prettier.

Its Triple Hydroformed frame features hydroformed top and head tubes, welded and combined together into a monocoque structure before a second hydroforming process. The bike’s components include FSA cockpit, Shimano Ultegra gray compact drivetrain, Hutchinson tires, and Fulcrum wheels.

A part of the long distance C2C Coast 2 Coast lineup, the 2012 Bianchi Impulso Road Bike has both positive and negative aspects. While the ride and handling are stiff and stable, the heavy wheel and kit tends to give dull responses.

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2012 Felt Road and Cyclocross Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Felt Road and Cyclocross Bikes

2012 felt road and cyclocross bikes   2012 Felt Road and Cyclocross Bikes

Felt Bicycles has new road and cyclocross bikes for 2012. Very similar to the 2011 lineup, the road bikes include the F-Series, the AR-Series, the Z-Series, and the ZW-Series. Aside from the reduced price, the road bike line features Ultegra Di2 gruppo and a new beautiful model called F4130.

The F-Series tackles no compromise racing while the AR-Series offers a race-worthy aero alternative. Excellent comfort will be offered by the Z-Series. Under the Peanut Butter & Co team, the top quality ZW-Series is specifically designed for female riders.

In the cyclocross line, several full carbon bikes were added. The Di2 model F2X has TRP CX8.4 linear pull brakes and tubeless-ready Fulcrum wheels while the F1X frameset features an Enve 1.5 fork. Indeed, there are a lot of new exciting offers to expect from 2012 Felt Road and Cyclocross Bikes.

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