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Bontrager Womens Cadence Spin Cycle Collection

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bontrager Womens Cadence Spin Cycle Collection

bontrager womens cadence spin cycle collection   Bontrager Womens Cadence Spin Cycle Collection

For women planning on hitting the spin cycle classes at the gym, the new Bontrager Cadence Collection might be something your interested in, since the clothing is light weight, defends against moisture, and is breathable. The Bontrager Cadence Collection gives women cycling apparel that is fashionable, yet at the same time will keep you relaxed and comfortable. In the collection is a Racerback jersey, shorts, shoes, and gloves. Various retail price are available, see the online store to purchase.

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Rocky Mounts TieRod Bike Rack

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rocky Mounts TieRod Bike Rack

rocky mounts tierod bike rack   Rocky Mounts TieRod Bike Rack

As most cyclists know, finding the right bike rack is not easy. Aside from having to look hard for the appropriate bike rack, you might need to buy additional accessories to make it fit your car or truck, snuggly.

RockyMounts have recently come out with their new TieRod bike rack with a promise that it fits 100% of factory crossbars. Taking the feedback most bikers have given over bike racks, they aimed to create a one-size-fits-all fork mount and they succeeded.

Bobby Noyes, founder and president of RockyMounts, thought that it would not be possible but surprisingly it was. The solution is having rubber coated stainless straps that can be adjusted to fit factory crossbars easily.

With flashy colours, RockyMounts makes the TieRod bike racks with a solid metal head to accommodate factory elliptical crossbars. Noyes proudly announced, “We hit the nail on the head. It is form…

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Innovative Helmet Prevents Rotational Head Dangers

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Innovative Helmet Prevents Rotational Head Dangers

innovative helmet prevents rotational head dangers   Innovative Helmet Prevents Rotational Head Dangers

A cyclists knows that a head injury is a serious thing because it can be fatal. If not, major head trauma that may result to brain damage. To counter this, a new helmet was invented that mimics the human head and how it works to lessen any injury to the head. The new helmet aims to decrease the impact of rotational injuries that riders may encounter.

The Phillips Head Protection System evolutionized the design for the helmet by adding an anti-rotational synthetic membrane known as SuperSkin. It is scratch resistant and can stretch up to 8 times its size. The gel-like substance is layered over the helmet and is coated inside as well. Similar to POC’s Cortex DH helmet, the goal is to protect the rider from head injuries by copying how your scalp functions against the skull when you experience a blow to the head, tumble or fall. …

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Max Lelli Bikes New US Website Launch

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Max Lelli Bikes New US Website Launch

max lelli bikes new us website launch   Max Lelli Bikes New US Website Launch

What do the fastest up-and-coming distance triathletes, Olympians, and discerning amateur cyclists have in common? They have discovered that their Max Lelli bicycles are helping to propel them to top results in races

Max Lelli USA is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, The parent company of Max Lelli USA, Liger LLC, was incorporated in 2007 in order to distribute Max Lelli bicycles in the U.S. With the launch of the new site, Max Lelli offers most bikes with six possible kit options, with a choice of Shimano or SRAM components. Moreover, the purchase of frames and forks alone will be available. The Brigante and the Tiburzi Basic complete bikes will now be offered at promotional discounted prices. The site also offers information on the complete lineup of carbon fiber road racing bikes, time trial bikes, hardtail mountain
bikes, and a wind tunnel tested…

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Yale Creates Real Life Spokeless Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Yale Creates Real Life Spokeless Bike

yale creates real life spokeless bike 2   Yale Creates Real Life Spokeless Bike

Those Yale guys have managed to do what the bike manufacturers could not: invent an actual spokeless working bicycle that anyone can ride today. Those other concept bikes you may have seen that purportedly feature hubless wheels? They still remain as concepts the last time we looked.

This bicycle from Yale has no hub, no spokes, and practically nothing else in the middle of the rear wheel. The inventors explained that a similar front wheel was in the works, but they ran out of time during the semester. Designing the front wheel, they added, would even be easier, since they won’t have to factor in the drivetrain.

The Yale inventors posted this description of the drivetrain on Reddit:

It’s a single speed setup. We used two cranks and two bottom brackets in the front to gear up the ratio. It goes from (IIRC) 53 to a 13, which…

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Veer – Portland Cycling Documentary Movie

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Veer   Portland Cycling Documentary Movie

veer protland cycling documentary movie   Veer   Portland Cycling Documentary Movie

Veer, a documentary displaying different types of cycling in the “bicycle capital of the world” Portland, is now showing at The Cube cinema in Kingsdown this Saturday. Some of the “cycling” in the film is bike jousting, cycle chariot racing, zoo bombing, and tall bikes going off jumps with fire. The same night on display is “Les Velobicis”, a mini bike display. After the movie there will be a bicycle powered Scalextrix, which is held by Bristol Bike Project. Starts at 5pm with tickets costing £4/£5.


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R.E. Load Chainlock Covers

pinit fg en rect gray 20   R.E. Load Chainlock Covers

re load chainlock covers   R.E. Load Chainlock Covers

R.E. Load has a new chainlock cover that is environmentally friendly by using 100% of recycled scraps while sewing each part together. If your tired of the old fashioned bike locks, you can now spice them up a bit with the R.E. Load Chainlock Covers. Two color schemes are available known as warm or cool, while warm uses various reds, pink and yellow, and cool features blue and green. Available now for $18.

Source: PedalConsumption

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