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DZR Prolly Shoes

dzr prolly shoes   DZR Prolly Shoes

Prolly is getting more and more popular these days. John Watson, owner of Prolly blog, is currently working on a project in collaboration with DZR shoes. John is very much enthusiastic to say that the DZR Prolly shoes will be out in a couple of months.

The DZR Prolly shoes are an all black low top SPD sneaker with an all Vegan Prolly’s new track-end P logo in reflective material on the upper. The heel is a bit raised to make the cup deeper, which makes them more comfortable to use even for fixed freestyle rides. The shoes is made to be durable with an attractive design that compliments the whole package. The inner part of the shoes will be purple faux-leather and the bottom will be a black gumsole. This is an entirely new design by John Watson for DZR shoes.

Via prollyisnotprobably

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2011 Cinelli x DVS Luster Shoes

2011 cinelli x dvs luster shoes   2011 Cinelli x DVS Luster Shoes

Coming to you this fall 2011, the Cinelli x DVS Luster shoes are created to provide maximum comfort when riding. Perfect for rough rides, the Cinelli x DVS Luster shoes are modified to add a lace-protecting flap at the midfoot. They are built with perforated leather construction with unique details that feature flags on the aglets and collars. Comes in two color schemes to choose from – grey/blue and all-black.

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Lazer Tardiz- Time Trial 2011

lazer tardiz time trial 2011   Lazer Tardiz  Time Trial 2011

In its second year in production, the 2011 Lazer Tardiz Time Trial is upgraded with Lazer’s new magnetic clip and an optional visor. With its Head’s Up design, this helmet features a shorter tail. Through this shorter tail, the drag is limited even when the rider drops his head for a drink, look at his computer or simply rests.

This feather light and aerodynamic helmet, which is certified by CE-CPSC-AS, features a magic buckle. Its small magnetic buckle allows the rider to easily open or close the buckle with just a single hand. When closed, it is firmly locked and it does not irritate on long rides. For optimal ventilation, the helmet has an aquavent port on top to distribute water over the rider’s head. The Lazer helmet also has perfopad to distribute water from the aquavent across its padding.

The Lazer Tardiz Time Trial 2011 comes with sunglass friendly earpads,…

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2011 Sky Track Cycling Team Kit

2011 sky track cycling team kit   2011 Sky Track Cycling Team Kit

The new trade team kit for 2011 Sky Track Cycling has already been unveiled by British Cycling. Designed to sit alongside the Team Sky road kit, the trade team kit will be worn for the first time during the UCI Track Cycling World Cup in Manchester.

New helmets and clothing like Adidas skin suits, which are black with red detail, are featured in the 2011 Sky Track Cycling team kit. Aside from its perfectly manufactured classic design, each skin suit has been personalized. Printed down the side are the riders’ names and national flags.

The Sky Track Cycling is used to be known as Team Sky+HD. The team takes pride in its Olympic champions Sir Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton and Jason Kenny, including Olympic silver medalist Ross Edgar and BMX world champion Shanaze Reade as well….

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Swarm Nectar and Elixir Bottle Opener Seat Clamps

swarm nectar and elixir bottle opener seat clamps   Swarm Nectar and Elixir Bottle Opener Seat Clamps

There will be no more hassle and trouble popping sodas and beers while on the road—just don’t drink and ride. The Nectar and Elixir bottle opener seat clamps from Swarm are here to save the day. Made to be more than just for popping, these seat collars are designed to make your ride look cool and to hold your seat up.

The Nectar, manufactured using premium extruded and CNC machined 6061 aluminum for high strength and light weight, is a bolt on seat collar designed to hold your seat exactly where you want it for maximum power that is built with an integrated bottle opener. MSRP: $25.

The Elixir, made for extreme riders who push the limits, is a quick release seat clamp that features a high ratio lever with an ergonomic shape that is easy to lock down. Also built with an integrated bottle opener, the Elixir will…

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BH Gira Fixed Gear BIke

bh gira bike   BH Gira Fixed Gear BIke

BH bikes went beyond their line of expertise in creating cyclocross bikes by introduced a one-of-a-kind fixed gear. The birth of Gira commemorates the 100th year celebration of BH bikes.

The BH Gira fixed gear bike relives the classic style and soul with a horizontal top that features detailed lugwork. Its innovation lures of a vintage look but with handling characteristics of a modern-day bike.

Detailed with leather-wrapped bars, high-flunge hubs with 32 hole rims and 700 X 25c wheels, the bike’s frame is built with Classic Reynolds 525 tubing for lightweight durability and a feeling of high quality steel. A flip-flop rear-hub provides diversity that effortlessly converts the bike from fixed gear to freewheel. The Gira also includes classic style chrome bands for the front and rear brakes, for those who wants to mount the rear brake.

The BH Gira bike offers more than just a ride but a…

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Cinelli x Supreme Bike Gloves

cinelli x supreme bike gloves   Cinelli x Supreme Bike Gloves

New York Label Supreme has partnered up with bike maker Cinelli to come up with a set of distinct and colorful bike gloves simply called the Cinelli x Supreme Bike Gloves.

The gloves were specifically designed to cater tor fans of both Cinelli and Supreme, an apparel company. The new cycling gloves debut via print for the Supreme Spring/Summer 2011 Collections, which also featured other apparel as modeled by skater Jason Dill.

The new cycling gloves from the bike maker and apparel company, as well as the rest of the collection, will be made available in the United States by February 24, while Supreme fans from Japan may get their hands of the Cinelli x Supreme Bike Gloves by February 26….

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