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Biketoberfest Marin 2010 Recap

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Biketoberfest Marin 2010 Recap

biketoberfest marin 2010 recap   Biketoberfest Marin 2010 Recap

On October 16th, the 2010 Marin County Biketoberfest took place from 11 am to 6 pm. The small town of fairfax not only brought out locals but people throughout California—and in some cases other states.

In true Oktoberfest form, Biketoberfest had live bands, unlimited beer for $25 and all types of foods (not included in the $25 beer fee) that could easily make anyone salivate.

Some of the companies in attendance were CamelBak, Chrome, and Pivot/BH. One of the more impressive booths was a boot full of vintage cruisers that brought many cyclists back to their childhoods.

With the weather near perfect, the 2010 Biketoberfest was a fun-filled event to enjoy with family and friends.

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Bontrager Winter Gloves: RXL Waterproof, Race Windshell, Sport Windshell, RL Liner

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bontrager Winter Gloves: RXL Waterproof, Race Windshell, Sport Windshell, RL Liner

bontrager winter gloves 1 300x262   Bontrager Winter Gloves: RXL Waterproof, Race Windshell, Sport Windshell, RL Liner

Bontrager recognizes that when it comes to cool weather, your hands are a priority. To keep them warm, Bontrager releases 4 winter gloves. They are the RXL Waterproof, Race Windshell, Sport Windshell and the RL Liner.

The RXL Waterproof gloves are made to withstand extreme weather conditions. Windproof, waterproof and seam-sealed, the gloves ensure warmth. For a steady and strong grip, the RXL Waterproof has silicon grippers and Fusion GelFoam padding. In the temp regulating department, PrimaLoft insulation was used in the RXL Waterproof gloves. Retail price is $59.99.

At $39.99, the Race Windshell gloves are up for grabs. They are performance gloves that make a great race glove. Fusion GelFoam padding and silicon grippers, help a firm hold. Incorporated in its design is reflective detailing for a safer ride.

Lightweight and windproof, the Sport Windshell gloves feature a soft fleece thumb wipe and silicon grips. It is also water-resistant and retails…

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Bike Doctor App Available for Android

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bike Doctor App Available for Android

bike doctor app available android   Bike Doctor App Available for Android

Back in July we wrote about the Bike Doctor iPhone App, and now we were told the app is available for Android.

The Bike Doctor Android app is releasing with 24 common cycling repairs and more on the way.

Our favorite feature is how simple it is to understand. While manuals and some articles tend to be difficult to understand, Bike Doctor App gives step by step instructions and pictures.

Best part is the app only costs $4.78 (USD). After your first repair, you will have saved more money than the purchase price.

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Ridekick Bike Trailer

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ridekick Bike Trailer

ridekick bike trailer 253x300   Ridekick Bike Trailer

The Ridekick Bike Trailer was designed to be an electric powered carrier that can boost your ride as well as allow you to store items in its compartment. You can also control the speed of the bike trailer with a digital hand throttle. The Ridekick can give you a maximum speed of up to 19mph.

The controller for the bike trailer has a microprocessor for programming and a scrolling diagnostic display. It is simple to hitch and unhitch on your bike and weighs 18.1kg. The storage shell can be upgraded as an option. It is weatherproof, secure and has a capacity of carrying 45.4kg cargo.

The Ridekick comes with a 500 watt motor, SLA 24 volt battery whcih weighs 18.8lbs and a charger. The electric bike trailer can power up a bike for up to 15 miles on one charge alone….

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Princeton Tec Push Bike Lights

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Princeton Tec Push Bike Lights

princeton tec push bike lights 1   Princeton Tec Push Bike Lights

Princeton Tech provides you with Push, its latest bike light product. It is a maxibright LED lamp with a self-contained 100 lumen device designed for better visibility. Powered by three triple A alkaline or rechargeable batteries that would last for 63 hours, the Princeton is user friendly. With a simple push of its large on/off switch, you could easily manage the high or low and flash modes.

It has the capacity of a 260º visibility angle with the front light equipped with light pipes, which accommodates peripheral visions. You could simply keep the switch on hold to disengage the flash mode allowing you to concentrate more on the twist and curves while on the trail.

Retail price for the Princeton Tec Push is $50. It comes in three colors: red, blue and titanium.

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All-Wood Bike To Set World Speed Record

pinit fg en rect gray 20   All Wood Bike To Set World Speed Record

all wood bike set world speed record   All Wood Bike To Set World Speed RecordMichael Thompson of Eco-Shed, Norfolk, UK took on the challenge of making a wooden bike which can be ridden and is expected to set a world record at the same time for such feat. The idea of creating a wooden bike has been tried before but so far, no one was able to fully succeed in riding it for a world record. Thompson reveals that his wooden bike will be using birch plywood for the frame and exotic hardwoods for other components like the bearings and bushes.

As for the wheels and overall drive system, Thompson opts not to comment on them yet. Although he is hopeful in making the wooden bike run with a push start and the gearing will be high since it follows a track bike design.

Triathlete James Tully is assigned to ride the bike at a speed of 25mph-35mph. The ride might cover about 10 miles….

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High5 Hydration Tablets: Zero, Zero Xtreme

pinit fg en rect gray 20   High5 Hydration Tablets: Zero, Zero Xtreme

high5 hydration tablets 300x143   High5 Hydration Tablets: Zero, Zero XtremeHigh5 introduces hydration tablets called Zero and Zero X’treme which packs a whole lot of energy with almost zero calories to your energy drinks. The electrolyte drinks are rich in sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. They are simple to use. You take a tablet and dissolve it in water and you now have an energy drink to last you for your ride.

Zero boasts only having 1.4 calories per 100ml. With one tube, you have 20 tablets which equates to 15 liters of energy-boosting electrolyte drink. High5 also conducted a study which shows that people who take Zero burned 41% more fat after their workouts.

The Zero X’treme has added 65mg of caffeine in the hydration tablet to give you your needed caffeine fix while on the road. Both Zero and Zero X’treme can minimize occurrence of cramps as well. Zero comes in three flavors of cherry-orange, citrus and berry.

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