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Tour du Silence in Memory of Cyclists

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Tour du Silence in Memory of Cyclists

tour du silence memory cyclists   Tour du Silence in Memory of Cyclists

Thousands of cyclists from all over Quebec, Canada are participating in the memorial cross country rides on Wednesday to commemorate victims of cycling accidents, the Tour du Silence. It will be a somber day in Quebec as more than 400 cities around the world are observing the event.

In 48 hours, eight cyclists were hit by vehicles and four cyclists have died in the province. On Friday, south of Montreal, three women were struck dead by a pick up truck on Highway 112 in Rougemont. They were part of a group of six cyclists on their way to Sherbrooke for triathlon training.

On Route 117 in Val Morin the next evening, a 57 year old man was killed when he was run down by a car in northwest Montreal. A 44 year old woman was driving and was arrested to be charged with impaired driving resulting to death.

The Montreal police started to…

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Giordana FR-C Seamless Arm Warmer

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giordana FR C Seamless Arm Warmer

giordana fr c seamless arm warmer   Giordana FR C Seamless Arm WarmerThe new arm warmer just got better from Giordana. This arm warmer is not really exactly “seamless” even though they are called seamless arm warmers. But instead, there is still a flat-locked stitch running the entire length which is surprisingly comfortable to wear that is why it is a good choice of arm warmer for riders seeking a cool looking racer-type look and fit.

The Dryarn fabric that they used in making this material can absorb moisture easy but when it comes to insulation, it is not as good compared to others which are made from a much heavier weight fleece-backed arm warmers. Instead the Giordana Seamless arm warmer is lighter and much cooler and can keep you warm on chilly morning rides.

Though thin and light, this arm warmer can still protect you from freezing road spray, cold air and is breathability extends its comfort range. The “seamless” part…

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Blackburn Flea USB and Solar Lights

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Blackburn Flea USB and Solar Lights

blackburn flea usb and solar lights   Blackburn Flea USB and Solar LightsIt is true what they say that big things come in small packages, and that is what Blackburn Flea USB and Solar Lights is all about. Imagine something small but can give off light double its size? You probably can’t believe that this 19g package could give you more light than you think it could.

The Blackburn uses four-LED arrays but this is not used for proper lighting system; rather, they are built as an emergency light for commuting or training rides. The front light is said to be a 40-lumen maximum output which is bright enough to give you light in front of you as long as there isn’t much light around and if you are going on a slow speed. When in traffic, both the front and back lights are visible and effective specially its flashing mode.

The lights are attached to a wide variety of bar, helmets…

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Elite Sior Bottle Cage

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Elite Sior Bottle Cage

elite sior bottle cage   Elite Sior Bottle CageEvery bike should have an accessory that is of good use. It is a must to check the practicality of every accessory you put into your bike. With this being said, the Elite Sior bottle cage fits the practicality of an accessory you need for your bike.

Elite, a company known for manufacturing almost everything when it comes to bike parts and accessories, now gives you their newest product for your bike, the new Sior bottle cage. Now, this bottle cage only weighs 28g or so which is very light to even add weight to your bike.

The Sior is the product of combined materials made of carbon and titanium. This was done in search for the ultimate strength and lightness of a bottle cage. There are two lateral wings on this item. The first wing helps grip the water bottler while the second frontal arch helps prevent your water…

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U.S. Bicycle Route System

pinit fg en rect gray 20   U.S. Bicycle Route System

u s bicycle route system 260x300   U.S. Bicycle Route SystemThe US Bicycle Route System (USBRS) is bound to be one of the world’s largest bicycle networks and Adventure Cycling Association is pouring all efforts and resources into building it.

The organization based in Montana is soliciting contributions for their “Build it, Bike it, Be a part of it” Campaign by raising $20,000 during the National Bike Month from May 3-31 for the cycling network.

In the past four years, Adventure Cycling Association has been laying out the structural details of USBRS. The blueprint designs a combination of roads, trails and paths transformed into well marked and signed cycling routes. The proposed cycling network gives access to cyclist crossing the inter-state as well as the country. The American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) approved the proposed Draft Corridor Plan of an 80 km sketch of wide corridors, assigned number routes connecting key destinations and urban centers.

The fundraiser has solicited…

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Support People For Bikes and Win a Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Support People For Bikes and Win a Bike

support people for bikes win bike   Support People For Bikes and Win a BikeTowns and cities from coast to coast are celebrating the National Bike Month this May. The is giving away to four lucky supporters, brand new bikes. The National Bike Month giveaway invites more and more people in the US to join the movement and to boost the popularity of bicycling. The main goal is to gather a million pledges and unify the voice of American cyclists to have the government make new and cost-effective investments in bicycling facilities.

Whosoever joins at the and signs the pledge is eligible to win the giveaway bikes. The prized bikes are perfect for summer cruising. Breezer and Trek bicycles for both men and women users.

To show sincere acknowledgment for the tremendous turn-up support for, the bikes are meant to be tokens. The movement took off just last month and has more than 20,000 people join and took the pledge. Thousands or more…

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Car Accident Hits Five British Cyclists

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Car Accident Hits Five British Cyclists

car accident hits five british cyclists 300x169   Car Accident Hits Five British CyclistsA car collision involving five British women cyclists happened Friday morning between the towns of Brakel and Oudenaarde. The British Cycling Federation announced the sad news on Saturday through its website.

The injured women are Hannah Mayho, Katie Colclough, Lucy Martin, Emma Trott and Sarah Reynolds. The cyclists were in training in Belgium for the 2012 Olympics, where the unfortunate incident occurred.

The British Cycling Federation said Mayho broke both her legs, her right arm and wrist. Presently undergoing surgery, she is the most badly hurt as she came into direct contact with the vehicle. “The car just came from the left side straight across and hit the rider on the front on the left-hand side and she took all the impact on her leg,” said Olympic Academy Programme coach Simon Cope who accompanied the cyclists to Belgium.

Lucy Martin, suffering from a cracked vertebra, was advised to…

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