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UCI Stickers of Approval Gets Implemented for 2011

pinit fg en rect gray 20   UCI Stickers of Approval Gets Implemented for 2011

uci stickers of approval gets implemented for 2011   UCI Stickers of Approval Gets Implemented for 2011

Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) announces that the proposed UCI stickers of approval will push through on 2011 with the coverage extending from frames, forks, handlebars, stems to cycling apparel. In theory, manufacturers can submit their product concepts and blueprints to UCI on or before January 1st of next year. UCI will look through them and give its go-signal for production that passes the level of standardization UCI is enforcing.

The approval committee will be headed by Professor Manson, vice-president of the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland and also a composite expert. The approved products will be listed on th UCI website.

2009 and 2010 products can obtain backdated approval. As for the negative reception over this new process, UCI states that products carrying the UCI label of approval will be an asset to the manufacturers….

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Shelter Frame Protection Tape

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shelter Frame Protection Tape

Shelter is the first protection tape that absorbs shock as well as keep your bicycle frame abrasion free. This impact dispersal medium protects the frame from instances when rocks are thrown against the frame through the front wheel of the bike. Carbon fiber frames are often victims of these type of hits that can often lead to bike injury.

Shelter works not only on the frame but on other parts of the bike like chainstays and areas that get damaged due to different sorts of impact. Shelter functions to diminish the force given to the frame with its visco-elastomeric material. Each transparent sheet has 50 layers of netting that catches the force of impact hits. The sheet recovers after absorbing the force, protecting the surface underneath it.

Tests conducted from a light bulb covered in Shelter and a 24 oz. hammer showed that Shelter protected the bulb at a force of…

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Spylamp Bicycle GPS Tracker

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Spylamp Bicycle GPS Tracker

spylamp bicycle gps tracker   Spylamp Bicycle GPS Tracker

Another innovative device against bicycle theft can be found is the Spylamp Bicycle GPS Tracker. Made by GPSTrackThis, the Spylamp is a hidden GPS tracker located on the bike’s tail light.

The GPS inside the rear light can be activated by pressing the switch button. After several seconds, the tracking device will activate and based on the vibrations that the bike gives off, the GPS sensor relays the bike’s current location to an online server. The server then alerts the owner of the bike through sms.

There’s also a website available to owners that allows them to see the location the bike of their bike. If the bike is in a building, the GPS lock will switch to GPS positioning. This will triangulate the area as to where the bike is located within 200 meters.

The GPS can be triggered manually through the off/on button or by activating the rear light….

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Trixter XDream Exercise Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Trixter XDream Exercise Bike

trixter xdream exercise bike   Trixter XDream Exercise Bike

The Xdream Exercise Bike from Trixter brings bike training to a virtual level. Similar to the concept of RPG (role-play gaming), the Xdream uses the latest technology in fitness, computer hardware and software, combining them to give an overall workout that simulates cycling on the road.

When the Xdream is used, the rider’s cycling movements like pedaling and body positioning are portrayed on a screen that shows the cyclist in a virtual world. The bike has several sensors that triggers the simulation on the screen. The Xdream offers several courses, routes and trails to choose from (Parkland, Semi Arid, Desert and Highlands) to keep the exercise bike challenging and entertaining as well.

With SPD pedals for cycling shoes to make the exercise feel authentic, the Xdream features 5 bikes that can be used for exercising. There are several modes to choose from as well—like that of the quick start, Xdream fitness…

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Santa Cruz S-Man L/S TRAD Merino Jersey

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Santa Cruz S Man L/S TRAD Merino Jersey

santa cruz s man l s trad merino jersey   Santa Cruz S Man L/S TRAD Merino Jersey

Winter is here, and if you’re a fan of Santa Cruz bikes, note that they’ve just released a jersey made of merino wool from New Zealand.

The Santa Cruz S-Man L/S TRAD Merino Jersey is lightweight, soft, and is worn very close to the skin, ensuring warmth.

When summer rolls around, the Santa Cruz merino jersey can handle warmer weather by flings away moisture and sweat.

Small branding is placed, with the Swobo logo on the left shoulder blade and a Santa Cruz strip on the lower sleeve. Limited quantities are available, with a retail price of $120….

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Bike Chain Ring Coffee Table

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bike Chain Ring Coffee Table

bike chain ring coffee table   Bike Chain Ring Coffee Table

Not only is the Bike Chain Ring Coffee Table a creative and impressive design, it is a great way to break the ice when having new company over.

Little information is known at this time, but the bike chain ring coffee table is designed by (Flickr user) Del Cruiser. As you can see, various chain ring sizes are used and placed under the glass.

All that’s left to do is throw some cycling magazines or books on the table, which should keep company occupied if the chain ring table doesn’t do the trick.

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San Jose to end Bicycle License Requirement

pinit fg en rect gray 20   San Jose to end Bicycle License Requirement

san jose bicycle license requirement   San Jose to end Bicycle License Requirement

Due to low participation of the San Jose bike licensing program, the San Jose city council is planning on ending a bicycle license as a requirement.

After a recent city audit, the lack of participation does not cover the cost of maintaining the licensing database. For a one year license, the city charges $2, and $3 for a three year renewal.

Sam Liccardo, Councilman for San Jose said the program was to help police recover and return stolen bikes to their owners. He followed by saying he is not licensed, although he rides frequently….

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