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Vans x Brooks Saddles

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Vans x Brooks Saddles

vans brooks saddles   Vans x Brooks Saddles

Apart of the Vans has hooked up with Brooks Saddles for a special release of the Syndicates, which is apart of the Vans Vault collection. Using a simple color scheme of black and brown which matches nicely with the Brooks saddle. It is also said that Vans will also release a collaborative shoe with Filson and Pendleton in 2010. If the Vans are constructed anything like Brooks Saddles, you know they will hold up against any type of trauma.

Source: Zlog

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Shadow Conspiracy Sping 2010 Fixed Gear Components

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shadow Conspiracy Sping 2010 Fixed Gear Components

shadow conspiracy spring 2010 fixed gear components   Shadow Conspiracy Sping 2010 Fixed Gear Components

Here is a preview of whats to come from Shadow Conspiracy in their fixed gear department. The line of components is apart of Shadow Conspiracy Spring 2010 collection and is catered to 700c riders. Shown are two different styles of handlebars (Vultus Minis 4” and 2” risers), chains (Interlock 2 chain), pedals (Ravager Plastic), spokes (straight gauge, aluminum nipples) and seat posts (Umbra post 27.2 and 25.4). The best part is the wide color options, which goes to show Shadow Conspiracy is living up to what they say on having options and looking fresh.

Source: Prolly is not Probably

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Arndt Menke- Zumbragel: Woodway Bicycle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Arndt Menke  Zumbragel: Woodway Bicycle

arndt menke zumbragel woodway bicycle   Arndt Menke  Zumbragel: Woodway BicycleThe Woodway Bicycle was created by a Berlin desinger Arndt Menke- Zumbragel, who used wood to build his bike’s frame. Its ability to take on the form of a fully functional fixed gear bike was the result of strategically placed metal-frame-reinforcements throughout the well geometrically constructed frame. Despite its exoticness, the Woodway’s design was enough to win our kudos. Its simple design answers the calls of many fixed riders.

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Stella Azzurra Tecno Spugna Handlebar Tape

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Stella Azzurra Tecno Spugna Handlebar Tape

stella azzurra tecno spugna handlebar tape   Stella Azzurra Tecno Spugna Handlebar Tape

Stella Azzurra shows us their new handlebar tape called Tecno Spugna which is made out of E.V.A. foam and is available in a wide color range to match your road bike or fixed gear. The Stella Azzurra Tecno Spugna Handlebar Tape is stamped with the Stella Azzurra logo, your choice of medium and extra soft density, 3cm width, and 175cm in length. Colors available are Arctic White, Royal Blue, Bandana Red, Coal Black, Banana Yellow, Kelly Green, Metal Grey, Sunflower Yellow, Navy Blue, Citrus Orange, and Rosa Pink.

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Volume Thrasher Fixed Gear Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Volume Thrasher Fixed Gear Frame

volume thrasher fixed gear frame   Volume Thrasher Fixed Gear FrameBy adding the Volume Thrasher to its fixed gear frame line, the makers of the Cutter, Volume Bikes, will attempt to satisfy the markets growing demand for a fixed gear bike with enough tire clearance for better tricks.

The Volume Thrasher will differ from the Cutter’s design by purging the tire overlap and tire contact with the ST. It will continue the slammed rear wheel, however.

Not picked up my the camera is a pretty gold flake over black color scheme. As seen, the Thrasher is covered in yellow Volume decals, which goes against today’s popular trend. Most riders usually seek their own stickers for a personal touch or prefer a bike naked from all decals.

We’ll have more info on this frame, which is still far from production, as it becomes available….

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Charge Bikes x Wiggle Bucket Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Charge Bikes x Wiggle Bucket Saddle

charge bikes wiggle bucket saddle   Charge Bikes x Wiggle Bucket Saddle

With the recent release of the Charge Scissor, Charge Bikes has connected with United Kingdom retailer Wiggle for a bucket saddle. The Charge Bikes x Wiggle Bucket Saddle is inspired by 1980s seat designs, and was built to bring together comfort and style for retro cyclists or fixed gear enthusiasts. The details are cr-mo 7mm rails, 270mm x 150mm dimensions, and released in “Wiggle” orange. Retail price is £15.29, which is about $24 USD. You can now purchase at Wiggle.

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Identiti Persona 2010 Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Identiti Persona 2010 Frame

identiti persona 2010 frame   Identiti Persona 2010 Frame

After time spent on research and development, Identiti shows us the new Persona 2010 frame. The Identiti Persona 2010 Frame is made for fixed gear freestyle, and will be available between February and March 2010. Influenced from Mountain bike and BMX frames, the Persona is lightweight, and is constructed to handle harder use you may endure. Identiti changed the classic fixed gear frame geometry to allow more space to preform bar spins and other tricks, and a box gusset for added strength. Upon purchasing a sticker set is included but comes separate in case you do not want them on the frame. Weighing in at 5.1 pounds and will come in your choice of matte black, metallic orange and chrome plate with three sizes available: 49.4 cm, 51.4 cm, and 53.4 cm. Retail price is £275.00 (about $440 USD), and…

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