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ENO Trials Freewheel from White Industries

pinit fg en rect gray 20   ENO Trials Freewheel from White Industries

eno trials freewheel from white industries 300x199   ENO Trials Freewheel from White Industries

Respected and well known for freewheels, White Industries is famous for quality made products, including its ENO Trials Freewheel. Whites Industries’ latest freewheel could be disassembled, serviced and conditioned to increase its longevity. The number of engagement points and the application of sealed-cartridge bearings are the main attributes of the Trials specific ENO Freewheel. The sealed bearings make it free from water, dirt and mud.

A total of 72 points of engagement and a six pawl system strengthens the outer gear case for added lasting durability and increase in performance. It is about 30 grams heavier than the standard freewheel. The end result, however, is 202 grams of quality product.

The Trials Freewheel has a retail price of $ 120. For more details and information, visit

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Cadence x DVS Milan

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cadence x DVS Milan

cadence x dvs milan 300x147   Cadence x DVS Milan

The Cadence x DVS Milan is the result of a collaboration between the cycling and skateboarding world. The shoe marks a growing wave shoes geared for cycling and street use. Made from waxed canvas, the Cadence x DVS Milan is water-resistant. To hide its lacing and prevent tangling, the shoe features a custom tongue design.

For added comfort, the Cadence x DVS Milan has a mesh underlay and suede overlay that assists its user in obtaining a strong cage grip. As for breathability, the shoe has perforated leather and backing material, so air can easily escape.

The Cadence x DVS Milan is available through pre-order. Shipping will begin by mid June. Colors available are yellow, black and grey. However, the yellow is already sold out. Retail price is $65.00….

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Tied Together Fixie

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Tied Together Fixie

tied together fixie 1 300x199   Tied Together Fixie

Nike and joined forces to create the charity project Tied Together. The project was in response to the alarming AIDS/HIV global crisis. The participating cities in this project were New York, London, Milan, Berlin and Paris.

Teams of 10 were created in each city to map the route for the relay. Participants raced via running, skateboarding and cycling for an hour. The 24-hour relay race was to generate awareness and aid for AIDS/HIV, starting in Africa.

For this event, Nike went all out and issued invitations to designers and artists to showcase their works. Tokyo Fixed Gear was invited to build a bike for the Tied Together show. The result was a design based on the manga, Akira with the frame built by Feather Cycles.

The Tokyo Fixed Gear staff also took part by racing through rains at 2 a.m. together with Bycaboy and the Wilson Brothers,…

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Veloplugs from Velocity USA

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Veloplugs from Velocity USA

veloplugs from velocity usa 261x300   Veloplugs from Velocity USA

The Veloplug is the latest creation to come out of Velocity USA, Inc. You can do away with wrapping your rim in a roll of heavy cloth tape by using the Veloplug as a substitute — that’s if you’re not old school like us.

For any rim of 8.0mm web hole or the non eyeleted rims, the Red plugs fit right into it. As for the eyeleted rims or just about any rim with an 8.5 to 9.3mm web hole, Yellow plugs will fit just fine.

Here are some plus points over the traditional rim strips that highlight the Veloplug. Normally, during long rides, the traditional wrapped rims slowly wear away. This is not the case with Veloplug, however. It has a remarkable blowout strength that endures well up to 400psi. If you have a 32 spoke 700c wheel, it also allows you to save 15g on it.

When you need to…

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Cinelli Alter Stem Reissue

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli Alter Stem Reissue

cinellis alter stem reissue   Cinelli Alter Stem Reissue

The Alter Stem from Cinelli will soon be available in an upgraded version. It is said to fit 1 and 1/8th steer tubes with a shim to go along with it. The stem will also accommodate oversized handlebars. There is still no information as to whether Cinelli will be releasing the 26.0 or the 25.4 option in its new Alter Stem suped-up version.

Cinelli has been busy pumping the market full of innovations. The re-issuance of their amazing looking Alter Stem is about hitting the mark of the cycling world. Who knows what they’ve got cooking for the rest of the year. Our finger are crossed, though. …

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Artistic Twist on Chrome’s Citizen Bag

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Artistic Twist on Chromes Citizen Bag

artistic twist on chromes citizen bag 300x211   Artistic Twist on Chromes Citizen Bag

San Francisco based utility bag manufacturer Chrome and Krooked Skateboards partnered to come out with a limited edition of Chrome’s “Citizen” bag. The Citizen bag will feature graphic designs by Krooked’s founder Mark Gonzales. The Citizen bags with Gonzales’ artwork will hit stores on July 1st.

Chrome’s marketing director Matt Sharkey shares how this collaboration came to be: “Mark’s instantly recognizable artistic style has graced everything from skateboard decks to works of art in boutiques and museums all over the world. We are truly honored to have the rare opportunity to work with such a legend and have his artwork on this line.”

Chrome chose “Citizen” because it appeals mostly to cycling enthusiasts, both professional and recreational riders. Their collaboration bag has a 1,050 denier nylon outer shell with a weatherproof truck tarp liner. It also features a metal seatbelt latch that can be used as a bottle opener, a cross-chest load…

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Coast no Coast film

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Coast no Coast film

coast no coast film 300x169   Coast no Coast film

Matt Churchill and Topher Masluk will embark on a journey from Vancouver to Mexico via fixed gear bikes. The 2200 kilometer adventure will be covered on film titled Coast no Coast.

The documentary project will begin on August 1, 2010. Both riders will be riding with everything they need on the road. Churchill and Masluk plans to arrive at their destination in two months.

Supporting their bold endeavor are Hold Fast, Ben’s Cycle and Milwaukee Bicycle Co. Check the Coast no Coast website for more updates….

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