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2011 Ibis Hakkalügi Cyclocross Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Ibis Hakkalügi Cyclocross Frame

2011 ibis hakkalugi cyclocross frame   2011 Ibis Hakkalügi Cyclocross Frame

Back and ready for the cyclocross season for 2011 is the Ibis Hakkalügi. With its greatly reduced weight, the frame features enhanced accelerations and reduced tedious shouldering during repetitive dismounts. Partly due to the sleek tube joints, the Hakkalugi is constructed as a carbon fiber monocoque structure.

Light weight and uncompromising strength are guaranteed by the entire frame, which is not only made with pre-impregnated carbon fiber sheet but also hand-rolled around silicone forms. Moreover, the frame was put and thoroughly baked into a steel mold to achieve unified structure.

Ready to tackle dirt roads, trail rides, and the severity of cyclocross is the 2011 Ibis Hakkalugi Cyclocross Frame. It is available in six sizes from 47 to 61cm and in two colors, Black Lung and Phlegmish Yellow. Required for the frame is a Campagnolostyle Hiddenset headset.

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2011 Oakley Factory Glove

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Oakley Factory Glove

2011 oakley factory glove   2011 Oakley Factory Glove

Oakley has a new item for mountain biking for 2011, which is the Factory glove. The minimalist slip-on design makes the glove look too weak for hard trail riding and its soft and thin material is something expected from a lightweight driving glove. However, the glove is surprisingly durable.

Sufficient airflow is provided by the lightweight fabric of the Factory. Through this, the hands of the rider are kept cool and free from dank sweat. With the thin material, riders can handle the bars with a nice feel. One amazing feature of the glove is a soft terry cloth nose-wipe on the thumb.

Durable, comfortable, and unbelievably functional, the 2011 Oakley Factory Glove is ideal for mountain biking and XC races. It comes in six color options with Wade Simmons and Brian Lopes signature editions. It is incredibly affordable as well.

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2011 Easton 26″ EA90 XC Disc Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Easton 26 EA90 XC Disc Wheelset

2011 easton 26 ea90 xc disc wheelset   2011 Easton 26 EA90 XC Disc Wheelset

Easton introduced a 26″ XC wheelset called EA90 XC Disc this 2011. This wheelset is a product of the XC One Wheelset and the Haven Wheelset. Like the Haven, the EA90 XC 26″ wheels, which are about 90g lighter, are UST approved.

The UST logo indicates that the EA90 wheels are guaranteed tubeless compatible. Moreover, to meet the rigorous standards, the wheels feature all of the shaping and structural requirements. A UST tire can be practically seated on these wheels with just a floor pump or by hand.

New hubs were made for the 2011 Easton 26″ EA90 XC Disc Wheelset with both hubshells aluminum and anodized red machined. In the hub, the straight-pull Sapim double-butted spokes are placed in a 3-cross pattern. The front is available in 15mm thru-axle and standard quick release versions.

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2011 Castelli Nanoflex Arm Warmer

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Castelli Nanoflex Arm Warmer

2011 castelli nanoflex arm warmer   2011 Castelli Nanoflex Arm Warmer

The new 2011 Castelli Nanoflex Arm Warmer has been dubbed “hot stuff” by riders

What should you know about the new arm warmers from Castelli? Well for starters, the new nanoflex arm warmer is made of a nanoflex, water-resistant fabric which is really breathable but at the same time elastic.

What a lot of fellow riders have been clamoring for in this great set of arm warmers is that its great for all weather conditions, including cold or chilly rainy days.

Acting like an older brother to the immensely popular Thermoflex fabric, the new Nanoflex fabric shares several characteristics, including the ability to repel water.

The new arm warmers from Castelli has a price tag of $40 and is available in specialty stores and online stores as well….

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2012 Norco Threshold Cyclocross Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Norco Threshold Cyclocross Bike

2012 norco threshold cyclocross bike   2012 Norco Threshold Cyclocross Bike

For 2012, Norco is launching Threshold, the company’s first all carbon cyclocross bike. As a lightweight, strong and responsive cyclocross race bike, the Threshold is made to tackle mud and grass, and help racers achieve winning performance.

Made with versatile function, the Threshold has a 1320g frame that is highly technical. The frame is packed with a lot of great features, such as water bottle mounts, fender mounts, and replaceable dropouts both for single speed and geared drive trains.

While the 2012 Norco Threshold Cyclocross Bike is perfect for year-round-commuting and winter training, this machine is also ideal for weekend race series. Other features include high modulus carbon fiber, internal cable routing, and a tapered head tube….

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Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Softshell Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Softshell Jacket

pearl izumi p r o softshell jacket 2   Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Softshell Jacket

Pearl Izumi has recently released the new Pearl Izumi PRO Softshell Jacket that is considered by a lot of riders as the perfect jacket to wear for the meanest coldest weather.

It’s ideal for both riding fans of either road or cyclocross trainers as it offers warmth and great protection on the road or on the saddle. The new jacket from Pearl Izumi offers some neat new designs, including zipped cuffs making it a great complement for gloves of all shapes and sizes.

The new softshell jacket also features a very spacious zipped rear pocket, which has been sectioned into three main parts perfect for keeping away various personal effects while on the road.

The jacket sports insulating fabrics to make it really warm when worn. The jacket is also windproof and has a nice fleece back to trap and soak up all the warm air that passes through. If you…

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Hope Race X2 Disc Brake

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hope Race X2 Disc Brake

hope race x2 disc brake   Hope Race X2 Disc Brake

Dubbed as the lightest brake available on the market right now, the Hope Race X2 Disc Brake system is definitely a great addition whenever you plan on going on a cross-country race.

For the new X2 disc brakes, Hope has gone and completely redesigned their next brake in order to prove that they are worthy of being considered one of the best bike brake maker.

Scaling down and removing as much weight as possible from their single sided Mini Pro master calliper and cylinder, Hope is hoping to give better performance for riders who would like to get their money’s worth.

The new brake has also been given an alloy-spider disc that’s wafer thin and some neat and totally study titanium fixings.

Another note worthy detail about this incredible looking disc brake? When you opt to put in the aforementioned titanium fixings and thin alloy spiders, the brake disc system…

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