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Pedaltarian Posters – Kona 2010 Ad Story

pedaltarian posters kona 2010 ad story   Pedaltarian Posters   Kona 2010 Ad Story

Kona’s marketing department put together some online exclusive posters, which gives us a clear look at Kona 2010 Art Campaign. Apart of their online magazine features, the Pedaltarian Posters looks directly at how the company found inspiration in poster art, then transferring it to their bike lineup. Most have a vintage feel, or cameos from different entertainment areas like movies or original posters. Check out the rest here.

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

merry christmas2   Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays
Dear Riders/Readers,

In the midst of the many holiday festivities this day brings us, we’d like to take a moment to wish everyone of our readers a safe and Merry Christmas. Unfortunately, we don’t have anything “site breaking” to share with you at this time. We are working hard on a few additions to Bike Reviews that we plan on rolling out for Valentines Day 2010, however. In the interim, we hope you enjoy our daily contributions and look forward to growing with you.

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Assos Early Winter 851 Winter Cycling Gloves

assos early winter 851 winter cycling gloves   Assos Early Winter 851 Winter Cycling Gloves

As the name might imply, the Assos Early Winter 851 Winter Cycling Gloves are especially suited to colder weather. They are lightweight, made with Airblock 851 fabric which gives great thermal insulation. They also offer freedom of movement with their anatomical pattern design. Intelligent road-shock absorbing inlets help make for a smooth ride. You can purchase the Assos Early Winter 851 Winter Cycling Gloves at Wiggle for $97.98….

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Trek Dreadlocks Resettable Combination Cable Lock

trek dreadlocks resettable combination cable lock   Trek Dreadlocks Resettable Combination Cable Lock

The Trek Dreadlocks Resettable Combination Cable Lock uses a four digit combination, like many other locks, but it also lets you reset your combo to keep ‘em guessing. The lock itself is lightweight, and it’s also self-coiling for easy storage. It has a durable vinyl cover to protect your precious bike’s paint job while you lock up. The Trek Dreadlocks Resettable Combination Cable Lock also features a lifetime limited warranty and comes with a handy frame mount. You can purchase it at the Trek online shop for $19.99 – $24.99….

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Specialized Radiant Glove

specialized radiant glove   Specialized Radiant Glove

When the temperature gets cold, your hands will be the first to feel it, especially if you’re cycling. Some heavy duty winter gloves like the Specialized Radiant Glove are insulated and fully waterproof, in low temperatures up to 32 degrees. The Specialized Radiant Gloves feature Thinsulate insulation to provide maximum warmth. The internal Hipora shell is responsible for keeping the water out. A brush microwipe thumb wipe helps you wipe away moisture from your face. The gloves have high grip palm material, which functions even when wet. Reflective piping is added for visibility. You can purchase the Specialized Radiant Glove at the Specialized online shop for $57….

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Helmet HERO Wide Camera by GoPro

helmet hero wide by gopro1    Helmet HERO Wide Camera by GoPro

With plenty of mountable sports cameras on the market, the Helmet HERO Wide Camera by GoPro digital camera has prevailed in the eyes of tech giant Gizmodo, referring to it as “the best sports camera” so far. Its size makes the camera ” the world’s smallest, wireless helmet and gear-mountable video camera” in its class. With the ability to attach to just about anything, GoPro’s camera is favored by many sports, including cycling, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, etc.

The 5 megapixel waterproof Helmet HERO Wide camera features a 170ยบ wide angle lens for quality sports photos. At 3 hours on lithium batteries and 2 hours on rechargeables, GoPro’s cam is better than its predecessor, the original Helmet HERO camera. The Helmet HERO Wide Camera also outperforms it in video, photo, audio, and low light performance.

The Helmet HERO Wide camera comes with a vented helmet strap, headlamp style head strap, and…

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Trek Streetwise U-Lock

trek streetwise u lock1   Trek Streetwise U Lock

These days, you just can’t take the chance with taking your bike anywhere without making sure its secure. The Trek Streetwise U-Lock is a good choice for protecting your baby, with its 13mm hardened steel shackle and crossbar. You have some choices as to where you want to mount it too, with a versatile EZ-Mount bracket. There is also a nice $1,000 anti-theft protection offer, giving you some more comfort with the lock. A rotating dust-cover keeps debris out of the key entryway. It is also pick-proof, with a high-security disk cylinder. You can purchase the Trek Streetwise U-Lock at the Trek online shop for $34.99 to $39.99….

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