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Two Fish Lockblocks U-Lock Mount

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Two Fish Lockblocks U Lock Mount

two fish lockblocks u lock mount   Two Fish Lockblocks U Lock Mount

The Two Fish Lockblocks U-Lock Mount is a simple idea that can save a rider the hassle of lugging around a U-Lock in unwanted places, increasing comfort on the saddle for some. The U-Lock holder is comprised of three mounts, making up a set. The mounts are easily secured to the stem and handlebars of a bike to accommodate a rider and his or her U-Lock. The Two Fish’s Mount is a perfect qualifier for women riders, riders of small frames, and riders who demand hydration because it frees up room for an additional water bottle. Available for $12.50….

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Pretty and Strong Calendar by Chris King

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Pretty and Strong Calendar by Chris King

pretty and strong calendar by chris king   Pretty and Strong Calendar by Chris King

Chris King, and Oregon component company, have been supporting the Oregon chapter of Komen for the Cure for seven years now. This year, they have teamed up with for a 2010 “Pretty and Strong” calendar, featuring photos of female cyclists, to produce awareness and raise funds. “It was just a few months ago in a lunch meeting with the Oregon and SW Washington affiliate for Komen for the Cure that we learned of an interesting statistic related to rates of early detection of breast cancer in our region. Joining me for that lunch was Diane Chalmers, our VP of Operations, and Cristina Moore, Development Manager for the Komen affiliate. Cristina informed us that the demographic with the lowest rate of early detection was the one we knew included the women we saw at races every weekend. Seems that the distraction of ‘being fit’ keeps these women…

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Slopestyle Rider Sam Dueck to Ride Norco for 2010

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Slopestyle Rider Sam Dueck to Ride Norco for 2010

slopestyle rider sam dueck to ride norco for 2010   Slopestyle Rider Sam Dueck to Ride Norco for 2010

Norco Bikes has announced that they have added Slopestyle rider Sam Dueck to their roster for the 2010 season. Dueck has had a great season, finishing 5th at Crankworkz Colorado and 2nd at Goat Style in Creston BC. Next year, in 2010, Dueck will continue to compete at a competitive level, this time riding a 2010 Norco 4Hun and an Empire SE. Both Sam and Norco should be pleased coming into the 2010 season.

Via Bike Rumor….

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Saris Solo Bike Rack

pinit fg en rect gray 20    Saris Solo Bike Rack

saris solo bike rack    Saris Solo Bike Rack

The bike rack manufacture Saris, made popular by its Bones trunk rack, is adding a new addition to its line of racks, the Saris Solo rack. Starting early 2010, Saris will offer cyclist a bike rack suitable for cyclists who are looking to tow their bike around at a minimal expense. The bike rack will retail at a competitive price point of $50. The Saris Solo will be compatible with most vehicles on the road, and it’ll be capable of handling one 35-pound bike. Though the Solo has its limitations, we find it a perfect buy for the fiscally conservative individual rider. …

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Easton EA30 Stem Recalled

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Easton EA30 Stem Recalled

easton ea30 stem recalled1   Easton EA30 Stem Recalled

Easton Sports has voluntarily recalled its EA30 stems that were sold between August 2007 and September 2009, as reported U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Easton has received a report that one of their stems broke and caused minor injury to the rider. The number of stems affected by Easton’s recall is about 6,400. If you have an EA30 stem, you should stop using it immediately and contact Easton Sports for a replacement. Check out Easton’s Web site for more information.

Via BikeRadar….

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Raleigh Bicycles Bring Back Nottingham Headbadge for 2010

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Raleigh Bicycles Bring Back Nottingham Headbadge for 2010

raleigh bicycles bring back nottingham headbadge 2010   Raleigh Bicycles Bring Back Nottingham Headbadge for 2010

Raleigh Bicycles will bring back the Nottingham Headbadge for all 2010 bikes, taking it back to Raleigh roots. The headbadge has “Nottingham England” embossed on it, and will feature the trademark heron. Companies with Raleigh licensees will have the logo present. Mark Gouldthorp, MD of Raleigh UK has said the following on the change:

“Returning to the traditional logo is the best way to show the company’s pedigree and its historic commitment to Nottingham. All our partners across the world will now use this famous logo.”

Source: Bikebiz

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Bike Chain Wall Clock

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bike Chain Wall Clock

bike chain wall clock   Bike Chain Wall Clock

Here’s a very unique item; A wall clock that shows the time using a bicycle chain. The chain has copper numbers attached to it, and hangs vertically. As the chain winds, the numbers move up and down to tell you what time it is. They wanted to take this clock back to the roots, with the bike chain placing an emphasis on the “cyclical nature of time.” The clock sells for a steep $2,388.00 at Unica Home….

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