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Mission Workshop SPD Sneakers

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Mission Workshop SPD Sneakers

mission workshop spd sneakers   Mission Workshop SPD Sneakers

Mission Workshop shoes their new sneaker, with the looks of something you can wear everyday, but is actually a SPD cleat. As a matter of fact, you can wear the Mission Workshop SPD Sneakers out on the town, in offices, and pretty much anywhere. Due to the recessed cleat, you can also wear the Mission Workshop SPD with toeclips. As of now, retail and release date is not known.

Source: Prolly is not Probably

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Campus Cruisers Bike Recall

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Campus Cruisers Bike Recall

campus cruisers bike recall   Campus Cruisers Bike Recall

Campus Cruisers and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission have teamed up to issue a voluntary recall for around 100 Campus Cruisers Eastside fixed gear bikes. Sadly, the forks on the Eastside are at liberty to crack or even break, in turn the rider can lose control, causing a health hazard.

So far, a total of four reports on cracks have been taken place, which are located beneath the front fork crown. Good news is, no injuries have been reported. The Campus Cruiser is a single speed/fixed gear that released to selected bicycle retailers from March 2010 to May 2010 with a MSRP of $450. If you are a owner, please cease riding the bike, contact a local Campus Cruiser dealer for a free repair. If you are not located by a dealer, then calling Campus Cruiser customer service is your best…

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2010 Bianchi Celeste Green Super Pista Frameset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2010 Bianchi Celeste Green Super Pista Frameset

2010 bianchi celeste green super pista frameset   2010 Bianchi Celeste Green Super Pista Frameset

To much surprise, Bianchi has released the Super Pista 2010 frameset in the popular Celeste green color scheme. The 2010 Bianchi Celeste Green Super Pista Frameset is basically the Concept, which still is a very popular model. Following the frame is what looks to be the original fork! Most stores have put their orders in, but limited framesets are available. Retail price is $749.00.

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Nemesis Project Trackfighter Plymouth Trick Fixed Gear Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Nemesis Project Trackfighter Plymouth Trick Fixed Gear Frame

nemesis project trackfighter plymouth trick fixed gear frame   Nemesis Project Trackfighter Plymouth Trick Fixed Gear Frame

Nemesis Project shares with us some stock photos of the new Trackfighter Plymouth frame, designed specifically around trick fixed gear riding. The Nemesis Project Trackfighter Plymouth Trick Fixed Gear Frame features a 4130 chromoly frame which is hand built, 3/16 rear dropouts for use with pegs, steel seatpost binder, and reinforced chainstays.

The Nemesis Project Trackfighter Plymouth frame is shown in translucent black, but will also release in raw, white, and translucent red. Retail price is between $600 and $650, and will release to Tokyo Fixed Gear, iMiNUSD, and Cultur mid way into July.

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All-City New Sheriff Hubs

pinit fg en rect gray 20   All City New Sheriff Hubs

all city new sheriff hubs 300x250   All City New Sheriff HubsAll-City releases its New Sheriff hubs in colors of black and silver. The hubs were specifically designed to meet the demands of the modern fixed gear rider. Made with 6061 T6 aluminum for the hub shell, it is compatible with gauge spokes 13 through 15. The flange design was based on Campagnolo’s “sheriff start” hubs and allows for a stiffer wheel. This also means lower spoke stress.

The New Sheriff hubs have an oversized axle of 15mm in diameter. With 6902 sealed bearings from Japa, you can be assured it will service you for a long while. You can also modify it with stainless custom mounting with a 15mm box end or 6mm hex.

All-City New Sheriff front hubs weigh 226 grams while the rear hubs weighs 270 grams. For fixed/free, there are 32-hole versions in stock. 36-hole versions are also available for fixed/fixed and fixed/free. For pricing, check out…

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Eighthinch Freestyle Components

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Eighthinch Freestyle Components

eightinch freestyle components   Eighthinch Freestyle Components

If you visited the Eightinch website lately and browsed around, you would notice a lot of images containing “Coming Summer 2010″. Eightinch has just announced the release of the Eightinch Freestyle components which includes cranks, handlebars and stems, but the chainrings will release in the near future.

Eightinch freestyle cranks, stems and handlebars come in three colors; white, black, and raw finish, but instead of raw for the stem, it is chrome. Retail price for the handlebars is $49.50, stem is $34.50, and the cranks are priced at $119.50. You can purchase at

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Union Foundry T0001 RotaFixer Tool

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Union Foundry T0001 RotaFixer Tool

union foundry t0001 rotafixer tool 1 300x199   Union Foundry T0001 RotaFixer ToolUnion Foundry of Somerville, Massachusetts releases its first product named the T0001. The T0001 RotaFixer Tool was designed to take the place of your lockring wrench and chainwhip. It is simple to use and lets you remove and install lockrings with just a rotafixing technique and your bicycle chain.

The T0001 RotaFixer Tool took a year to develop from its humble beginnings on table napkins and kitchen checks. Its prototype was tested by Boston bike messengers until its final design came to be made. From stainless steel parts, it was polished and then etched with laser. Designers and inventors Joshua Kampa and Aaron Panone took the finished product to Mike Dacey of Repeat Press for its packaging design.

The new tool can fit large Profile type sizes to small Sugino type lockring sizes. You can also work the 17 tooth cog with a 1/8” width chainwhip.

A handy helper to have around…

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