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Smith Sequel II Multi-Lens Eyewear

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Smith Sequel II Multi Lens Eyewear

smith sequel ii multi lens eyewear 300x125   Smith Sequel II Multi Lens Eyewear

Smith Sequel II Multi-Lens Eyewear catches the West Coast style for fashion with its outstanding clarity and protection while on the road.

The Grilamid TR-90 frame is super durable and offers comfort even for smaller faces. With 100% UVA/UVB/UVC protection and TLT Carbonic lenses, the shades increase optics across a full spectrum of light conditions, allowing distortion-free viewing, resist impact, maximize coverage and minimize peripheral exposure to sun, wind and glare.

To ensure that it does not slip to the face, the Hydrophilic Megol nose piece and temple has been functionally designed.

Smith Sequel II Multi-Lens Eyewear has comes in a tortoise frame that comes with three interchangeable lenses in Brown (18% light transmission), Clear (70% light transmission) and Yellow (68% light transmission).

Additionally, it also has a Black frame that comes with three interchangeable lenses in Grey (15% light transmission), Clear (70% light transmission) and Yellow (68% light transmission).

If you are looking for…

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Easy Drying With ZeroGoo Bladder Dryer

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Easy Drying With ZeroGoo Bladder Dryer

easy drying with zerogoo dryer   Easy Drying With ZeroGoo Bladder Dryer

The ZeroGoo BladderDryer was designed to dry wet bladders before storage, thus eliminating grime build up and bacteria. Here’s how it works:

Like the cap on a bladder, the ZeroGoo Bladder Dryer easily screws onto the bladder. Then powered on, the blower inflates the empty bladder with cool air that the dryer pumps out. After the bladder has been dried, it is ready for safe storage.

The concept of this product is great, but testing revealed that it could be improved upon.

Because bladders are composed of hard-to-dry plastic materials, The ZeroGoo Dryer had a modest effect on the drying process after 30 minutes. A dry bladder is difficult to achieve without heat because cool air doesn’t efficiently evaporate water.

Now, we can’t say that the Bladder Dryer should produce the heat of a hair dryer because we don’t know what effects heat can have on materials that bladders are made…

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Camelbak Light Weight Octane Packs

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Camelbak Light Weight Octane Packs

camelbak light weight octane packs   Camelbak Light Weight Octane Packs

The Camelbak Octane Series just came out with its latest designs and colors to choose from for a more “in-the-mood” outdoor ride.

The backpacks come in a series of ultralight packs. The materials used are made of a ristop-like material suitable for multisport activities. Colors come in orange and green XCT for a more cycling oriented pack.

There are two smaller packs that comes with a 70 oz bladder and the Octane 24 which comes in black has a 100 oz resevior. Both have external storage space, a light weight mesh on the sides of the waist belt and a 18x expandable center zip.

The Octane 18 comes in various colors, orange, green, black and a dark cheddar/graphite and has a capacity of 18L. The handle is shaped to stay in place this way it isn’t a hassle to its user. The 18x has two mesh pockets on the waist belt…

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Rudy Project Sterling Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rudy Project Sterling Helmet

rudy project sterling helmet   Rudy Project Sterling HelmetThe Rudy Project Sterling Helmet is a comfortable fitting helmet with an awesome adjustment system that uses a comfort ring along with their retention dial system that they call RSR7.

The RSR7 is easily pulled on and is easy to adjust even with your gloves on. The Sterling Helmet comes with a floating inner net, which also works as a bug shield, that is also comfortable as well unlike other helmet nets. The padding system is attached with the use of a small Velcro patch that is glued in the helmet’s shell.

Although, in the prototype of this helmet, the Velcro pads tend to get unglued sometimes but on their final model, the Velcro pads are glued very well. The Sterling helmet has 18 ventilation holes to be exact, which is great enough to cool down your head and is even impressive during hot weathers.

This Sterling Helmet also comes…

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The Reading Rickshaw Project

pinit fg en rect gray 20   The Reading Rickshaw Project

the reading rickshaw project 300x225   The Reading Rickshaw ProjectLauren, Joe and Sarah are students and alumni of the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota. They came out with a program dubbed as the Reading Rickshaw. The objective of the program is to enhance and instill awareness in the community on arts and books through a one of a kind literary journey on a four wheeled bicycle ride.

Art and books, literary collections hand picked by artists will also be exhibited in strategic points as the mobile artistic journey goes underway. The scheme is to impart creative ideas, artist lectures, read a story along while enjoying the ride. The basic element of the concept is to make books and art available in parks, lakes and downtown Minneapolis where it is ordinarily beyond the reach of many people.

Strange as it may seem, Sarah, Lauren and their friends already made a similar project before. The Art Shanty Project was…

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Third Party Testing for Newly Made Bikes for Kids

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Third Party Testing for Newly Made Bikes for Kids

third party testing newly made bikes kids   Third Party Testing for Newly Made Bikes for Kids

As of now, all bikes manufactured after the 17th of May and all the bikes to be sold to kids of 12 and under must pass the test conducted by independent laboratory in compliance to the federal bicycle regulations. Moreover, the industry is waiting for the response for their plea to push the deadline back, for the third time.

All adult bikes made after the said date, need not be tested by a third-party, however, it must be shipped with a certificate of compliance, 16 CFR 1512, pursuant to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of August 2008.

A petition was filed with the Consumer Product Safety Commission last April 1 by the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association, requesting the Monday deadline be extended to one year giving ample time for more labs to obtain accreditation by CPSC as testing facilities. A decision by the commission is yet to be made regarding this…

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Tour du Silence in Memory of Cyclists

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Tour du Silence in Memory of Cyclists

tour du silence memory cyclists   Tour du Silence in Memory of Cyclists

Thousands of cyclists from all over Quebec, Canada are participating in the memorial cross country rides on Wednesday to commemorate victims of cycling accidents, the Tour du Silence. It will be a somber day in Quebec as more than 400 cities around the world are observing the event.

In 48 hours, eight cyclists were hit by vehicles and four cyclists have died in the province. On Friday, south of Montreal, three women were struck dead by a pick up truck on Highway 112 in Rougemont. They were part of a group of six cyclists on their way to Sherbrooke for triathlon training.

On Route 117 in Val Morin the next evening, a 57 year old man was killed when he was run down by a car in northwest Montreal. A 44 year old woman was driving and was arrested to be charged with impaired driving resulting to death.

The Montreal police started to…

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