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Cyclo-Cross Bikes at Paris-Roubaix 2010

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cyclo Cross Bikes at Paris Roubaix 2010

cyclo cross bikes at paris roubaix 1 300x198   Cyclo Cross Bikes at Paris Roubaix 2010

The Paris-Roubaix race is on and what you have to watch out for are cyclocross bikes. Robbie McEwen of Katusha has Ridley for a sponsor. Like many other competitors, he will be using a cyclocross bike in the competition. With Ridley’s principle of “Form follows Function”, most of the Katusha’s team rode on Ridley X-Fires on last year’s season. Ridley also sponsors the Telenet-Fidea and Sunweb-Reynor pro cyclo-cross teams. Filippo Pozzato won second to Tom Boonen last year riding the Ridley Damocles road setup.

McEwen came in second to Tyler Farrar (Garmin-Transitions) at the Scheldeprijs race. Although he is in good shape, he said that the Paris-Roubaix is more of a tactical move by the team. “My world ranking gives us good car position in the convoy, about sixth. Without me there, we’d be 21st.”

Cyclocross bikes of different kinds will grace the racing event. Milram team riders will most likely be…

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SIDI Ergo 2 Carbon Cycling Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SIDI Ergo 2 Carbon Cycling Shoes

sidi ergo 2 carbon cycling shoes   SIDI Ergo 2 Carbon Cycling Shoes

If you have been a cyclist for some time now, then probably the brand SIDI is already quite familiar to you already. Many motorcycle riders also use this popular brand of cycling shoes.  

SIDI came up with the new premier pair called SIDI Ergo 2 Carbon Cycling shoes. The usual SIDI pair would have the tough look of the three Velcro straps along with the buckles and dials. Its overall look can really be too intimidating but if you would take a closer look at its amazing features, you would that it would be perfect to fit your pair set for the road.

You can be secured with the single Velcro strap situated right at the toe box. All the inserts of the plastic strips in red plastic comes with teeth. So when you connect each half, the teeth would hold on and would keep the strap from totally slipping off….

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UCI Cyclo-Cross World Cup Photo Book

pinit fg en rect gray 20   UCI Cyclo Cross World Cup Photo Book

uci cyclo cross world cup photo book   UCI Cyclo Cross World Cup Photo Book

A coffee table book on UCI Cylco-Cross World Cup comes out from Hungarian photographer Balint Hamvas.

Hamvas is a happy new convert to the world of cyclo-cross. He went along each stage of the UCI world series with the intention of capturing the heart and soul of cyclo-cross.

Hamvas shares, “I had the chance to see a World Cup race live and boy, was it brilliant. It felt like the Formula-1 of cycling: you see the riders throughout the race; the pace is unbelievably intense and the crowd go crazy every time their favourite rider whizzes past.”

Hamvas journeyed to Treviso, Italy in September for the first round. He was there to experience each round just as much as the next cyclist. The changes in the weather, the road conditions and other elements in cyclo-cross were challenges Hamvas gladly took on.

The result of traveling 6,000 miles to witness all nine rounds of…

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Return of the Boulder-Roubaix 2010

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Return of the Boulder Roubaix 2010

return boulder roubaix 2010   Return of the Boulder Roubaix 2010

The Boulder-Roubaix returns to the cycling scene with a longer and more challenging route. The 18.7 mile loop will take place on the rural roads of Boulder, Colorado. 10 miles were added on the course and 4 complete laps are required.

Many veteran cyclists hold the popular road race in high regard since winning the race is a definite plus to one’s cycling career. Legends like Roy Knickman and Chris Baldwin have won the race before.

DBC Events owner Chris Grealish says that the event was held on the same day as the ‘Queen of the Classics’, Paris-Roubaix race, “It’s all the best unpaved sections north of town.”

The event is also part of Colorado’s search for the Best All-around Rider and Best All-around Team.

Grealish expresses his thoughts on doing the Boulder-Roubaix, “We include the unpaved sections in honor of the race in France, which is regarded as the hardest one-day event in…

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Szczepaniak Brothers Regain Championship Titles

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Szczepaniak Brothers Regain Championship Titles

szczepaniak brothers regain championship titles   Szczepaniak Brothers Regain Championship Titles

An unexpected turn of events led to the Szczepaniak brothers’ suspension but a recent press release from the UCI President Pat McQuaid and WADA President John Fahey absolves the brothers from their EPO case.

“It is clear to our organizations that Pawel and Kacper Szczepaniak were simply confused about the nature of their medical care. Mistaking banned substances for routine vitamin injections is a common error that should not be held against these two talented young men.”

The press release explained that the withdrawal of the case was due to family circumstances and financial limitations for the cost of B sample testing.

Support for the Szczepaniak brothers was overwhelming. Fourth placer Tom Meeusen informed reporters that what happened to the Polish brothers can happen to anybody. “Any of us could accidentally inject a banned substance twice a week without knowing it,” said Meeusen.

Arnaud Jouffroy, who held the championship title after Pawel’s suspension,…

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New Avid Elixir 3 Hydraulic Disc Brakes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   New Avid Elixir 3 Hydraulic Disc Brakes

new avid elixir 3 hydraulic disc brakes   New Avid Elixir 3 Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The new Elixir 3 Hydraulic Brakes from Avid is value for money at a retail price of $105. It gives maximum performance that allows you to be in sync when you use the brakes to stop in your tracks.

The Elixir 3 carries the following specs:
• G3 Clean Sweep 160/185/203mm for rotors
• DOT 5.1 fluid
• Versatile lever body
• TaperBore Technology
• 3mm ball end for easy reach and adjust
• Compatible with MatchMaker
• New and excellent two-piece caliper
• High performance loading pads

The Elixir 3 features the TaperBore Technology. It is relatively new closure system that enhances lever feedback and control. This new innovation is also present in other hydraulic brake models. The Elixir 3 uses a fixed hydraulic entry to the caliper. For more expensive versions of the hydraulic brakes, an adjustable banjo replaces that. The Elixir 3 requires a 3mm allen wrench when it comes to reach adjustment.

Best for cyclocross, all-mountain and trail, the Elixir 3 is the economical…

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Rossi Tests Negative for EPO-CERA

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rossi Tests Negative for EPO CERA

rossi tests negative epo cera   Rossi Tests Negative for EPO CERA

Vania Rossi’s B sample yielded a negative result for EPO-CERA. This was confirmed by the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) online on Friday. A statement was issued saying that the cyclo-cross rider’s B sample analysis showed it didn’t meet the minimum level of CERA under the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The testing was conducted from 29th of March to April 2nd.

The two samples taken from Rossi were checked by a laboratory in Chatenay-Malabry, France. Rossi never admitted to taking any EPO-CERA and always claimed she was innocent. Due to the new evidence, CONI’s prosecutor shall review the two-time national champion’s case before any further actions.

At the Italian cyclo-cross national championships, a doping control was facilitated last January 10 which showed that Rossi tested positive for CERA. The testing was headed by CONI. Due to the findings which met WADA’s criteria for doping, Rossi was consequently suspended from competing on January 29.


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