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2011 Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

2011 takara kabuto single speed road bike   2011 Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Characterizing an exceptional value for a single speed road bike, the Takara Kabuto is one of the new exciting cycling machines released in 2011. Having a quality set of front and rear brakes is one of the best features of this bike.

Cyclists can ride this bike like a true fixed gear, thanks to its flip-flop rear hub. It can also be run as a standard freewheel single speed with a flywheel rear hub without the necessary temperamental component adjustments.

What the 2011 Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike is all about is simplicity and practical price. Using Kabuto, cyclists can tackle any tough rides in the big city with a strong hand crafted steel frame with horizontal dropouts….

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2011 Pace 42:16 Street Edition

2011 pace 4216 street edition   2011 Pace 42:16 Street Edition

Combining performance and function, the Pace 42:16 Street Edition is one great bike for 2011. With a contemporary approach on classic bike design and materials, this bike features a limited edition pale green finish and handmade 4130 cromo frame and fork.

Aside from being custom double butted and hat treated, the fillet brazed frame is also cold drawn and seamless. Moreover, the frame has adjustable track dropout and mudguards eyelets. The custom straight blade fork is 1 1/8″ ahead brazed with stainless steel dropouts and mudguard eyes.

Like its frame and fork, the one-piece handlebar of the 2011 Pace 42:16 Street Edition is also handmade. Both of the front and rear wheels are large flange and black deep section aero rims with Halo aerotrack 27mm sealed bearings.

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2011 Felt Curbside Single Speed Road Bike

2011 felt curbside single speed road bike1   2011 Felt Curbside Single Speed Road Bike

A flexible bike launched this 2011 is a single speed road bike called Curbside from Felt. The Curbside can be run as a traditional fixed gear for ultimate simplicity or as a freewheel for a smooth, reliable machine for a ride around town.

Whether the Curbside is used as a traditional fixed gear or city bike, its efficient performance handling and sleek style are a sure thing. This bike is built with a Superlite aluminum frame tubing, which features removable rear brake cable routing with rack and fender mounts.

To adjust to every urban adventure, the 2011 Felt Curbside Single Speed Road Bike also features CNC machined track dropouts with steel inserts. The Curbside is definitely the machine to choose for riders looking for flexible bikes that guarantee top performance.

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2011 Le Prince Fixed Gear Lady Frame

2011 le prince fixed gear lady frame   2011 Le Prince Fixed Gear Lady Frame

As the first Finnish-based fixed gear bicycle brand, Le Prince is proud to introduce a new product set to be released this 2011, which is called, the Lady Frame. As the name implies, these frames are tailored for the lady riders.

Moreover, it is not often that fixed gear frames are made for women. Le Prince is one of the few brands to release a frame designed for women fixed gear riders. With a specially designed geometry, the frame guarantees a more competent riding experience for women riders.

Aside from the traditional female colors, pink and white, the 2011 Le Prince Fixed Gear Lady Frame is also available in a black and white color scheme. Aside from its simple and nice aesthetics, the Lady frame guarantees strength for tough rides.

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Limited Edition 2011 Maserati Single Speed Bike

limited edition 2011 maserati single speed bike   Limited Edition 2011 Maserati Single Speed Bike

Riders looking for class and elegance for their bikes should look no further because the new Limited Edition 2011 Maserati Single Speed bike, dubbed the Montante, has it.

The new Montante Maserati was crafted specifically to celebrate Wilbur Shaw’s 70th Anniversary for his 1940 win using a Maserati 8CTF and is limited to just 200 specially numbered pieces.

Named after the bike’s developer Montante Cicli of Italy, the new single speed bike from Maserati sports everything a Maserati fan would look for in a bike produced by Maserati, including a unique detailing, a silver trident over a gray background located on the bike hubs, which was partly inspired by the Maserati’s three liter, supercharged engine.

The frame also shows the Maserati logo, which is similar to the logo found on most of the cars produced by Maserati.

The new Montante limited edition 2011 Maserati single speed bike is priced at $5126 and…

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Prendas Ciclismo 2011 Deluxe Track Gloves

prendas ciclismo 2011 deluxe track gloves   Prendas Ciclismo 2011 Deluxe Track Gloves

The new Prendas Ciclismo 2011 Deluxe Track Gloves breathes new life to your hands when riding and gives you more for your hard earned dollar.

These new track gloves from Prendas Ciclismo offer new and unique features that can be found on those expensive high end gloves but with the price of standard and inexpensive mitts. The lower area of the mitts are made of polyester mesh that’s breathable and brings great comfort and ventilation for the user; aside from the polyester mesh, the new 2011 Prendas Ciclismo Deluxe Track Gloves are also designed with the foam padding in most of the palm areas as well as covers extensively covering the base of each fingers and even the thumb and the forefinger.

While keeping a low profile, the gloves still maintain extra cushioning to keep the blood from circulating during shorter runs. The gloves’ padded areas are also treated to…

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2011 Schindelhauer Viktor Fixed Gear Bike

2011 schindelhauer viktor fixed gear bike   2011 Schindelhauer Viktor Fixed Gear Bike

A new but classic fixed gear bike from the German brand Schindelhauer this 2011 is the Viktor. Its reliable components and design guarantees the rider an excellent performance. Making this fixed gear bike maintenance-free is the Gates Carbon Drive system.

While it is light in its 8.7kg in total weight, the Viktor top-quality parts are tough enough to tackle everyday use. Adding to its features that skeptical purists love is its white color scheme. This exquisite bike from Germany combines a classic look and sophisticated sportiveness.

In bike technology, the 2011 Schindelhauer Viktor Fixed Gear Bike is one unique machine that keeps its classic element with a contemporary touch. With the essence of being a fixed gear bike, the Viktor meets all the requirements needed for road and city rides.

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