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Dahon BioLogic ReeCharge – Charge Your iPhone While Riding

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Dahon BioLogic ReeCharge   Charge Your iPhone While Riding

dahon biologic reecharge charge your iphone riding   Dahon BioLogic ReeCharge   Charge Your iPhone While Riding

The Dahon BioLogic ReeCharge is the green way to go when charging your iPhone. Using a lithium polymer battery that can charge by wall outlet, USB, but in the case of the ReeCharge, a bicycle that contains a hub dynamo.

You start off by attaching your BioLogic ReeCharge to your bike, which captures and stores the green energy created by magnets in your hub, which in turn powers your iPhone. This is great when using certain iPhone apps that drain your battery. If your caught in bad weather, the ReeCharge comes with a splash proof silicone case and sealed connectors for protection.

Once charging your phone is complete, you can simply detach the BioLogic ReeCharge and you have power on reserve.

One of the best factors, you can use the ReeCharge with any chargeable gadgets, since it comes with a USB cable and five of the…

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Bike Repair iPhone App

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bike Repair iPhone App

bike repair iphone app   Bike Repair iPhone App

Ever need to know how to been riding on the ride, listening to your iPod and something goes wrong with your bike? You have all the tools, just not exactly sure how to fix the problem? Bike Repair iPhone App is available for your iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.

Broken down step by step, the Bike Repair app keeps it short and sweet, and right to the point so your not confused when it comes to fixing your ride. When creating the application, they did not assume you already knew had to fix your bike, so the easy instructions can help even the beginner. Retail for the app is $1.99. Click here to purchase.

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24 Hour Bike Shop Can Save You at Night

pinit fg en rect gray 20   24 Hour Bike Shop Can Save You at Night

24 hour bike shop can save you night   24 Hour Bike Shop Can Save You at Night

Have you ever been out and about and all of a sudden you get a flat? To make matters worse, all bike stores are closed, and your far away from home. So what do you do? You hope your in range of the 24 Hour Bike Shop, a vending machine that will get you back on the road.

The 24 Hour Bike Shop vending machines accept credit cards, so if your not carrying any cash, they have you covered. As of writing, vending machines are located in California, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, Vermont, Washington
and Maine.

In one of the bike boxes, you will receive tubes, patch kits, CO2, energy supplements, but you can order custom boxes as well. This is really cool, but in order for this to work successfully, they will need to add vending machines in more locations (Sacramento and Davis especially).

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Faction Cycling Co. Upcycled Caps

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Faction Cycling Co. Upcycled Caps

fraction cycling co upcycled caps   Faction Cycling Co. Upcycled Caps

With the hot days upon us, Faction Cycling Co introduces a light cycling cap known as the Upcycled Caps, plus you can grab a few on sale (up to 50% off). Faction Cycling Co. takes salvaged and found materials, and brings them back to life with the upcycle caps. Each cap is hand made in the USA, and are mostly limited.

Purchase: Faction Cycling Co.

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Oakley Split Jacket Eyewear – Women

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Oakley Split Jacket Eyewear   Women

oakley split jacket eyewear women   Oakley Split Jacket Eyewear   Women

Oakley comes out with Split Jacket eyewear, the womens version of its popular Jawbones. It carries the Switchlock technology that allows you to change the lens easily. The lenses that comes with the Split Jacket features the hydrophobic/oleophobic technology which keeps them free from dust and smudges from oil, fingerprints and water.

Made from highly resistant material, the Split Jacket has stem sleeves and nose pads that tighten and locks on to you the more you sweat. You might think this is uncomfortable but Oakley devised a three-point fit which prioritizes comfort while making sure the lenses are kept aligned with your line of vision.

The frame has metal icon accents and the lenses have options for Iridium coating which functions to balance the light and diminish glare and the Transitions Solfx which uses photochromic technology. It is also available in polarized and comes in colors of matte black, infrared…

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Halo Wi-Fi Bike Lock Texts When Bike is Stolen

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Halo Wi Fi Bike Lock Texts When Bike is Stolen

halo wi fi bike lock texts bike stolen   Halo Wi Fi Bike Lock Texts When Bike is Stolen

Now is the future, and Steve Hunt shows us this with his new invention the Halo Bike Lock. If you think this is like your traditional lock, you have another thing coming. When the Halo lock is tampered with, it will send a text message to your phone.

The Halo Bike Lock uses a Wi-Fi card, known as the “Eye-Fi”, which is common in cameras. As of now, you need to make sure your bike is locked up in a Wi-Fi zone, or else the Halo lock will not send out a text message. This is an incredible invention, but the two drawbacks we see are, getting a text message, rushing out to your bike and going toe to toe with a bike thief (maybe not a bad thing for some), or your phone not having reception and coming out to see your bike…

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Oakley x Staple – Eyeshade & Radar

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Oakley x Staple   Eyeshade & Radar

oakley staple eyeshade radar   Oakley x Staple   Eyeshade & Radar

Oakley and Staple Design have collaborated on two new sunglasses that have released in limited numbers, which are the Eyeshade and Radar. In total, 6 sunglasses will release, which also includes the Jawbone, Razor Blade, Holbrook, and Frogskin.

Although the Eyeshade and Radar Oakley x Staple are not “influenced” by cycling, the sunglasses are used quite frequently. The Eyeshades are inspired by tennis, and the Radar by golf.

Oakley’s Eyeshade was originally released in 1984, and as you can see the frame is made of tennis ball fuzz, which is electro statically adhered to the plastic. Comes with two interchangeable lenses, one a laser emerald iridium with tennis court lines, and clean Grey tint. Only 150 pieces released world wide, and available at top tier Oakley accounts.

The Oakley x Staple Radar is 100% gold inspired, with the same golf ball indents throughout the frame, grass green…

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