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The Stick Massages Soreness for Cyclists

pinit fg en rect gray 20   The Stick Massages Soreness for Cyclists

the stick massages soreness cyclists   The Stick Massages Soreness for Cyclists

When you take your first look at “The Stick”, you could be forgiven for thinking about baking rather than massaging, because this item could very well pass for a dough roller rather than a must-have massage tool. However, this implement could become one of your most valued training and recovery tools, since The Stick allows you to perform a highly-effective rubdown of your muscles for a variety of purposes.

Like any other athlete, cyclists also need to warm up their muscles before going on any strenuous activity. When they are recovering from an injury, they need to break up muscle tissues for faster healing, and they also need to recover from muscle soreness after a strenuous workout either on the road or in the gym.

The Stick’s purpose is to allow athletes to perform effective self-massages on their bodies and allow their sore and tired muscles to recover faster by…

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Grease Monkey Wipes Keeps your Hands and Bike Clean

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Grease Monkey Wipes Keeps your Hands and Bike Clean

grease monkey wipes keeps hands bike clean   Grease Monkey Wipes Keeps your Hands and Bike Clean

Many cyclists are not so fond of cleaning their bike the same way as they enjoy riding it. However, this is a solid fact of a task to be able to maintain your ride and make it looking presentable all the time. With Grease Monkey Wipes, you will be able to have the joy of cleaning your bike almost all the time. 

Starting from the product’s physical appeal, Grease Monkey Wipes are very attractive looking and even such a convenient thing to open. It unfolds into sheets that are non greasy and even comes with an interesting citrus smell. But the best thing about Grease Monkey Wipes is how it totally works.

Name any part of your bike and you can be sure to have it cleaned with the wipes. From the seat post, down tube, chain stays, chains, and a lot more. They can also eradicate all the day-to-day grimes…

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Camelbak Podium Chill Water Bottles

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Camelbak Podium Chill Water Bottles

camelbak podium chill water bottles   Camelbak Podium Chill Water Bottles

For people who are doing intense activities like bikers do, they would like to have cold water to quench their thirst. If you are among these bikers, then you will be delighted to know that CamelBak has launched Podium Chill bottle that will keep your water cold for longer hours than the usual.

This new product from CamelBak uses revolutionary frozen air insulation to keep the water cold for longer periods of time. Compared to other sports bottle used by bikers, Podium Chill can keep your water cold for up to four hours more than what they can offer. Hence, you are assured that you will have cold drinks for those long bike rides especially if you want to challenge your body for long trails.

Podium Chill has been developed by CamelBak to have more water volume and free from BPA. In this way, you can…

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The Bike Snob Reveals True Identity

pinit fg en rect gray 20   The Bike Snob Reveals True Identity

the bike snob reveals true identity 3   The Bike Snob Reveals True Identity

The blogger known as Bike Snob has finally allowed his identity to be revealed online. His blog, is popular due to its satirical take on every aspect of the world of cycling. His real name is Eben Weiss.

Weiss did not really intend his identity to be kept secret however; he did allow his online name take credit the most. This moniker gave him a spot in the magazine Bicycling once a month and allowed him to have followers like Lance Armstrong.

The Bike Snob reveals that he is just a regular guy who loves bicycling. Soon-to-be a dad, he also races locally under Gotham Bikes, a shop based in New York.

The move to finally show his face in public coincides on the launching of his new book under publishing house Chronicle Books titled, “Bike Snob: Systematically and Mercilessly Realigning the World of Cycling”. The book will come out…

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Lance Armstrong Joins Team

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Lance Armstrong Joins Team

lance armstrong joins team bikereviews   Lance Armstrong Joins Team

We our proud to announce today that Lance Armstrong has left Team RadioShack to join Team!

That is correct, after a long time of negotiating, the 7 time Tour de France winner has decided to join where his first race with the team will take part in the Tour of California. An official press release will be issued later today, and you can read more about the acquisition below.


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First US Brompton Race awards Winners

pinit fg en rect gray 20   First US Brompton Race awards Winners

first us brompton race awards winners   First US Brompton Race awards Winners

The US Brompton race was won by Aaron Ritz and Beth Green. Both will be flying to England for the 5th Annual Brompton World Championships in October 3 at Blenheim Palace, England.

The Fairmount Park in Philadelphia was filled with 59 competitors on their Brompton bikes last March 20. This was the first ever Brompton Championship race in the US.

In the men’s division, Ritz finished the course in 18:28. His 2-speed Brompton S2L-X sped along the 6.2 mile course. David Wilcox of Broadway Bicycles in Jamaica Plain, MA, was the Men’s favorite rider but the time it took for him to unfold his bike at the beginning of the race was his blunder. Wilcox did his best and finished third while Peter Dalkner won the second place.

Green pointed out that that the race may seem silly but it was still a race. She also stressed that it was fun and it…

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500% Increase for Demand of Budget Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   500% Increase for Demand of Budget Bikes

500 increase for demand budget bikes   500% Increase for Demand of Budget Bikes

When top designer Mark Sanders mentioned that the market is too focused on getting expensive and high-end bikes to the public, the resounding result is an unexpected rise on sales of budget folding bikes.

UK retailers Argos claims that there has been a 500 percent increase on demand of budget folding bikes. This is in comparison to last year’s sales. They believe that the trend shall continue to increase and spread due to two main factors. The first one is the rise of fuel costs which pushes commuters to choose riding a bike instead of the car and the second is the good weather forecasts that inspires cyclists to go for the greener solution instead.

Overall, the most sold bike they have is the Challenge Folding City 6 Gear bike. It has a six speed Shimano gearing, V-brakes and a rear luggage rack where you can put your groceries, bags and other…

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