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2012 Fox Racing Giant Ranger Mountain Bike Shorts

2012 fox racing giant ranger mountain bike short   2012 Fox Racing Giant Ranger Mountain Bike Shorts

For 2012, Fox Racing has reintroduced its cycling shorts called Ranger, which has been the favorite of mid-level mountain bike riders for several years. buy cialis online In collaboration with Giant, these shorts are crafted to computer security software be very stylish but still affordable.

Specifically design for mountain bike rides, the Ranger offers just the right fit through its interior adjustable waistband. The severity of the trail is tackled well with the short’s optimal abrasion resistance and durability, thanks to its nylon outer shell.
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TrekPak: Camera Equipment Backpack Organizer for Cyclists

trek ak camera equipment backpack organizer cyclists   TrekPak: Camera Equipment Backpack Organizer for Cyclists

It’s not everyday you see a unique product that is useful for cyclists, but today is that day, and we present to you TrekPak.

TrekPak is on Kickstarter to raise money for their new padded insert that you place into a backpack separating your camera equipment. So when your out cycling and want to take some cool pictures, your equipment will stay safe.

The TrekPak inset slides into your backpack and comes with adjustable pins for sizing the compartments. They still need some money so it can go into production, so stop by their KickStarter page to help.

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Virus StayWarm Clothing Line, Recycled Coffee Bean Cycling Apparel

virus staywarm clothing line recycled coffee bean cycling apparel   Virus StayWarm Clothing Line, Recycled Coffee Bean Cycling Apparel

California based company Virus sets a green example with its StayWarm line by using coffee grinds in its constructions as a main ingredient.

The coffee charcoal, as it is commonly referred to as, is used to trap heat in order for its user to endure cooler temperatures. It also makes use of what most consider waste, making it a green choice for the environment.

With a perfect normal look and feel, why wouldn’t you go the recycled way? Check out Virus and the rest of its recycled coffee bean cycling apparel….

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2012 Fox Banded, Rapid, and Oxford Mountain Bike T-Shirts

2012 fox banded rapid and oxford mountain bike t shirts   2012 Fox Banded, Rapid, and Oxford Mountain Bike T Shirts
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2012 Troy Lee Designs SE Pro Corse Jersey

2012 troy lee designs se pro corse jersey   2012 Troy Lee Designs SE Pro Corse Jersey

New from Troy Lee Designs for 2012 is a purchase cialis in china jersey for men riders called SE Pro Corse. Highly technologically advanced, the state-of-the-art materials used in the making of the jersey guarantee high performance. This jersey provides the rider with the perfect balance of bullet-proof strength and a lightweight feel.

While polyester mesh makes the SE jersey lightweight and durable, polyester materials give the fabric a breathable stretch to make it conform to the rider’s movements. Moreover, the fabric uses tiny mesh generic viagra price vents to optimize ventilation and sewn-in elbow The Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolutionpadding to enhance protection.

With combined perforated flat-back polyester and micro-mesh side panels and sleeves, the 2012 Troy Lee Designs SE Pro Corse Jersey offers superior comfort, durability, and fashion. Riders enjoy maximum cooling with the vented sleeve and back panel. To keep the…

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Petzl Nao Rechargeable Headlamp with Reflective Lighting

Petzl has a new headlamp that pushes the bar, using out of this world technology.

The Pezl Nao Headlamp adjusts it’s two LEDs automatically, allowing you to have a longer battery life, all due to the reflective lighting.

If your cycling at night, the Nao will project a high powered beam that will shine afar. If your in your backyard with minimal lighting, the Nao will adjust to a low powered yet wide beam.

So what is reflective lighting? There are two types of headlamps in the market now known as declining mode and constant mode. Declining mode could have you with minimal lighting when you need the most, while constant mode only runs for a limited amount of time. Reflective lighting will take the best of both headlamps available; strength and lifespan of light.

For adjusting and comfort on your head, Petzl uses a Zephyr dual headband. With a few simple clicks…

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Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail Downhill Folding Mountain Bike

ortovox mountainskyver trail downhill mountain e bike 1   Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail Downhill Folding Mountain Bike

In attempt to bring PURE pleasure into downhill mountain biking, Ortovox delivers the Mountainskyver Trail.

The Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail is actually a mountain bike and scooter hybrid. Featuring full suspension and disc brakes, but lacing a seatpost, gears, pedals, or chain. This mountain bike/scooter is purely for downhill riding (or coasting, depending how you look at it).

Since the bike folds down and can be placed into one of the special backpacks available, you can hike uphill and enjoy nature, but coast back down.

For now, the bike is available in white/blue.

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