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Velo Chic Collapsible Electric Bike for Women by Raymon Hung

velo chic collapsible electric bike for women by raymon hung   Velo Chic Collapsible Electric Bike for Women by Raymon Hung

For 2012, Raymon Hung has designed something new for female urban riders, the new Velo Chic Collapsible Electric Bike. Designed with active women in mind, this practical and clean electric bike is made to be used in the city on a daily basis.

While space-conscious, the Velo Chic is loaded with several integrated components, which include the detachable storage space and shaft drive, as well as a bike lock and lights. Also integrated in the seat tube is a hidden electric power assist system.

Not only is the Velo Chic a lightweight and easy-to-use collapsible order viagra online electric bike, Raymon Hung made sure that it is a functional urban bike with a two-layer basket matched with a delicate touch of femininity through a classy retro look.


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Opel Boomerang Bike, AKA The Rad e

opel boomerang bike aka the rad e   Opel Boomerang Bike, AKA The Rad e

Automaker Opel brings us an innovative eBike of its own, namely the Opel Boomerang Bike or The Rad e.

The bike is constructed much like a car, as its frame uses hollow pressed-steel that is strong and flexible. The Rad e features a 250 Watt electric motor, which uses a lithium-ion battery to help you get from point A to B.

As far as asthmatics goes, the Opel’s eBike was designed with a boomerang shape for a frame, hence the name. Its smooth body lines reesk of innovation, placing this eBike in a class of it’s own.

Check out more images and sketches of the Opel Boomerang Bike, AKA The Rad e, after the fold.

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Specialized Turbo e-Bike Pics and Video

specialized turbo e bike pics and video   Specialized Turbo e Bike Pics and Video

With gas prices creeping higher with each day, e-Bikes are rising in popularity. New to the scene is the Specialized Turbo e-Bike, a pure performance hog.

The Turbo is said to be on par with the fastest e-Bikes on the market, with speeds of up to 28mph. Constructed from alloy, its sleek design features a fully integrated Li-Ion battery in the downtube with an internal cooling system. Unfortunately, there are no plans on a US release as the bike surpasses its e-Bike speed laws.

Introduced earlier today in Valencia, Spain, the Specialized Turbo is designed with a sporty geometry. Built with a tapered head tube, internal routing cables, oversized alloy forks, and an integrated computer system in the downtube, Specialized’s latest has the e-Bike market at attention. But at what cost?

To get your hands on one of these, you’ll need EUR 5,499.00 to through down. Still cheaper than the “Ferrari…

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EH eBike Street Racer, Ferrari of Electric Bikes

eh ebike street racer ferrari of electric bikes   EH eBike Street Racer, Ferrari of Electric Bikes

On the high end of the eBike spectrum is the Street Racer by EH. Dubbed the “Ferrari of Electric Bikes” by the company behind it, the US$9,250 eBike can handle speeds of up to 28mph.

The Street Racer is quite a looker. Composed of aluminum, the body comes colored to taste. (More images of the bike in different colors after the jump.) It’s design is more on the race-type front than most other eBikes, which tend to sport a contemporary look.

EH designed its eBike with a BionX motor, capable of a training mode that simulates gradients on a ride. The motor is also able to recharge the battery it uses on descends. Without the motor, the Street Racer weighs in at a staggering 35lbs, placing it in the heavy pedal-bicycle category.

The EH Steet Racer is definitely in a league of its own. While its speed, aesthetics and training program…

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Velocity Power Core eBike, 2012 IBDC Winner from Taipei

velocity power core ebike 2012 ibdc winners from taipei   Velocity Power Core eBike, 2012 IBDC Winner from Taipei

Taiwanese designer Larry Chen’s Velocity “Power Core” eBike took 1st out of 800 entries at the 16th annual International Bicycle Design Competition (IBDC) this year.

So what made this eBike stand out from the rest of its competition? Simply put, it’s “Power Core”, which is a compact source of power designed into the frame. If you feel like manually pedaling an entire trip, the “Power Core” can be removed in order to save weight.

If its functionality didn’t nab, its design is sure to captivate. Chen’s work takes on a contemporary look that’s easy on the eyes.

With its weight-saving feature and modern design, the Velocity “Power Core” eBike is one of the more versatile ones in existence.

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2012 Gocycle G2 Electric Bike

2012 gocycle g2 electric bike   2012 Gocycle G2 Electric Bike

A highly innovative electric bike called Gocycle G2 has been released by Karbon Kinetics Limited for 2012. Along with its fashionable injection-molded magnesium frame is an outstanding ride quality and simple design, which offers a handlebar dashboard, an enlarged range, and optional electronic shifting and torque sensing.

With the use of the technology of magflow inject molding frame, the Gocycle G2 weighs just 14.9kg. Inserted in its frame is Li-ion battery, which offers power to 11Ah/22V. It takes just 3.5hr to charge the battery and with full battery power, this electric bike can be used up to 32km.

Built by Flextronics of Hungary, the 2012 Gocycle G2 Electric Bike guarantees unparalleled electronics and both injection-molding. Ramp-up in the production of the electric bikes was guaranteed to be smooth, thanks to its partnership with Flextronics, which is an expert in this field.

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2012 Izip E3 Zuma 36 Volt Lithium Ion Electric Bike

2012 izip e3 zuma 36 volt lithium ion electric bike   2012 Izip E3 Zuma 36 Volt Lithium Ion Electric Bike

Izip has introduced a new 36-volt lithium ion electric bike for 2012 called E3 Zuma. Packed with a lot of state-of-the-art features, this electric cruiser is ideal for riders who are looking for a powerful machine. Not only is this bike powerful, it guarantees amazing speed.

While it takes pride in its loads of torque, the E3 Zuma can effortlessly hit over 20mph, and in pedal-assist mode, it can easily climb hills at 23 to 30 miles. Moreover, this top-of-the-line electric bike has a lightweight removable 36V / 11AH Li-Ion battery that is guaranteed to last long.

Featuring a 500-Watt geared hub motor, the 2012 Izip E3 Zuma 36 Volt Lithium Ion Electric Bike is unquestionably unparalleled. Most of the pre-built e-bike models on the market today do not offer such a feature. Indeed, the E3 Zuma is a great combination of traditional simplicity and modern technology.

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