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Finish Line 1-Step Cleaner & Lubricant

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Finish Line 1 Step Cleaner & Lubricant

finish the tasks fast with finish line 1 step cleaner lubricant   Finish Line 1 Step Cleaner & LubricantPeople these days would like to have products that will work in two ways from them.  The reason for this is that they are after for both convenience as they need not to do extra effort in doing two tasks and simultaneously, they would like to save money in buying just one product that works two ways.  If you are a biker who has this need, the best product for you is Finish Line 1-Step Cleaner & Lubricant. 

Finish Line’s 1-Step Cleaner & Lubricant will help you do two tasks at the same time.  First, spraying this product will help you clean your bike the fastest time possible.  It will easily remove the grime found on your bike so you will not exert effort in cleaning it. 

The next task is that as it cleans it will sort of “laminate” your bike parts with lubricant to keep it running smoothly.  But as…

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Surly Jethro Tule Box Wrench and Bottle Opener

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Surly Jethro Tule Box Wrench and Bottle Opener

surly jethro tule box wrench and bottle opener   Surly Jethro Tule Box Wrench and Bottle OpenerIf you will notice, one of the most forgotten items in during camping or biking is a bottle opener for their bottled drinks. The good news is that manufacturers have already noticed this problem and decided to develop a product where tools and these items can be integrated together like in Surly Jethro Tule Box Wrench and Bottle Opener.

The main feature of this product is that of course, it is as wrench that you can use in fixing a part of your bike. The size of this Surly Jethro Tule Box Wrench and Bottle Opener is 15 mm that will be a perfect wrench to tweak your gear hub or the nuts found on your bike.

The bottle opener is attached on the other side of the wrench. In this way, you will lessen the instances wherein you will forget your bottle opener as you always…

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Pick an iStik For Your iPod Nano

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Pick an iStik For Your iPod Nano

pick an istik for your ipod nano 300x223   Pick an iStik For Your iPod NanoAre you the type of rider who likes hitting the road with some music? Do you find yourself not leaving the home without your iPod? Then here is a great solution for you to bring it along with you without fearing that you would break it.  

The iStik case is where you can have your iPod Nano be held securely. You simply have to drop your music gadget to the lexan case and snap the lid. Then it is up to you which part of your clothing you want it to be. Then you just place the base that is made out of magnet right beneath your clothing and just align your iPod case right on top.  

How you connect things may seem quite simple but you can be sure that it will be completely secure. The owner of iStik, Inc., Alissa Huber said that the magnets cannot be compared…

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Alpine Digital Bike Scale

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Alpine Digital Bike Scale

what can the alpine digital bike scale do for you   Alpine Digital Bike ScaleAre you always at a loss for the right gear to pack before setting out for a ride? If it’s because you’re trying to avoid the extra weight, the Alpine Digital Scale can assist you in your endeavors.

This amazing Alpine Digital bicycle scale can help you effectively determine the parts that could weigh lighter so you can adjust appropriately. It comes with a list of cycling items along with specific weights for each. The Alpine Digital is very simple to use especially with its on and off button. Before you weigh anything, make sure that it reads 0.00 first. Then load it with items that must be weighed, and the scale gives you the reading in an instant.

The entire scale has protective covering with a rubber coat material that is thick. Its top cord is very stiff and the shape is very easy to hang. You can be…

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CamelBak FlowMeter

pinit fg en rect gray 20   CamelBak FlowMeter

introducing the flowmeter from camelbak   CamelBak FlowMeter

For every cyclist, it is hard to really be able to bring the right amount of water supply to keep your whole system well hydrated. Water is very important for every cyclist. This is important to keep the energy of the rider always high to be able to perform well.

But have you ever experienced the need of checking the amount of water that you have left with you even while you are in the middle of your rode? Then here is the solution to this trouble.

The FlowMeter from CamelBak is a very smart gadget that serves as a personal accessory for hydration. With it as a member of the rest of the stuffs in your bag, you can be sure that you would lessen the risk of running out of water and the stress of always checking how much water is left.

With its proper measurement feature, it would also inform…

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Polar CS200cad – Measure Your Heart Rate

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Polar CS200cad   Measure Your Heart Rate

measure your heart rate with polar cs200cad   Polar CS200cad   Measure Your Heart RateDo you want a gadget that can help you measure your heart and other simple performance factors for your next cycling journey? Then you should truly give the Polar CS200cad Cycling Computer Heart Rate Monitor.

This simple gadget can be placed on your handlebar and still work as an effective and high quality cycle computer that has a heart rate monitor. It renders similar functions with the CS200 but this one differs with its modern wireless cadence sensor. This is what helps you measure your pedal rate.

However, just like the models of CS100 and CS200, this gadget is packed with the cutting edge features of the Polar brand. First is the Polar Cycling Coach which serves as a web-based diary along with the scroll for automatic display according to what you personally prefer.

One of its well impressive functions too would be its capacity to record and save into…

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City Navigator® North America for Your Garmin GPS

pinit fg en rect gray 20   City Navigator® North America for Your Garmin GPS

city navigator® north america for your garmin gps   City Navigator® North America for Your Garmin GPSIf you will look closely, cycling products are not limited to just the actual bike parts but now, it includes several gadgets that will be helpful for biking like GPS. And since there is the GPS, you may also find some applications or installers offered by bike product sellers. On of them is City Navigator® North America that is compatible for Garmin Edge 705.

The main feature of City Navigator® North America is that it has a number of detailed maps that will be helpful for cyclists. Remember that you may need to track down where you have been while cycling so better have a detailed map to help you get to the right places. These maps are so detailed is that they can show both metropolitan areas as well as rural locations in the map so you can easily read them.

Aside from the locations, this application…

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