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Eightinch Amelia Wheelset Restock

eightinch amelia wheelset restock   Eightinch Amelia Wheelset Restock

When Eightinch released the Amelia wheelset, they sold out pretty fast, but those that missed out have another chance to purchase with Eightinch announcing a restock. Two of the best factors are the price which is $99 for the set, and colors that are available in purple, lime green, orange, black, white and silver. Unfortunately, white, black and silver are already sold out. Stop by to grab your wheelset.

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Cinelli Laser Track Frame Re-Release

cinelli laser track frame re release   Cinelli Laser Track Frame Re Release

Whenever you see a Cinelli Laser Track Frame on eBay, you can except it to fetch at least $4,000. Even if you have the money, since the frames are limited, finding one is a task in itself. Today we have learned Cinelli will re-release the Laser Track Frame.

The original Cinelli Laser Track Frame was limited to 300, and released in the 1980s. Each original model was built by hand by Andrea Pesenti, designed by Antonio Colombo, and engineered by Paolo Erzegovesi. As of now, a release date, retail price, and availability is not known, but we are sure limited quantities will release.

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Chrome Staff Design Citizens Messenger Bags

chrome staff design citizens messenger bags   Chrome Staff Design Citizens Messenger Bags

Chrome has launched the Staff Design collection using the Citizen messenger bags. Three Chrome staff members has designed a Chrome Citizen bag, while each is respectively named after the designer, Eddy, Joanie, and Anne. All three come in multiple vibrant colors, and are available in limited quantities. Only released in the medium sized messenger bag with a retail price of $160.

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Genesis Track One Fixed Gear at Walmart

genesis track one fixed gear walmart   Genesis Track One Fixed Gear at Walmart

Walmart is at it again with another fixed gear bike, this time by Genesis. First, the Mongoose fixed gear hit the internet with different opinions from cyclists, and now Genesis rolls out the Track One. The Genesis Track One fixed gear retails for $149, the exact same price as the Mongoose.

First glance at the Genesis Track One, you can see a kickstand, which not too many fixies have, but uses a flip flop hub, steel frame, front and back brakes, and alloy wheels. Lastly, a simple colorway suits the Genesis Track One nicely, which is black, red, and cream.

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Puma Bikes Mini Website

puma bikes mini website   Puma Bikes Mini Website

Puma, known for sneakers and athletic clothes has launched a mini website for their new line of bikes. Although the brand has received some heat for dipping into the cycling world, Puma Bikes line features a fixed gear, city bike, and folding bikes for the summer of 2010.

Coming on board with Puma Bikes for the mini website is Biomega, a company based out of Copenhagen which designed each Puma Bike. As far as retail price goes, a standard price is available for each model, but since you can customize the bikes, price may vary.

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Brooks Saddles Coming Soon: Select and Colt

new products from brooks saddles 1   Brooks Saddles Coming Soon: Select and Colt

Brooks Saddles has more to offer it fans in the near feature. The saddles company will soon unveil its latest line called Select and will also reintroduce its previous line, the Colt.

Brooks Saddles has been in the business of making bicycle saddles since 1882. Last 2002, Selle Royale bought the company and with a fresh new outtake, is rolling out more products.

The Select saddles will be made from vegetable-tanned leather. Thickness of the saddle’s leather will be 5mm. The leather comes especially from 36 month old Swedish cows to guarantee a long-lasting quality of leather. A trademark which Brooks Saddles carry is the duration of breaking in a saddle. It normally lasts for about a month but the Select line will take about three months. …

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ENO Trials Freewheel from White Industries

eno trials freewheel from white industries 300x199   ENO Trials Freewheel from White Industries

Respected and well known for freewheels, White Industries is famous for quality made products, including its ENO Trials Freewheel. Whites Industries’ latest freewheel could be disassembled, serviced and conditioned to increase its longevity. The number of engagement points and the application of sealed-cartridge bearings are the main attributes of the Trials specific ENO Freewheel. The sealed bearings make it free from water, dirt and mud.

A total of 72 points of engagement and a six pawl system strengthens the outer gear case for added lasting durability and increase in performance. It is about 30 grams heavier than the standard freewheel. The end result, however, is 202 grams of quality product.

The Trials Freewheel has a retail price of $ 120. For more details and information, visit

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