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Marianne Vos Gets Championship at Tabor

marianne vos gets championship at tabor   Marianne Vos Gets Championship at Tabor

Marianne Vos pedaled her way to a clear-cut victory at the 2010 Cyclocross World Championship at Tabor to earn her third worlds title. The Dutch cyclist managed to get an early lead past Hanka Kupfernagel of Germany and compatriot Daphny Van Den Brand (the UCI World Cup winner) to secure the victory. Kupfernagel and Van Den Brand finished second and third, respectively.

The frozen course at Tabor proved to be no hindrance to Vos, as she flew past her opponents and found herself racing solo for most of the race. Kupfernagel similarly enjoyed a strong finish, while Van Den Brand had to fight off attacks from behind to hold on to the third spot.

Katerina Nash was actually the favorite to win the event, but was unfortunately involved in a pileup while going through the first corner. She put on a valiant effort to move up the peloton,…

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UCI Says No to Studs and Spikes

uci says no to studs and spikes   UCI Says No to Studs and Spikes

The UCI has issued rules this year against the use of studded tires for cyclocross competitions. Reports say that UCI had decided to put these regulations into place after rumors circulated about cyclocross star Sven Nys using new Dugast tires with embedded metal spikes, called the ‘Diabolo’.

The new UCI regulations (1.3.018) specifically state that “For the cyclocross bicycle… the tire shall not exceed 35mm and it may not incorporate any form of spike or stud.”

News reports from Belga said that the Dugast spiked tires had been tested by Sven Nys in icy conditions in The Netherlands, and that the ‘Diabolo’ tires had performed extremely well with excellent grip. The Belgian cyclist himself had reportedly proclaimed the tires as “phenomenally good” after the tests.

The UCI ban comes into effect in time for the approaching Cyclocross World Championships in Tabor, Czech Republic.   The event will be held on an…

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USA Bids to Host Cyclocross World

usa bids to host cyclocross world   USA Bids to Host Cyclocross World

The Cyclocross World Championships may be held on American soil for the first time ever — if things work out the way that the team behind the U.S. Gran Prix are hoping it would. Joan Hanscom, the USGP director, confirms that she and Bruce Fina (executive director of USGP) has submitted a bid to UCI to host the event for 2013.

USGP is currently waiting for the official decision from the UCI, but things are already looking bright for the American organization’s hosting bid, if comments from UCI ‘cross coordinator Peter van den Abelee are to be considered.

Abelee said in an interview with the Belgian press that Louisville is currently in the top position for hosting the prestigious event. Hanscom adds that the UCI has already done a site visit, and they are pretty much encouraged by Abelee’s words. This would be the first time that the ‘Cross…

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Redline Conquest Pro 2010 Cyclocross Recall

redline conquest pro 2010 cyclocross recall   Redline Conquest Pro 2010 Cyclocross Recall

The Redline Conquest Pro 2010 Cyclocross bike is being talked about more and more, but today the Seattle Bike Supply and CPSC announced a recall for the framesets. Damage can occur to the bike and yourself due to the possibility of the fork legs separating from the fork crown, which in turn will make you lose control. The Redline Conquest Pro 2010 is constructed of aluminum with carbon fiber forks, and came in pearl white/blue. If you have purchased this bike please call Redline at 1-800-283-2453, or take it in to your local Redline dealer for inspection plus a fork replacement.

Source: Cyclelicious

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Niels Albert Suffers Broken Rib From Spectator

niels albert suffers broken rib by spectator   Niels Albert Suffers Broken Rib From Spectator

Cyclo-cross rider Niels Albert suffered a broken rib on Sunday during the Belgian national cyclo-cross championship. He didn’t fall on his own, though – he was knocked off of his bike by adrunk spectator. The spectator, whose name was not released, said in an interview with Het Niuewsblad that the accident “happened very quickly and I didn’t do it on purpose.” He did apologize to Albert, and did not deny being drunk. The spectator claimed to be a fan of Albert’s, although he was seen standing next to fans of Sven Nys’. Even if he is a fan of Nys’, Nys condemned the incident. “It does not belong in ‘cross. I think sportsmanship is more important than the victory. Such people should be banished for life. I do not want someone like that to be called a supporter of mine. I want nothing…

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Sidi Diablo Gore Winter Boots

sidi diablo gore winter boots   Sidi Diablo Gore Winter Boots

Cold weather is upon us, and conditions for riding is harder with snow and rain, so to keep us on the roads or mud, Sidi re-introduces the Diablo Gore Winter Boots. The Sidi Diablo Gore Winter Boots are made with Gore Tex membrane, and uses a synthetic upper followed by Lorica leather inserts around the toe caps, so these winter cycling boots are waterproof. Internal gusset will keep your feet warmer, plus the straps allow the Diablo Gore boots to stay intact. The sole utilizes a replaceable heel cup and stud mounts, so you can push harder when enduring in mountain bike racing or cyclocross. Retail is about $350 USD.

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Niels Albert Takes Superprestige Cyclocross Series Lead

niels albert takes superprestige cyclocross series lead   Niels Albert Takes Superprestige Cyclocross Series Lead

World champion ‘cross rider Niels Albert, of Belgium, took the lead today of the Superprestige Cyclocross series. His lead came about after winning the sixth round, after going head to head with Zdenek Stybar. The two men broke apart from the pack in the mud-filled race in Diegem, Belgium. Kevin Pauwels took third. Sven Nys, series leader, struggled early on in the race, and was eventually withdrawn due to mechanical difficulties. American rider Jonathan Page took 15th. Albert took the lead of the series with 84 points, and behind him are Stybar with 81 points, and Nys with 71. The Superprestige series will continue with the next round on February 7th, 2010, in Zonhoven, Belgium.

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