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Phinney Defends U23 Paris-Roubaix Title

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Phinney Defends U23 Paris Roubaix Title

phinney defends u23 paris roubaix title 200x300   Phinney Defends U23 Paris Roubaix TitleIn Peronne, France, the 44th edition of the U23 Paris-Roubaix kicked off under cool and rainy weather conditions. Taylor Phinney of Trek-Livestrong makes his “Number 2”, the only rider to capture two U23 Paris-Roubaix wins in its 44 year history seasons’ event. The race was expected to be tough, muddy and difficult due to scattered rains before the event. However as the peloton went underway, strong cold winds replaced the rain.

In the 179 kilometer race of 27 sections, an early breakaway group of seven riders took the front. The group was a composite of Trek-Livestrong and Team Holowerko Partners with Benjamin King of Australia and Walker Savidoe of USA, maintaining a hard two-minute gap over the rest of the peloton up to the last 50 kilometers of the race.

Maintaining a sustained position up front was the defending champion Phinney. “Ben King was up the road and with about 50k to…

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New Doping Method in Cycling

pinit fg en rect gray 20   New Doping Method in Cycling

new doping method in cycling 300x300   New Doping Method in CyclingA new kind of doping method has been circulating. Dubbed as “mechanized doping”, it was said to be that a hidden motor can be placed in the downtubes on pro bikes.

Davide Cassini, Italian TV commentator and former pro road cyclist shares that he has ridden a pro bike that weighed 10kg, rigged with an electric motor. The device was hidden in the frame at the crank.

Two weeks ago, Italian newspapers released a story that says some riders in the Giro have used bikes with electric motors to give them an advantage in the race. Later on, the riders changed to standard bikes to avoid getting caught.

The Gruber Assist motors which costs £1800 is a retrofit kit that won a Eurobike Award in 2007. Cassini claims that a pro team can afford to use the Gruber Assist item and somehow find a way to hide the battery pack on the…

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Rotor SX Road Bike Stem

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rotor SX Road Bike Stem

rotor sx handlebar stem   Rotor SX Road Bike StemRotor, a company famous for their products such as cranks, non-circular chain rings and handle bar stems now introduces their latest addition to their product, the Rotor SX Handlebar Stem. This stem is somewhat identical to a previous stem they had before, only better.

They made two models on this handlebars, the S2 and the SX. The S2 is almost the same to the old Rotor S1 Stem, only  that the S2 has adopted the T25 Torx-Headed Dual Thread Technology which has clamping bolts in place and a 3mm Allen-head DTT bolts of the S1 thus making this new change way better.

The SX model however, was a pre-production sample before. The changes made is that the SX uses four bolts while the S2 uses 2. SX was also raised to a 2.5 degree instead of the 7.5 degree, it is much heavier than that of the regular handlebar by…

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San Marco Zoncolan Carbon FX Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   San Marco Zoncolan Carbon FX Saddle

san marco zoncolan carbon fx saddle1   San Marco Zoncolan Carbon FX Saddle

Nothing is more comfortable when riding if you are sitting on a saddle that does not make you feel your buttock areas are going numb. The San Marco Zoncolan saddles can solve that problem for you. This product was designed to have a wide, unusually expansive rear section with short, narrow and well-padded nose. The purpose of this design is to give the rider a comfortable ride and maximize their movement while seated rearwards with a good comfort levels.

This 2010, the carbon-fiber saddles are common but with the San Marco’s latest invention, their Carbon FX saddle rails were added with the weight of this Zoncolan model down to at least 150g. These rails are then molded into one piece with a unidirectional weave and is about 10mm deep to provide the much wanted stiffness. It is said to match the stiffness of the Xsilite steel rails that was used…

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Specialized Roval Rapide SL45 Road Wheel Set

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized Roval Rapide SL45 Road Wheel Set

specialized roval rapide sl45 road wheel set   Specialized Roval Rapide SL45 Road Wheel SetTalk about wheel sets that can grab attention; the Specialized Roval Rapide SL 45 gives you another stunning new appeal. Bright red bladed spokes, hubs and speedy looking with a 45 mm deep aluminum and carbon rims, this wheel set tops them all.

Luckily, how this wheel set look is also great with their on-the road performance. The aerodynamic carbon cap performs a really good job when it comes to reducing and holding speed. The lateral stiffness is also great taking account on the wide sets of spokes that was designed. The DT Swiss star rachet freehub internal is also reliable when it comes to transferring power.

Because it has a machined alloy, speed is easy to control. The alloy helps in breaking surfaces and also providing strong, predictable bites. This is important when you are on sloped areas along the mountain sides or descending downwards. The durability of…

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Zipp 404 Carbon Clincher

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Zipp 404 Carbon Clincher

zipp 404 carbon clincher   Zipp 404 Carbon Clincher

The Zipp 404 Carbon Clincher is the first all-carbon wheel set from the company. This newly developed rim set was originally patterned from Firecrest. Zipp designed this new wheel set to deliver a 1557g wheel set with a 58mm rim. The full profile has a high radius curve that can be adjusted to the width of the rim from 25.5mm to a 27.5mm braking track which is also its widest point.

Spending two years on creating this product, Zipp Technical Director Josh Poertner claimed this to be something that people are looking forward to. So far this is also one of the biggest leap they had even taken this year.

The Carbon Clincher is wider and has a less tapered shape that its tubular 404 which gives a great improvement on the aerodynamics of the rear wheel. This is also stiffer than the regular ones thanks to the extra width in the…

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Vision Base Bars

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Vision Base Bars

vision base bars   Vision Base Bars

After coming to a conclusion last year by the UCI to enforce its “3:1” regulation concerning the ration of chord lengths of any cycle component of non-circular aerodynamic cross section, the company Vision, a specialist on aerohandlebars, has created its two new bar designs to meet with the regulation as well as to offer improved ergonomics together with internal brake cable routing.

The new Vision Base bars are both made in aluminum and carbon. These are both available in the middle of June in UK. These bars have a 31,8mm diameter center bulge that extends sideways to accommodate the clip-on tribar clamps and adding to their bar feature is a zero -degree flat wing profile.

The Vision bars is not a problem when it comes to its weight. These bars only weigh at about 207g which makes it even great. The Carbon OS base bars has a 3K twill…

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