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Planet Bike Super Flash Taillight

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Planet Bike Super Flash Taillight

planet bike super flash taillight   Planet Bike Super Flash TaillightJust like what they say, when you get lost, a bright light makes all the difference. It is important for every biker to be geared up with enough items and gadgets that would give you the utmost sense of security and protection. With this need, you can never find anything better than the Planet Bike Super Flash tail lights.

This is considered to be the brightest tail light made available in the market that is battery powered. It is very easy to operate since it has a very convenient on and off switch, to not disturb you in operating it even while you are in the middle of strenuous pedaling. It is known to be very durable as well for it is made out of solid and compact material and packaging.

Its power LED is worth ½ watt of power, not to mention its 2 red LEDs which can make…

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Adidas CP Wind Road Bootie

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Adidas CP Wind Road Bootie

adidas cp wind road bootie   Adidas CP Wind Road BootieNow you are preparing hard for your cycling event this weekend. However the weather station claims that temperature might be colder in that day. Would you just give up the supposedly exciting weekend adventure and lazily watch television the whole day? If you are up for physical activities, in most cases this would not be. To solve your dilemma, Adidas designed Adidas CP Wind Road Bootie for your needs!

Adidas is one of the sport must-haves of sports fanatics and those who engage in physical activities. Now, Adidas brings new to the sports world as Adidas CP Wind Road Bootie becomes part of every cycling gear!

This new Adidas CP Wind Road Bootie from Adidas provides protection on those cooler rides. It has open sole design, a full rear hook and loop closure and three large reflective stripes for increased visibility in low light conditions.

The shoe cover is lined with…

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VholdR Digital Camera

pinit fg en rect gray 20   VholdR Digital Camera

vholdr digital camera   VholdR Digital Camera

Many people would like to record their biking terrain and find VholdR digital camera a very useful accessory. This will help them document the road on a perspective of the biker itself.

The good thing about this camera is that it can help you record while biking. This is because you can easily install this on rails without even using a cable to install them unlike other cycling cameras. You can just leave it on that position and it will stay there because of its proper fitting. And even if it will stick in place, you need not to worry about camera angles as it has rotating lens that will enable you to move. If you don’t like to place it on your bike rails or handles, it also has an included helmet mount so you can record at a proper eye level and make…

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Trek Streetwise U-lock with Cable

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Trek Streetwise U lock with Cable

streetwise u lock with cable by trek   Trek Streetwise U lock with Cable

Streetwise U-lock with Cable is just one of the many bike locks available in the market. If you will notice, the main concern of most bikers is to find the right locks that they can use to keep their bike on the right place and kept it from theft.

The main feature that you will notice with this lock made by Trek is that it has a U-lock that is very durable. These are made from durable metal body so that it will keep the bike protected from people who would like to get your priced bike investment. Aside from the U-lock, even the cable that has been included with it is also very durable so you can get the best protection that you can get.

In terms of flexibility, the lock itself is already wide but if you still want to have additional length for security…

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Topeak Handlebar DryBag

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Topeak Handlebar DryBag

handlebar drybag 300x203   Topeak Handlebar DryBagThere are a number of bags found in the market but one of the perfect bags for bikers is Handlebar DryBag made by Topeak. If you will notice, there are many bikers who are having problems in getting the right bag so Topeak created this type of bag that will help them carry their important items on biking and camping.

First of all, Handlebar DryBag has the DryBag technology that will help people keep their items dry. If you will notice, items can still get moist even if inside their bag. This technology will help people keep it dry in order to avoid developing foul smell because of the moisture.

In terms of protecting your items, it has heavy duty rigid EVA foam that adds protection for the bag. With this, it will keep your items in the bag to be protected from sudden…

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Green Pedro’s Ice Wax 2.0 Lubricant

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Green Pedro’s Ice Wax 2.0 Lubricant

green pedro ice wax 2 0   Green Pedro’s Ice Wax 2.0 LubricantPedro’s Ice Wax has been on the market as one of the perfect lube that you can lube. However, the company didn’t stop developing their products as they have developed the Pedro’s Ice Wax 2.0 version.

What is the difference of Pedro’s Ice Wax 2.0 to the previous version? This is still a clean lube that you can use but is now made to be more biodegradable or safe for the environment. The reason for this is that they have made this product to be more environment friendly. They use components that will make the product biodegradable. In this way, it will not add up to the environment’s waste.

Another feature is that the coating will last for a long time on your bike chain. In this way, you are assured that you need not to spay all of the time that will result to…

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Bikamper EXP

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bikamper EXP

bikeamper exp 300x123   Bikamper EXPIf you want to bike and campout at the same time, one tent that you can trust is a Bikeamper EXP.  This product has a number of different features that will help you camp at night without any problems.  

There are some cyclists who would like to bike and camp alone and it will be an effort to bring a big tent for just one person.  Because of this need, Topeak created Bikamper that has one-person capacity so you can bring it easily with you.  However, Bikamper is still bulky so they have created the Bikamper EXP, which is smaller and lighter than its predecessor.

First of all, they have lessened the overall weight to just 3 pounds.  This means that it will not be a problem or a significant amount of weight to bring while you bike going on top of a terrain or even on level biking.

The fabric is…

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