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Cinelli x Supreme Bike Gloves

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli x Supreme Bike Gloves

cinelli x supreme bike gloves   Cinelli x Supreme Bike Gloves

New York Label Supreme has partnered up with bike maker Cinelli to come up with a set of distinct and colorful bike gloves simply called the Cinelli x Supreme Bike Gloves.

The gloves were specifically designed to cater tor fans of both Cinelli and Supreme, an apparel company. The new cycling gloves debut via print for the Supreme Spring/Summer 2011 Collections, which also featured other apparel as modeled by skater Jason Dill.

The new cycling gloves from the bike maker and apparel company, as well as the rest of the collection, will be made available in the United States by February 24, while Supreme fans from Japan may get their hands of the Cinelli x Supreme Bike Gloves by February 26….

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Levis Fixed Gear Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Levis Fixed Gear Bike

levis track bike   Levis Fixed Gear Bike

Famed denim jeans creator Levis has teamed up with three different and notable bike makers from Europe to produce this unique and awesome looking bike – the Levis Track Bike.

The fixed gear bike closely follows the denim that made Levis a household name in denim clothing. As mentioned, three bike companies were involved in the creation of this unique and endearing bike. These companies include Belgium-based vintage bike restoration company Unik bike, London’s Brother Cycles most famous for their frames and finally, Fixerati from Brussels that deals with nothing but specialized and rare bike parts.

The production of the bikes also includes other unorthodox and clever processes and techniques to make it what it is right now. Denim stitching was done on the bike particularly on the denim saddle and denim handlebar.

These bikes were given away as part of the European arm of Levis’ “Share and Win” game for…

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The Velo Bike by Pharell Williams and Domeau & Peres

pinit fg en rect gray 20   The Velo Bike by Pharell Williams and Domeau & Peres

the velo bike by pharell williams and domeau peres   The Velo Bike by Pharell Williams and Domeau & Peres

Musical celebrity Pharrell Williams collaborates once more with Domeau & Peres in creating a custom bicycle upholstered in nothing but the finest leather dubbed the Velo Bike.

The bike frame and fork have been crafted by hand in Brooklyn, NY by the company known as Brooklyn Machine Works. Both the bike’s frame and forks are made out of 4130 chromemoly seamless plane-grade steel tubing and has a frame size of 56. Once the frame and fork has been finished, the bike frame and parts are then sent to the Domeau & Peres workshop in Paris where the water buffalo leather is upholstered on to the whole bike by hand.

The idea came about in 2009 when both Pharrell and Domeau & Peres took a tour of Brooklyn Machine Works. The duo first teamed up for Pharrell William’s “Perspective Chairs” design project with the Parisian Perrotin Gallery.

Velo bikes are available in different…

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2011 NS Analog Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 NS Analog Bike

2011 ns analog bike   2011 NS Analog Bike

The Analog bike is not your typical traditional track bike. Instead, it’s an authentic fixed gear freestyle bike that is strong enough to do tricks and still very light and flexible. Due to innovative tricks that have been implemented by the new school riders these days, only a few of today’s bikes could handle such abusive tricks. The Analog bike is one of those few that could endure a rough ride.

Compared to the 2010 version, the 2011 Analog Bike features a new geometry with a lower center of gravity. It has a lower top tube with a different angle, a shorter rear triangle, and a higher positioned bottom bracket.

The 2011 NS Analog Bike is built on a NS Analog OEM frame in full cromoly. It comes with 410mm NS Analog OEM forks in full cromoly as well. Available in 3 sizes – S, M and L all in…

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2011 Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Flow Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Flow Saddle

2011 Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Flow Saddle   2011 Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Flow Saddle

Form and comfort is the primary focus of the 2011 Sella Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Flow Saddle. The latest addition to the long list of high quality Sella Italia bike saddles offers new improvements for your cycling saddle to help you compete or ride better.

This Sella Italia saddle combines the highest qualities of carbon as well as a lightness like no other. Weighing only 115 grams, the Sella Italia Carbonio is definitely the lightest saddle for riders no matter what the chosen racing type or profession.

It is also composed of carbon and titanium rails as well as carbon composite shells. It currently costs $249.99 and is available in major bike shops. …

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Bern Brentwood Bike Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bern Brentwood Bike Helmet

Bern Brentwood Bike Helmet   Bern Brentwood Bike Helmet

The Bern Brentwood bike helmet is definitely the Brad Pitt of bike helmets and not only does it look absolutely good, it also ranks high on durability and weight.

Let’s discuss all the key details and features that make it stand out in a crowd of hopefuls and wannabe bike helmets.

First, the Bern Brentwood is lightweight. And it does so thanks to the technology built in it by Bern. The helmet is made of a lightweight PVC shell with Zipmold, a type of seamless liquid foam tech that boasts the strength to weight ration of the protective helmet. It also features a Sink Fit helmet design that provides a great and low profile fit for your head.

The Bern Brentwood also literally lives up to being cool thanks to the aerodynamic air channels in the front and the back of the bike to make it a more comfortable experience wearing the…

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Black Market 40 oz Forks and Molly Hatchet Handlebar

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Black Market 40 oz Forks and Molly Hatchet Handlebar

black market 40 oz forks and molly hatchet handlebar   Black Market 40 oz Forks and Molly Hatchet Handlebar

Black Market introduces two new products, which are the 40 oz Forks and Molly Hatchet Handlebar. Aside from the 40 oz forks and the Molly hatchet handlebar, BLKMRKT’s 2011 fixed line includes the New School Fixed (NSF) bike that is in production and is scheduled to be available in Spring. This line aims to enter into the fixed freestyle industry.

First, the 40 oz fork is manufactured for the NSF and other frames. It comes with a few nice details. The steerer is threaded and fluted to allow optimal strength. These flutes decreases while it increases the durability on the fork.

Second, the Molly hatchet handlebar is 28 inches wide. This stiff and shiny handlebar comes in chrome finish and in either 2″ or 3″ rise. With the knurled 22.2 clamp area, it is guaranteed that the bar will never slip. It works well with MTB, DJ bikes and…

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