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Cinelli frame contest

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli frame contest

cinelli frame contest 212x300   Cinelli frame contest The chance for you to own a custom painted Cinelli Vigorelli frame is here. To join the competition, simply send a photo depicting your delight with your own Vigorelli (with the smiley on bottom bracket visible).
You may send as many entries as you want while exhibiting your aesthetic talent. All entries must be sent to on or before 31 July 2010 with your contact info and consent that allows Cinelli to use your photos for promotional purposes.
The winning entry will be chosen by president of Gruppo S.P.A. (Columbus and Cinelli) Antonio Colombo based on the “best smile” interpretation.
At stake is a Cinelli Vigorelli frame and paint job of your personal choice inscribed and autographed by Antonio Colombo. The prize for the five runners…

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ODI Longneck XL and ODI TLD MTB grips

pinit fg en rect gray 20   ODI Longneck XL and ODI TLD MTB grips

odi longneck xl and odi tld mtb grips 1 300x200   ODI Longneck XL and ODI TLD MTB grips

ODI ventures into the fixed gear world with its new Longneck XL. Patterned from its BMX counterpart ODI Longneck, the new fixed gear grips are 3 inches longer and come in nine eye-popping colors, great for those riders who want to match their Deep V’s with their grips.

The Longneck XL sports vertical ribs encompasses the length of the grip. This enables its riders a stronger hold without hand gloves. It can be used for riser bars and track drops.

Retail price for a pair of Longneck XL is $12.95. The available colors are black, pink, white, bright blue, purple, green, orange, bright red and aqua. Push-in plugs will come in 2 colors. (All grips are open ended.)

Not to disappoint mountain bikers, ODI collaborated with Troy Lee Designs to come out with the ODI TLD Lock on Mountain Bike grips. The grip is made with an angled design that hugs your hand…

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Countour HD Helmet Camera

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Countour HD Helmet Camera

countour hd helmet camera   Countour HD Helmet Camera

Riders who love to capture their adventures on camera can now try the Countour HD Helmet Camera, the latest helmet camera offered by VholdR.

Its design uses the same framework of its predecessor but with a few modifications to the design itself. High definition capability and a wide-angle lens option have been added to the updated recording device, resulting in crisp, 135 degree field view footage.

Like a cellphone, this unit also uses a rechargeable cell-phone style lithium ion battery pack. The whole unit is aided by two rotating lens mounted to a rotating bezel in on the front of the camera.

When using, attach the camera on your helmet or handlebar, then square up its two lasers with the horizon. Once you’ve got it dialed in, flip the big, easy-to-use magnetic switch to begin recording.

This camera can record up to a 16:9 aspect ratio and 30 frames per second, resulting…

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SE x US Versus Them Fixed Freestyle Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SE x US Versus Them Fixed Freestyle Frame

trick frame from se us versus them 300x250   SE x US Versus Them Fixed Freestyle Frame Currently merging its resources and technologies is SE Bikes and Us Versus Them. The objective here was to come out with a state of the art fixed gear freestyle specific frame. The partnership was that of Todd Lyons (SE Brand Manger) and James Banuelos (Special Projects Manager for SE Bikes & CEO of Us Versus Them). After a thorough evaluation derived from creative brainstorming, exchange of ideas and research data gathered from riders and engineering experts, the frame is set to come release soon.

The soon-to-be-released super prototype of the SE x Us Versus Them frame will feature a Full Cr-Mo Frame with a double Butted top tube and down tube. This frame was designed with maximum 50c clearance tires in mind.

Although the frame is still in its evolutionary stage, the final blue print and geometric design is commendable. The new trick frame will be exhibited by team riders Chris…

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Dosh x Pedal Consumption 6 Card Wallet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Dosh x Pedal Consumption 6 Card Wallet

dosh pedal consumption 6 card wallet   Dosh x Pedal Consumption 6 Card Wallet

Our friends over at Pedal Consumption have collaborated with Dosh, which is known for wallets, for a special edition 6 card wallet. Both Pedal Consumption and Dosh went the simplistic route on the design, something many thrive for, especially when it comes to wallets. Moving on to materials and inspiration, the wallet is made up of Desmopan, a material that is water and chemical resistant. If your current wallet is all bent out of shape, the Dosh x Pedal Consumption 6-card Wallet offers strong recovery, plus the materials combat against tears.

Although the look is overall simple, Pedal Consumption decided to add the World Championship stripes in the corner, giving the wallet a slight appeal for those that enjoy some colors. Lastly, the “PC” logo is stamped on the opposite side. Retail price is $70, and you can purchase now at Dosh.

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DC x SE PK Ripper Fixed Gear 2010 Review

pinit fg en rect gray 20   DC x SE PK Ripper Fixed Gear 2010 Review

dc x se pk ripper fixed gear 2010 review   DC x SE PK Ripper Fixed Gear 2010 Review

SE Bikes and DC Shoes have done an exceptional job over the years at meeting the demands of riders with its collaboration efforts. The two companies first collaborated in 2007 with ’30 Years of Radness’, a limited edition project to celebrate SE’s 30-year anniversary. Coming to the market in 2009 was the DC x SE PK Ripper Fixed Gear, which received mixed reviews. Today, DC and SE have teamed up once again to bring you a PK Ripper Fixed Gear for 2010.

After 2 months of rigorously testing the 2010 model, we have reached a consensus on the latest PK Ripper:

In 2009 the DC x SE fixed gear collaboration captivated the fixed gear world with its appeal – and this year’s revamp is turning out to be no different. Like its predecessor, the PK Ripper…

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KHS Flite 100 2010 Fixed Gear

pinit fg en rect gray 20   KHS Flite 100 2010 Fixed Gear

khs flite 100   KHS Flite 100 2010 Fixed Gear

For the past few years, the US MTB brand KHS have been wandering and observing the industry trying to see what they could do to have a bike that’s better than the rest. And you know, their patience really paid off.

Introducing to the market, the KHS Flite 100 2010 Fixed Gear, a bike that’s so normal only a bit better than the ordinary at a not so pricey tag. The KHS Flite 100 is the newest invention with a Reynolds 520 double butted Chromoly frame, Wienmann Rims, a flip flop hub and stylish rack bars; this is one bike that can surely get attention.

This ordinary looking bike can surprise its user since it has a surprisingly low weight. Casting off the fixed set up and rear brake, this bike can weigh at 20lbs overall together with its pedals. Combining everything else with a 44/17 crank set, this bike…

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