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Mission Workshop Vandal Cargo Backpack

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Mission Workshop Vandal Cargo Backpack

mission workshop vandal cargo backpack   Mission Workshop Vandal Cargo Backpack

Needing a new backpack to haul a lot of cargo around? Mission Workshop has released the new Vandal Cargo Backpack which is tailored toward bike messengers and fixie riders. Available in green, silver, black or charcoal, the Mission Workshop Vandal Cargo Backpack can carry more than your average paper work, in fact in this picture you can see a bike being lugged around. Waterproof and made out of urethane coated nylon fabric and breathable mesh. Retail price is $225.

Source: Pedal Consumption

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Toe Straps with Spikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Toe Straps with Spikes

toe straps with spikes   Toe Straps with Spikes

The fixed gear word is limitless when it comes to design, allowing for manufactures like Japanese bike bag makers Crank to throw down some creative pieces like these spiky toe straps. Although these toe straps are not for everyone, you got to appreciate the wide range of diversity that composes the fixie culture. Whether it’s gear splashed with vibrant colors or toe straps embellished in spikes, fixed is one of the more expressive styles of riding out there.

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Cranksgiving Alleycat Fundraiser Race This Saturday

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cranksgiving Alleycat Fundraiser Race This Saturday

cranksgiving alleycat fundraiser race this saturday   Cranksgiving Alleycat Fundraiser Race This Saturday

New York City’s Cranksgiving alleycat race is now in its eleventh year. The charity fund raising event has plans to double both their money and food contributions to the local food bank and soup kitchens. Cranksgiving events can be found all over the US, here’s a list starting November 21st:

November 21st, Los Angeles, CA
November 21st, New York, NY
November 21st, Chicago, IL
November 21st, Miami, FL
November 21st, York, PA
November 22nd, Des Moines, IA

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Blackburn Tech Fluid Trainer

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Blackburn Tech Fluid Trainer

blackburn tech fluid trainer   Blackburn Tech Fluid Trainer

With Fall upon and Winter coming shortly, it gets harder depending on where you live to train, so the new Blackburn Tech Fluid Trainer will help you keep in shape. Using a boxed shaped steel frame for stiffness, stability is made easy with wide footprint and low height, adjustable height legs, FastCrank mounting, and a Lifetime warranty. Wheel sizes that are compatible with the Blackburn Tech Fluid Trainer are 700c, 650c, and 26 inches….

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Sexy Bicycles Fixed Gear, Track, 9 Speed Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Sexy Bicycles Fixed Gear, Track, 9 Speed Bikes

sexy bicycles fixed gear track 3 speed bikes   Sexy Bicycles Fixed Gear, Track, 9 Speed Bikes

Before we get started on the brand, we would like to mention these bikes are sexy, but the name of the company is actually Sexy Bicycles, and here we have a lineup of their fixed gear, track bikes and 9 speeds. Sexy Bicycles is based out of Perth Western Australia, and is new to the business, while their creations are colorful and sleek. The first lineup is known as “Release One”, and features 9 limited edition bike models including 3 fixed gears, 3 track bikes, and 3 9 speed bikes that use a internal hub. Each model is produced in limited quantities of 9, 18, 27. Check out all the pictures below.

Sexy Bicycles Wavelength

Sexy Bicycles Pressure

Sexy Bicycles Purist Green

Sexy Bicycles Blue Business

Sexy Bicycles Sun Light

Sexy Bicycles Release

Sexy Bicycles Mars

Sexy Bicycles Venus

Sexy Bicycles Alchemy…

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Cinelli Ram Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli Ram Saddle

cinelli ram saddle   Cinelli Ram Saddle

The Cinelli Ram Saddle is made with a multilayer HM T700 and M30 carbon fiber structure for increased stiffness. It also has a strengthened insertion point at the rail for extra stability. The Cinelli Ram Saddle’s rail is made from Pro Titanium for strength as well as light weight. It comes in a carbon and white color way with “ram” in red letters on the front….

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Team Midland 24-Hour Track Marathon November 20-21

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Team Midland 24 Hour Track Marathon November 20 21

team midland 24 hour track marathon nov 20 21   Team Midland 24 Hour Track Marathon November 20 21

Team Midland will be holding their second annual 24-hour track marathon for Children in Need. The marathon will take place November 20 through the 21st, and will be held CalShot velodrome near Southampton. Eight teams will compete in one-hour relays, and a stuffed “Pudsey Bear” will be passed from team to team every hour. Event coordinator and participating rider Graham Hewson says that 560 miles is this year’s target. “I am riding in two teams, my own club Bournemouth Arrow, and also a team comprising of two pro riders, Russell Hampton and Daniel Patten who ride on Magnus Backstedt’s team and Simon Richardson the Paralympics gold medal winner.”

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