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Nemesis Starfighter Frame: The KidRobot Bike Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Nemesis Starfighter Frame: The KidRobot Bike Frame

nemesis project starfighter frame1   Nemesis Starfighter Frame: The KidRobot Bike Frame

Nemesis Project, creators of the Kidrobot fixed gear bike, have a new frame in store. Nemesis’ latest drop is the Starfighter frame, which is the same frame used for its Kidrobot x Nemesis bike masterpiece. The Starfighter is designed for a more upright riding experience, making tricks a breeze. The bike encompasses a Campagnolo standard 45×45 integrated headset, bladed downtube, and chainstays, and elegant CNC’d track drops. The guys at the Nemesis Project also offer to fit the Starfighter to its rider and a custom paint job upon request. The frame retails for $1250….

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Fixation Session 700c Colored Tires

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fixation Session 700c Colored Tires

fixation session 700 colored tires1   Fixation Session 700c Colored Tires

Flashy new bike products like these Fixation Session 700 colored tires are growing in popularity do to the resent influx of fixed gear riders taking to the streets. The Fixation Session 700 tires offer its riders Kevlar rolling and pinch-flat protection. Fixation is offering the tires in an array of color ways so you can add that personal touch to your fixed ride. MSRP $49.95 each.

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Colnago Super 2010 Fixed Gear

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Colnago Super 2010 Fixed Gear

colnago super 2010   Colnago Super 2010 Fixed Gear

The Colnago Super, a singlespeed with plenty of vintage appeal, is a new model Colnago is doing for 2010. The Super features a steel frame with chrome lugs, horizontal dropout handlebars, a flip-flop rear wheel, front and rear Tektro brakes, a Sugino 48 tooth crankset, and an 18T cog. The beautiful Colnago branding on the down tube, seat tube, and head tube match the Super’s leather saddle and handlebar tap. Colnago will offer its Super as a complete bike in a cream color (shown above), and a metallic black for $1,800. The bike will also be available as a frameset for $999.

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Cinelli Gazzetta Fixed Gear Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli Gazzetta Fixed Gear Bike

cinelli gazzetta fixed gear bike1   Cinelli Gazzetta Fixed Gear Bike
Introducing the Cinelli Gazzetta, a fixed gear columbus butted steel tube frameset. The Gazzetta will come in purple, green, yellow, and dark gray. Featuring traditional track bike geometry, the Cinelli Gazzetta is a messengers dream machine. Cinelli will offer the frameset in even sizes, from 50cm through 60cm. Unfortunately, these are not available yet. You’ll have to wait until early next year according to Cinelli.

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Fuji Feather Fixed Gear Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fuji Feather Fixed Gear Bike

Fuji Feather Fixed Gear   Fuji Feather Fixed Gear Bike

Another competitively priced track bike is this Fuji Feather, a new Fuji model for 2010. Retailing at only $650, the Fuji Feather comes at a bargain to all Fuji fixed gear lovers. The Fuji Feather features an all steel frame, lugged forks, and a traditional track look. These just dropped in stores a few weeks ago. The Feather fixed gear is available in a variety of paint schemes and sizes, including a 44cm 650 size.

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Chrome Kursk Cycling Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Chrome Kursk Cycling Shoes

chrome kursk   Chrome Kursk Cycling Shoes

Chrome, a company recognized for its messenger bags, is bringing you these Chrome Kursk sneakers for your everyday use. Chrome’s Kursk lineup was specifically engineered to withstand the abuse from a bike ride, while preserving the look and feel of your favorite pair of kicks. The cycling inspired shoe features a vulcanized rubber sole, a reflector on each heal, technology that frees your laces from getting eaten by your chain and sprocket, and a low profile toe designed for fitting into those toe clips. The shoe comes in four different color ways – black, gray, and brown – each spiced with red and black throughout various parts of the shoe. If you’re looking to swoop these puppies up, you can find them at Chrome’s website for $70….

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Globe Roll Fixed Gear

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Globe Roll Fixed Gear

Globe Roll 2   Globe Roll Fixed Gear

Specialized’s new brand of fixed gear bikes, Globe, is very new to the scene. Featured here is the Roll, which sports a Chromoly frame and fork, with clean design lines. It features straight, steel handlebars, connecting to a steel stem. This particular model, the Roll 2, comes in either Fjord Blue or Humbolt Green. The Roll 2 also features 700c super deep V rims with Specialized Mondo Sport tires. The flip-flop hub allows you to switch back and forth from freewheel to fixed wheel at your leisure. Brakes also come standard with the Roll. Another unique feature of this bike is the headbadge, which doubles as a frame so you can put any picture you like there to brand your bike as your own.

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