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Trek Armored U-Lock Bike Lock

trek armored u lock bike lock   Trek Armored U Lock Bike Lock

These days, going to any destination where you must leave your bike even for a few moments requires you to lock it up; that is, if you want to keep your bike. U-Locks have always been a favorite amongst cyclists. The Trek Armored U-Lock Bike Lock is sure to keep your baby safe. It’s 13mm high-grade steel shackle and crossbar provide the protection necessary. Fortunately, the creators of this lock went beyond an ordinary steel lock. A rotating dust cover keeps dirt and or whatever else from getting into the key entryway. If you’re worried about your lock being picked by a crafty person, don’t worry; the Trek Armored U-Lock Bike Lock features a new and improved high security disc cylinder that provides increased protection from picking. A $1,500 anti-theft protection offer comes with the Trek Armored U-Lock Bike Lock. …

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Happy Halloween from Bike Reviews!

happy halloween bike reviews   Happy Halloween from Bike Reviews!

Whether you decide to stay home with your family, take your little monsters trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, or hop on the saddle for a Halloween night cruise, the staff at Bike Reviews wishes you a safe and fun Halloween. As you may know, Bike Reviews is still a young website, and each day we strive to become better and better. So if there is anything you want us to add or share, please let us know by leaving us a comment or sending us an email.

In the near future we will be offering our readers more unique content, reviews, and bikes to our bike index. On top of that, you will have the chance to win some cool prizes! So once again, be safe and have fun this Halloween!…

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Bicycle Hall of Fame Goes to Davis California

bicycle hall fame goes davis california   Bicycle Hall of Fame Goes to Davis California

Davis California, known as the Bike Capitol of the United States is the new home for the Bicycle Hall of Fame. Competing against other cities, but in cycling terms “broke away from the pack”. Davis was victorious against Greensboro North Carolina, while for the past 20 years the Bicycle Hall of Fame was located in Somerville New Jersey. Chairman of the Hall of Fame search committee Bill Brunner has said Davis was chosen because the city embraces bicycling. The Bicycle Hall of Fame otherwise known as a “museum” will host actual bicycles, trophies, artifacts and jerseys from cyclists like Greg LeMond and Major Taylor. If you would like to take part in the Induction dinner and ceremony, tickets are on sale now….

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X-Tools Wallmount Storage Mountain Bike Hanger

xtools wallmount storage mountain bike hanger   X Tools Wallmount Storage Mountain Bike Hanger

For those people who have a lot of clutter around the house or for those who just don’t have much room to store things, a bicycle can pose a problem. The truth is, they take up space. How much is depending on the size of your house, if you have a garage, etc. Well, with the X-Tools Wallmount Storage Mountain Bike Hanger, you can now hang your bike up and take up less space. The X-Tools Wallmount Storage Mountain Bike Hanger is better suited for fat mountain bike tires, but it is possible to hang a road bike up, too. The set up of the hanger is easy, and takes about five minutes. The X-Tools Wallmount Storage Mountain Bike Hanger retails for $16.35….

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Purchase a Cell Phone Receive a Free Bike

purchase cell phone receive free bike   Purchase a Cell Phone Receive a Free Bike

Seems a little out of the normal, you purchase a cell phone from Affordable Mobiles and you receive a free bike? Well, it’s true, when you sign a contract with the company you can choose from a mountain bike, commuter, womens or kids bike manufactured by Land Rover. Not a bad deal if you need a phone and want to start exercising, but I would imagine your limitations on the bikes. Only available for UK Customers.

Source: Bike Rumor

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Aerotech Evolution Bicycle Case

aerotech evolution bicycle case   Aerotech Evolution Bicycle Case

Labeled from the company as one of the safest bicycle cases available, Scion presents the Aerotech Evolution bike case. When purchasing a bicycle case, you want to make sure your bike is safe, and Aerotech Evolution does exactly that due to the ABS construction, and softer plastics in case you drop it. Another huge factor that comes to mind is transporting, while carrying is an option Scion placed a large handle, but if your tired then small wheels are on the bottom for a easy coast. Inside the case are quick clamps to lock in your wheels, and fixing belts protecting the frame and keeping it still. Holds up to size 64 cm bikes. Available at Scion….

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MMA Sports Recalls Sunline V1 Carbon Handlebars

mma sports recalls sunline v1 carbon handlebars   MMA Sports Recalls Sunline V1 Carbon Handlebars

We just received word that MMA Sports announced a safety recall on the Sunline V1 Carbon handlebars. The handlebars are prone to cracking, or even breaking, which has occurred on the 31.8mm Sunline V1 Carbon handlebars. If you have purchased, please return them to the original store you purchased, and they will setup a refund for you. MMA Sports has stated the flaw is due to manufacturing.

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