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2011 Feedback Chain Gauge

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Feedback Chain Gauge

2011 feedback chain gauge 2   2011 Feedback Chain Gauge

Basically customized, a new digital caliper for 2011 is the Feedback Chain Gauge. Since it is digital, it is quite pricier than its competition but it guarantees reliable quality.

Displayed reading will be either imperial or metric. Chain with figures of 0.00 and 0.40mm means fresh, 0.40-0.80mm means there is wear, and .80mm and higher means replacing is needed. For later inspection, save the reading by locking the arms with the small brass screw.

For impeccable correctness, reset the unit after 30 readings. After five minutes of inactivity, the display cuts out to save battery life. Aside from a carry case, the 2011 Feedback Chain Gauge comes with a spare 1.5V watch battery and a jeweler’s screwdriver….

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Ragley Headtube Badge

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ragley Headtube Badge

ragley headtube badge   Ragley Headtube Badge

Want your headtube to be looking all-sassy and tough? Coming out soon is the new Ragley Headtube Badge that would fit all your so-called pigs – three sizes for old pigs, new pigs and the big alloy frames. The badge will run vertically up and down the headtube. It will come in tens. No further details have been released yet. But for sure it will be coming out real soon as what Ragley assures all cycling enthusiast across the globe….

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Shimano Upgrades for MY 2012

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano Upgrades for MY 2012

shimano upgrades for my 2012   Shimano Upgrades for MY 2012

Shimano has recently announced its upgrades for MY 2012. The popular Japanese company will be offering larger options and a wider variety of components and non-series parts. Shimano will provide more innovative technologies, new groupsets and more high-end updated product developments as part of its Shimano MY 2012 products.

Shimano is more than proud to have implemented the well-planned upgrades and changes. New shifters of Nexus 7 and 8 have been developed as well. The components of Nexus 7 have been brought to the next level with new upgrades; while the Nexus 8 will now be available in white.

Further noted upgrades from Shimano for MY 2012 include Deore’s Dyna-system drivetrain upgrade, now with Ice Technologies, will come with a compatible rear derailleur, Rapidfire Plus shifters and Servo Wave disc brakes. Together with Tiagra Road Race series, Shimano will release a 10-speed drivetrain to the market. The newly innovated…

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SRAM Launches New Generation Gear Hubs

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SRAM Launches New Generation Gear Hubs

sram introduces new generation gear hubs   SRAM Launches New Generation Gear Hubs

A new line of mechanical system gear hubs have been recently launched by SRAM. The new 2-speed gear hub from SRAM is the first from the new generation gear hubs. These all-new hubs will come in all versions such as freewheel, disc, roller brake compatible and coaster in the form of steel or alloy hub shells. This 2-speed hub will automatically shift depending on speed and wheel size without the use of fancy electronics.

Initially, SRAM has said that the 2-speed hub will be best suited for folding bikes. But SRAM has expressed their willingness to expand its benefits and spec’ed it for other bike types.

Mass production of the said new generation gear hubs will start this May of 2011 and will be available by summer of this year.

Via Bike Europe

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Drift HD170 Stealth Video Camera

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Drift HD170 Stealth Video Camera

drift hd170 stealth video camera   Drift HD170 Stealth Video Camera

Captured moments and filming personal adventures is making its mark these days, especially in the world of cycling. Thus, bike enthusiasts are getting into the trend of filming their own cycling adventures. And behind the said growing trend, technology plays a big role in trying to provide the best quality captured moments.

The new Drift HD170 Stealth video camera is one of the latest tools used to capture adventure. This action camera by Drift provides the option to incorporate 60/50fps for slow motion shooting. It also features 1080p, 720p and WGA HD video setting options and a 5 megapixel picture setting with a wide angle lens.

The Drift HD170 stealth video camera houses an integrated LCD screen that allows you to preview your shots. The cam also features a 300-degree rotating lens that allows you to shoot in any angle that works best for you.

The Drift HD170 stealth video…

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Ahearne Cycles Spaceman Hip Flask and Cage

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ahearne Cycles Spaceman Hip Flask and Cage

ahearne cycles spaceman hip flask and cage   Ahearne Cycles Spaceman Hip Flask and Cage

Riders can now carry their own flask wherever they go and not worry about spills thanks to Ahearne Cycles Spaceman hip flask and cage.

This innovative flask keeps things either hot or cold depending on your needs. Riders on the road can use this flask to take a quick swig of their favorite drink during the colder winter months of training or pour a couple of drops into their coffee for a bit of an Irish spin on things.

Of course, this flask is not limited to holding alcoholic drinks. This can also be used for other drinks like water (you’ll never know when you’ll need that extra container aside from your water bottle, you know.) or even medicine.

The flask ships with an unbranded look made out of stainless steel and an unpainted metal cage. It can carry approximately 250 ml and costs $47….

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Pace Merino Wool Spandex Arm Warmers

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Pace Merino Wool Spandex Arm Warmers

pace merino wool spandex arm warmers   Pace Merino Wool Spandex Arm Warmers

Arm warmers provide comfort as much as other accessories do when biking. It keeps you warm in cold weather and keeps you comfortable without even having to break from your ride. You can simply pull them up or down or wear them as you prefer them most comfortable.

The Merino Wool Spandex arm warmers are made out of 38.7% wool, 44.8% Nylon and 16.5% Spandex. Built with durable synthetic material, these arm warmers are cozy to wear, delivers you maximum comfort, offers moisture wicking and made to be odor resistant. The bicep part of the warmers comes with an elastic material with silicone that keeps the warmers in place.

The Merino Wool Spandex arm warmers from Pace is uniquely designed with a thumb hole, which keeps your hand relatively warm. It would also give you the option to wear gloves comfortably. Comes in four sizes to…

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