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Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Fixed Gear

Cinelli x Mash SF 2010   Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Fixed Gear

Mash, a group of riders, photographers, designers, and messengers from the West Coast, became cult-famous after the release of their film MASH. Teaming up with Cinelli, Mash has created the Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Fixed Gear. This bike is built for speed, with a stiff, reactive frame made with Columbus Altec triple butted tubes. The geometry is quite aggressive, with a negative front slope from 2.5″ to 4.5″. The Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Fixed Gear features CNC machined aluminum dropouts. The artwork was designed by Benny Gold, a renowned surf and skateboard designer. The Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Fixed Gear has been drilled for a front brake, but it comes plugged and painted. It comes in sizes 50, 53, 55, and 58cm.

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SE x DC PK Ripper & PK Ripper Fixed Gear 2010

se pk ripper 2010 fixed gear   SE x DC PK Ripper & PK Ripper Fixed Gear 2010

The 2010 model of the PK Ripper Fixed Gear comes in two color sets, a black and an orange. The black is SE’s standard model and the orange is the DC labeled version which is the fourth year that SE has collaborated with DC Shoes. Between the two models the only difference is found in the sponsorship and between the ’09 and ’10 model you will find the same exact price as the 2009 model except the 2010 model comes with plenty of upgrades. The ’10 version changes include a 2-piece BMX style handlebar, a BMX style stem with cut outs, a more comfortable seat on the bike, and high end X-Pedo pedals that are similar to the old school bear trap pedals. It is available in 7 sizes, from a 47 inch to a 61 inch, all of which you can bar spin with…

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2009 SE x DC PK Ripper Fixed Gear

2009 se dc pk ripper fixed gear   2009 SE x DC PK Ripper Fixed Gear

In 2009, SE Bikes released another DC collaboration bike. This DC/PK ripper fixed gear bike has a floval tube design, meaning flat on the sides and oval on the top and bottom. This floval style was brought back from the original 1970’s PK Ripper. In addition to basing the new frame off of their retro frame, their fluted seat pose adds more old school flavor. On the back end of the bike you will find a looptail rear end. Looptail means that the chain stay and the seat stay are all one tube. The crank is a BMX SE 3-piece 48-spline crank. This bike would most compatible with fixed gear city freestyle bikers. The DC/PK Ripper is offered in two color sets: chrome w/ blue and the other in Mapp Black. Although this bike is newly released, only 2500 bikes were made worldwide and if you got your…

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Bianchi Pista Via Condotti 2010

Bianchi Pista Via Condotti 2010   Bianchi Pista Via Condotti 2010

Similar to the Bianchi Pista in style is this Bianchi Pista Via Condotti. The Bianchi Pista Via Condotti features a simple design with limited logs. Bianchi’s newest frame wears a hint of chrome which is dominated by the Celeste paint job its manufacture is most recognized for. The Pista Via Condotti is set to release in stores early November. MSRP $799.

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Torelli Corsa Pista Frame

Ghost DSC 0812   Torelli Corsa Pista Frame

The Torelli Corsa Pista, sold as a frame only, is featured here as a bike only. It is built for use as a track bike, but is also suitable for use on the road. The paint is custom, as are the decals. This Torelli Corsa Pista Frame is fitted with a Tipo Uno black sport saddle, sitting on Bormio Pista wheels. The Torelli Corsa Pista Frame is priced for retail sale at $850, and we are sure you Fixed Gear fans will love this….

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Torelli Pursuit Frame

Ghost DSC 0808   Torelli Pursuit Frame

The Torelli Pursuit, sold as a frame only, is seen here fully equipped, with a two-tone black and white frame. Its equipped with a Bormio tri-colored saddle, with the colors of the Italian flag. The frame comes raw, unpainted, and can be customized upon order. On the upper tube, in small lettering, is a crest with the Italian flag, with ITALIA written above. “La bicicletta che vince” is writted next to it. The Torelli Pursuit frame has a retail price tag of $975.

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Bianchi Pista Classic 2010: An Urban Fixed Gear Concept

Bianchi Pista Classic6   Bianchi Pista Classic 2010: An Urban Fixed Gear Concept

The Bianchi Pista Classic 2010 had many of its spectators salivating at this year’s InterBike. The Bianchi Pista Classic frame, a concept at the moment despite UrbanVelo’s misprint on an article earlier in the year, was “classically” done in a celeste green and  complemented with chrome lugs. The Pista Classic frame on display at this year’s InterBike was made complete with after-market parts such as a brownish swede saddle, drop down handlebars, and a white wheel set that matched beautifully with the white bar-tape. There’s still many questions surrounding the Bianchi Pista Classic, which we hope to find answers for in the near term.

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