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Garmin Edge 705 GPS

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Garmin Edge 705 GPS

garmin edge 705 gps   Garmin Edge 705 GPSCycling makes traveling more adventurous especially when you go for long rides. It allows you to see new places and breathe fresher air. However when you ride long there are times that you might get lost especially during MTB crossroad race where you have to pass several stations. Yet you should put  your worries aside if you have Garmin Edge 705 GPS w/ Heart Rate/Cadence/Data Card & Street Maps.

With heart rate, cadence, turn-by-turn directions and power data, the Garmin Edge 705 GPS-enabled cycle computer knows no limits!

With built-in basemap, Garmin Edge 705 will guide you to your destination while the microSD card slot lets you add maps and store workouts, courses and saved rides. The  Plug in the detailed MapSource City Navigator street maps on a preloaded data card and get turn-by-turn directions on a sunlight-readable, color display as you pedal (add optional topographic mapping for your off-road adventures).

There is…

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Token Ironman Belt Set

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Token Ironman Belt Set

ironman belt set   Token Ironman Belt SetMany cyclists would like to bring more water as much as possible and that is what Ironman Belt Set can do.  This is a small item and yet be a real ironman because of its features. 

First of all, Ironman Belt Set made by Token is a black Neoprene belt and can serve as an answer for people who love to drink lots of water throughout their biking sessions.  A regular water bottle may not be enough for you and you may not be able to place a lot of water cage to bring water to your bike so you will find Ironman Belt Set helpful for you.  This belt has four compartments where you can place four additional bottles and carry it like a belt.  

You have a number of options in getting Ironman Belt Set.  First, you have size options starting from small that will fit a waistline of…

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Abus Steel-O-Flex Cable Lock

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Abus Steel O Flex Cable Lock

abus steel o flex cable lock   Abus Steel O Flex Cable LockBikes can be of great worth these days too that you must have the right tools to secure and protect it from possible theft. The Abus Steel-o-Flex Cable lock is the perfect tool to help you out in preventing instances of getting your ride stolen. 

The Abus Steel-o-Flex Cable lock is made up of 80cm coil and known in the market to be the strongest lock in its series of locks. It has always been a favorite lock of many especially in areas where crime rate is very high. Each part of the cable lock is securely hardened to make it very resistant to all kinds of possible physical attack. 

Considering that it is made out of very hard material, it is also still very flexible since you can wrap it around your bike’s frames with such ease and convenience. You can also bring it along with you anywhere you may go…

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Gore Universal Hood

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gore Universal Hood

gore universal hood   Gore Universal HoodGore Universal Hood is perhaps one of the best accessories that you can get for your Gore jackets.  And aside from being a good accessory, they are also useful items for people to use especially on outdoor cycling. 

If you will notice, Gore jackets do not have any hoods so you may be concerned in getting them as how it can protect your head from rain.  Because of this, Gore Universal Hood has been developed to match the jacket that you will get for them.  And since it is called a universal hood, it will fit any Gore jackets perfectly. 

Gore Universal Hood is made from Gore Tex. It is a technology used in their fabric that will give you the most comfortable, light and breathable fabric with the best weather protection that you can get. This hood is also fully adjustable so you will be able to fit it properly…

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Cat Eye V3 Cyclocomputer Heart Rate Monitor

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cat Eye V3 Cyclocomputer Heart Rate Monitor

cat eye v3 cyclocomputerheart rate monitor   Cat Eye V3 Cyclocomputer Heart Rate MonitorIf you are a cycling enthusiast and you take training seriously, it is very crucial that you monitor your progress each time that you go for training. Yet you should not lose hope when you have no buddy to help you with the training as technology has brought several advantages where you can benefit with like the use of a monitoring gadget like Cat Eye V3 Cyclocomputer Heart Rate Monitor.

Cat Eye has the well-designed, powerful and reliable training partner you can ride with uses the latest 2.4GHz digital data transmission to track your speed, cadence, heart rate and time data.

Among its amazing gadget specifications are:

Cycling/Heart Rate Functions: current/average/maximum speed, cadence and heart rate, calorie consumption, countdown distance, timer, lap time/distance/average speed/number (14 files, 99 lap recording), distance, programmable odometer, total time, 12/24 hour clock and date.
2.4GHz digital wireless transmission provides dependable, interference-free data transmission of speed/cadence/heart rate and reduces all…

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Topeak BabySeat II Disc Mount Rack

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Topeak BabySeat II Disc Mount Rack

babyseat ii disc mount rack   Topeak BabySeat II Disc Mount RackMany cyclists would like to bring their children while riding and would find Topeak BabySeat II Disc Mount Rack a good item to help them bring their kids and enjoy cycling at a young age.  The good thing about this rack is that it can do more than just being a mount rack for baby seats. 

BabySeat II Disc Mount Rack is made from strong tubes made of aluminum to give you a very durable rack that will be able to bring additional weight not by the baby seat but also the kid or other contents.  This rack is totally compatible with the BabySeat brand as well as other luggage offered by Topeak.  These aluminum tubes are also used for the tracks where the rear baskets are since they will perfectly fit without using any tools and keep them in place. 

Another feature included on this track is that it has a…

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Panoram V16 Dual Wireless

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Panoram V16 Dual Wireless

panoram v16 dual wireless 300x156   Panoram V16 Dual WirelessPanoram V16 Dual Wireless by Topeak is just among the many cycling computers that you can use. The good thing that this computer has is that it has many functions that you can use in order to help you monitor the stats that you need in order to help you get the measurements that you want to have.

First of all, Panoram V16 Dual Wireless can help you monitor your speed. The good thing about this gadget is that it can help you measure your cycling speed in different ways. For example, it can measure the speed that you are currently cycling. Aside from this, you can also get the maximum speed that you have had throughout your cycling records. You can also get the record of your average speed.

Aside from this, it also has an odometer so you can measure the distance that…

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