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Cannondale Grind Pedals

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cannondale Grind Pedals

cannondale grind pedals   Cannondale Grind Pedals

Pedals are an integral part of our everyday cycling; we just can’t go anywhere without them. Regular pedals may get kind of boring, and if you’re the type of person that likes change, then the Cannondale Grind Pedals may be for you. The body of the pedals is made with durable, high-pressure cast alloy. They feature a 9/16″ spindle axle, and they have removable pins that allow for replacement and customizing grip. The Cannondale Grind Pedals weigh 678 grams. You can purchase these at the Cannondale online shop for $79.99….

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Where Are the Bike Reviews on this Site Anyway?

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Where Are the Bike Reviews on this Site Anyway?

bike reviews   Where Are the Bike Reviews on this Site Anyway?

Hi Bike Reviews readers!

I am happy to announce that last September we officially launched Bike Reviews and managed to cover InterBike live as press. It came from a huge push by all staff at Bike Reviews, seeing how the domain name was just acquired a month before launching.

Since Bike Reviews went live, we have received a great deal of inquires, many of which challenge our mission statement’s pledge to review bikes. After all, a site with a name like Bike Reviews should review bicycles, right? Now, back at home, our top priority is to offer just that, an intuitive bike index containing in depth reviews on an array of bicycles. But first we must finish constructing the site, which can take a while so please bare with us.

In the interim, we will continue to work diligently on completing the framework of Bike Reviews while maintaining…

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Vaude Roomy 17 + 3 Womens Backpack 2009

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Vaude Roomy 17 + 3 Womens Backpack 2009

vaude ladies 17 3 roomy backpack   Vaude Roomy 17 + 3 Womens Backpack 2009

The Vaude Roomy 17 + 3 Womens Backpack for 2009 is the perfect way to store your goods while you’re on the road, trail, or wherever. It uses Vaude’s Aeroflex system, which is comprised of lightweight wire and mesh which allows circulation for your back. It has a 17L main compartment, with a sleeve with room for a hydration bladder. Its even got a helmet holder and a rain cover to keep your goods dry.

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Dakine Bike Bag 2009

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Dakine Bike Bag 2009

dakine bike bag 2009   Dakine Bike Bag 2009

The Dakine Bike Bag 2009 is pretty self explanatory; it stores your disassembled bike for you while you travel. It is smaller than most bike bags on the market, but still fits your cycle in just as easily. It features a padded center divider, which protects your frame from your rims during travel. The whole front section unzips, allowing you to store your bike and pack parts in every crevice. The Dakine Bike Bag 2009 also has wheels, so you don’t have to huff-and-puff while transporting your baby. The Dakine Bike Bag 2009 retails for $390.

Via BikeRadar….

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Kryptonite Modulus Security System

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Kryptonite Modulus Security System

kryptonite modulus security system   Kryptonite Modulus Security System

Kryptonite, the creators of the famous U-Lock, are changing the game once again with their Modulus Security System. Throughout a cyclist’s busy day, he or she may have to make several stops. A myriad of different situations would make locking up your bike with a standard U-Lock or other locking mechanism a pretty tough task. There may come times when you must lock up to a full bike rack, or when you must lock up to a tree, pole, or other stationary object. The Kryptonite Modulus Security System is here to solve the problem with their line of innovative cable locks. The Modulus system adapts to just about any situation, with its adjustable length with two locking ports. A double dead bolt mechanism holds the two cable ends in place, and a spring loaded design allows each end to be locked and removed independently….

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InterBike 2009: We’ll Be There to Cover It Live

pinit fg en rect gray 20   InterBike 2009: Well Be There to Cover It Live

Interbike 2009   InterBike 2009: Well Be There to Cover It Live

InterBike 2009,  the worlds largest bicycle trade show, is making its annual appearance in Las Vegas, NV September 23 – 25, 2009. Like previous years, InterBike will be  held at the Sand’s Expo & Convention Center, located in the heart of Sin City’s strip. It’s estimated that 23,000 spectators will browse through the thousands of bike related brands at InterBike this year, which we will be covering live for all of you bike enthusiast that can’t make it.

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1st Annual Sacramento Bike Rodeo

pinit fg en rect gray 20   1st Annual Sacramento Bike Rodeo

1st annual sacramento bike rodeo   1st Annual Sacramento Bike Rodeo

Sacramento and surrounding area cyclist, September 26th kicks off the 1st annual Sacramento Bike Rodeo! This is a family event, with the charity portion starting at 7:30 AM for adults, which you and other bike riders will take part in a 14.4 mile ride, and the meeting place is at Charles Jensen Botanical Park. A smaller rodeo for children starts at William Land Park. Both will end at Cesar Chavez Park, located downtown. To register, visit Urbanmedown.

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