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Giro The Rift Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro The Rift Helmet

the rift by giro   Giro The Rift HelmetSafety is necessity so you have to choose helmets like The Rift made by Giro in order to keep your head safe from potential accidents. With this, it is important for you to know how this helmet can keep you from head injuries on intense cycling activities.

Since it is made by Giro, you are assured that it is infused with different technologies working together to give you maximum comfort and safety. This has the in-mold technology that makes it possible for you to have a lighter helmet because this technology has merged the outer shell of the helmet with the shockproof material inside.

Aside from this, The Rift has the Acu Dial fit system as well as the Universal Fit that makes it a comfortable wear for everyone. In addition, to add for the comfort, it has 24 vents that will make sure that you…

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U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame is Now Open

pinit fg en rect gray 20   U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame is Now Open

US Bicycling Hall of Fame is now open 300x225   U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame is Now OpenThe U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame opened its doors last April 24 at Davis, California. The Hall of Fame will showcase Greg LeMond memorabilia, antique racing items as well as biographies of cycling legends, all encased in immaculate glass displays.

George Hincapie, who finished the Tour de France 13 times, was present at the opening, together with several Davis city officials, representatives of Hall of Famers and other legendary icons like George Mount, Ned Overend and Wayne Stetina.

Hincapie shared that his current residence, Greenville, S.C. was among the finalists for the relocation of the Hall of Fame from Somerville, N.J. “I was a little concerned about that. But now that I’m in Davis, and I’ve gone for a two-hour bike ride and seen all of the bikes here and all of the bike trails, the Hall of Fame belongs in Davis.”

Together with the California Bicycle Museum, the U.S. Bicycling Hall of…

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Bell Volt Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bell Volt Helmet

bell volt helmet   Bell Volt Helmet

Bell Volt Helmet angular shape design stands out over the others due to the carbon fibre reinforced EPS foam and Fusion In-mold process. That allows the deep vents in the design possible. 22 are located around the lid with 11 at front and all this allows air to move freely in and out and keep the rider cool when its hot.

This helmet designed that Bell recently released last year remains to be the lightest and has the most updated features of the company’s line of helmets. It, in the riders’ perspective, is one of the best fits and simplest but advanced retention system. Although, losing the extra weight could probably make its price appropriate.

The helmet is claimed to be 280g in weight and is not the lightest one around but still it is fairly light and comfortable. the fit fills in the disadvantage of extra weight. The Twin Axis Gear as Bell calls it…

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Clif Bar has Two New Snack Bars

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Clif Bar has Two New Snack Bars

clif bar has two new snack bars 300x225   Clif Bar has Two New Snack Bars

In between meals need not to be unhealthy nowadays. Clif Bar presents us with another two of their famous healthy snack bars that we can munch in between rides. Although, these were not made especially for riders, it was said to be a good alternative for junk foods.

Clif C Bar’s texture which is a little sticky in the outside and soft in the inside may make it inappropiate as a snack food while riding. But its taste (which is said to be like real food)  make it a perfect snack during cycling breaks.

Clif C Bar is a fusion crushed nuts (base), nine ingredients and pureed fruit top. To top it off, sprinkles of sea salt and more nuts were added for crunch and kick to its taste and texture.  Apple, Blueberry, Cherry Pomegranate and Raspberry varieties are now out in the market.

And if you are a fan of organic, then their new granola bar selection may be…

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Maxgear Tornado Sunglasses

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Maxgear Tornado Sunglasses

maxgear tornado sunglasses   Maxgear Tornado SunglassesSunglasses are very important especially if you will go outdoors, and that’s why you may need to have Maxgear Tornado Sunglasses.  The good thing about these wearing sunglasses during daytime biking is that it will protect you from sustaining accidents because of bright sunlight on your eyes.  Remember that accidents are not only caused by rugged terrains but also blinding light during accidents. 

Aside from the protection that it can give against blinding light, it also has the ability to protect your eyes from potential damages due to harmful UV rays.  This is because it has a coating that would help them regulate the penetration of UV rays to the eyes so you’ll continue to have good eyesight especially since you will always be on the road.  And even if they are coated, you are assure that you will get the best vision that will keep you safe even on the…

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Giro Bravo Bike Gloves

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro Bravo Bike Gloves

giro bravo bike gloves   Giro Bravo Bike GlovesFor every cyclist, bike gloves are very important to protect the hands from holding on too much on the bars for a long time and as well as from the ever changing weather. With this need, you might want to consider Giro Bravo bike gloves as the best choice to have.

These bike gloves are considered as full-featured gloves made specifically for all kinds of riding conditions. Its material is made from Clarino with its palm section out of synthetic leather. Its thumbs and finger portions are very breathable. It is also water proof and very durable against any kind of abrasion.

With its padded palms, it can absorb sweat and any kind of impact to increase the comfort level without leaving behind the important role played by dexterity. The back of the Giro Bravo bike gloves has a 4-way stretch system with moisture-wick fabric to make it breathable.

The material on…

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Planet Bike Super Flash Taillight

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Planet Bike Super Flash Taillight

planet bike super flash taillight   Planet Bike Super Flash TaillightJust like what they say, when you get lost, a bright light makes all the difference. It is important for every biker to be geared up with enough items and gadgets that would give you the utmost sense of security and protection. With this need, you can never find anything better than the Planet Bike Super Flash tail lights.

This is considered to be the brightest tail light made available in the market that is battery powered. It is very easy to operate since it has a very convenient on and off switch, to not disturb you in operating it even while you are in the middle of strenuous pedaling. It is known to be very durable as well for it is made out of solid and compact material and packaging.

Its power LED is worth ½ watt of power, not to mention its 2 red LEDs which can make…

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