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Success for the 2010 Taipei Cycle Show

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Success for the 2010 Taipei Cycle Show

success 2010 taipei cycle show   Success for the 2010 Taipei Cycle Show

The Taipei Cycle Show was deemed a success. The exhibitors expressed their satisfaction over the business generated at the annual event.

Portland Design Works, a newbie exhibitor with only just over a year in the bicycle retail scene, attended the trade show with hopes to expand their reach around the globe. Erik Olson, co-founder of Portland Design Works, was quite pleased to have found distributors in Japan and Australia and hopes to target UK next.

Their 10×10 booth space was located in the far corner of the fourth floor hall but Olson was able to close deals on the distribution of their company’s aftermarket line of commuter accessories. Olson said that next year, they will go for a bigger booth (10×20) because the price is also reasonable.

Panaracer, the Japanese tire company, used the trade show to gauge the feedback of customers in regards to their 2011 line which they will present at…

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Peugeot SR1 Concept Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Peugeot SR1 Concept Bike

peugeot sr1 concept bike   Peugeot SR1 Concept Bike

Peugeot, the French car maker, showed the world that they can also be flexible to create and design a bike that will definitely catch your eye. The SR1 concept bike was on display at last week’s International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland.

Together with the SR1 concept car, the concept bike was designed to be a head-turner. The spoke and hubless rear wheel with rim drive system makes a striking impression. Its leather ‘tyres’ clearly says that the bike places form and innovation above function.

Tim Andrew, mountain biker enthusiast, noted on his website that the bike can possibly be similar to its concept car counterpart. The hybrid drive system with electric power and regenerative brakes in the car might possibly be placed for the bike as well.

The concept bike seems to be have been made to complement the concept car. Peugeot certainly stuck to the same minimalistic look…

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Ted Wojcik Pedal Powered Lawnmower

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ted Wojcik Pedal Powered Lawnmower

ted wojcik pedal powered lawnmower   Ted Wojcik Pedal Powered Lawnmower

At the North American Handmade Bicycle show, frame builders, environmentalists, lawn care specialists and bicycle riders were awed by Ted Wojcik’s human-powered lawnmower. Wojcik is a bicycle builder based in New Hampshire. His machine was received with praise may go into production as early as summer.

Wojcik designed his lawnmower as a recumbent style bicycle tugging a mower along to trim the grass. He created the machine at his ship, Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles. As it was being tested for its maiden run, curious on-lookers were attracted enough to inquire where they could obtain one.

The newly designed machine got more than its share of interest from the public that when it was entered at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, Mr. Wojcik was caught unaware of the demand it generated. Wojcik and his son Cody got inspired to create the machine in order to help decrease the pollution traditionally powered lawnmowers…

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Safe Bike Rack by The Emotion Lab

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Safe Bike Rack by The Emotion Lab

safe bike rack the emotion lab   Safe Bike Rack by The Emotion Lab

A concept design from The Emotion Lab based out of Barcelona brings a new safe bike rack. Fusing style and keeping your bike safe, this alternative is said to be safer than locking your bike up to poles. As we can see, the actual “safe bike rack” is designed to look like the famous Kryptonite lock, and is made of materials that will not scratch up your bike. Although we can not tell why The Emotion Lab claims to be safer, their strive to encourage people to ride more rather than drive is good by us.

Source: The Emotion Lab

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Google Adds Bicycling Maps

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Google Adds Bicycling Maps

The League of American Bicyclists confirmed Google Maps’ new add-on is a bicycling layer that shows bike paths and directions for cyclists to take. Google will announce this move on the National Bike Summit in Washington. Google also feels the added improvement is their response to the many requests they received to add bike directions.

Simple to use, the option for bicycling is included in the drop down menu when you enter which directions you would prefer. The maps would light up green for bike paths. Suggested routes are presented with corresponding time frames for you to choose from. The routes are highlighted in blue paths from point A (starting location) to point B (destination).

Some possible concerns that you might consider would be Google’s routing algorithm. It selects directions which avoids freeways and intersections. However, it also checks to include bike lanes, bike paths and bike-friendly streets to make the route…

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Celebrity Cyclists for a Cause – Sport Relief

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Celebrity Cyclists for a Cause   Sport Relief

celebrity cyclists for cause sport relief   Celebrity Cyclists for a Cause   Sport Relief

British celebrities got off with a shaky start with their 1000 mile cycle ride for charity brought about by comedian Miranda Hart falling off resulting to an ugly cut on her leg before the fun ride began.

Hart, who starred in BBC’s sci-fi “Hyperdrive” comedy series, took a hard crash dive while the six-strong team was getting to set off from John O’Groats on the BT Sport Relief Million Pound Bike Ride.

She realized that the ride was much harder than she expected it to be. After putting herself together, she rode off with her teammates, TV presenters Fearne Cotton, Davina McCall and comedians David Williams, Russell Howard and Patrick Kielty.

The riders declared that the course was tough, the terrain, the weather and everything was mean and rough. Their objective was to be at Land’s End on Thursday and to be able to raise £1,000,000 for Comic Relief. The money will be…

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The First Ever Brompton US Championship

pinit fg en rect gray 20   The First Ever Brompton US Championship

the first ever brompton us championship   The First Ever Brompton US Championship

At last! Folding bikes owners will now have a chance to showcase what racing skills they have in the first-ever Brompton US Championship, which is scheduled to be held this coming March 20 in Philadelphia.

The event, which is meant to copy the Brompton World Championship in the UK, will be restricted to Brompton folding bikes only, so owners of other brands are out of luck. Participants shall also be required to follow a strict dress code, which means suit, collared shirt, and neck tie. Shorts and skirts will be allowed, but only if no other sportswear apparel are visible. So either leave your Lycras at home or tuck them away very carefully.

The top finishers for both male and female categories will be receiving roundtrip tickets and automatic entries to the Brompton World Championship at Blenheim Palace, England which will be held this October. The race…

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