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Cyclocross Promoters Summit

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cyclocross Promoters Summit

cyclocross promoters summit 300x193   Cyclocross Promoters SummitThe first annual Cyclocross Promoter Summit took place at the U.S. Olympic Training Center last April 23-25 in Colorado Springs. The event was attended by its host USA Cycling, Geoff Proctor of the UCI Cyclocross Commission, team representatives, sponsors, officials and promoters. The summit’s agenda was to discuss the national cyclo-cross calendar, event standards, national championships and the UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships in Louisville in 2012 and 2013.

The meeting tackled several subject matters. These were:

• UCI Cyclo-cross Commission activities
• USA Cycling cyclo-cross athlete development program updates
• officials’ event reporting and evaluation
• national calendar development
• national championship scheduling
• the criteria for potential national championships and masters world championship eligibility
• potential call-up procedures
• ideas on how to improve all levels of cyclo-cross racing in the U.S.

The USA Cycling staff also suggested conducting a time trial at the Cyclo-cross National Championships to create the call-up procedures for the non-elite category riders. On a separate course, the top…

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Zipp Ohio Valley Cyclocross Tour 2010 Schedule

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zipp ohio valley cyclocross tour 2010 schedule 191x300   Zipp Ohio Valley Cyclocross Tour 2010 ScheduleThe 2010 schedule for the Zipp Ohio Valley Cyclocross Tour paved way to what looks to be an unforgettable tour. The event will kick off at the Kings CX on September 19.

Last year’s opener was the most number of attendees for a non UCI OVCX competition. There will be fifteen races and it will take its riders across three states. The schedule follows a traditional set with one new race thrown in at the end of the year. This would be the last doubleheader weekend which will take place in Indianapolis. Three races are set for Indiana and six are in Ohio and Kentucky. Out of the five UCI races, two are UCI C1.

Director Mitch Graham of Zipp OVCX heralds the tour’s presence, “I think this schedule will establish the Ohio Valley as a bonafide, red-hotbed of ‘cross. There are only eight UCI C1 races in the U.S. this…

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Single Speed Cyclocross World Championship in Seattle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Single Speed Cyclocross World Championship in Seattle

single speed cyclocross world championship in seattle 300x194   Single Speed Cyclocross World Championship in SeattleThe first non-PDX version of the Sing Speed Cyclocross World Championship will be held in Seattle on October 24, 2010. It will take place at the Pacific Raceways in Kent. The organizers for the main event are Pabst Blue Ribbon, Stanley PMI and Raleigh America.

The online registration begins on June 1, 2010. A free limited edition t-shirt, cp and custom made number from Dank Bags will be given to the first 50 pre-registered racers. Those who register will get to compete in the MFG Series SS race even if not all can qualify for the World Championships.

The qualifier event will begin on October 23, 2010. This will put a limit on the number of participants who will compete for the World Championships. You have to join the qualifier before you can race on October 24. However, the qualifier event will have “repechage” opportunities for those who failed to qualify. The…

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A $4 million Velodrome in South Carolina

pinit fg en rect gray 20   A $4 million Velodrome in South Carolina

a 4 million velodrome in south carolina 1 300x169   A $4 million Velodrome in South CarolinaRock Hill, South Carolina will soon be the site for a multi-million dollar velodrome, BMX Supercross track and a cyclocross course. The facilities will be open to the public with major construction of the new building will begin next year at the site which will be renamed Riverwalk. Come later this spring, a walking trail will emerge along the riverbank where once Catawba Indians walked.

Mayor Doug Echols of Rock Hill expresses his excitement over the project. The site was where a Celanese industrial plant once stood. The 1,000-acre land will also include construction of houses, shops and restaurants.

“This is a tremendously exciting project. It is really transformational. Along with the other venues, I think it affords us an opportunity to truly be a cycling center for the East Coast,” said Mayor Echols.

The new cycling center will be subsidized by the hospitality and special tax districts of the city. This will…

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2010 Verge New England Championship Series

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2010 Verge New England Championship Series

2010 Verge New England Championship Series 300x225   2010 Verge New England Championship SeriesThe 2010 Verge New England Championship Series has been modified. Adam Myerson of Cycle-Smart received feedback that the races were too many that it left some of the riders haggard, trying to attend to all of the races in the series. This year, Myerson reduced the number of races amking it a win-win situation for the riders and the organizers as well.

Myerson stated that the reason behind the reduction was to allow flexibility which the riders crave, wider coverage to include different regions in New England and to help making the contest flow go smoothly. “I want to ease that burden of having too many races for people to do all of them, and let the bigger races have the freedom to operate outside the Series. I also want to ease the burden on Verge, and on our staff. This frees up those bigger weekends, and my new race, to…

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2010 MAC Cyclocross Series

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2010 mac cyclocross series   2010 MAC Cyclocross Series

The Mid-Atlantic Cyclocross Series releases their autumn programs. The MAC series begins on September 11 and will close on November 21. The entire season will bring you eleven races, eight venues and five states.

The season opener will be the Nittany Lion Cyclocross at Breinigsville, PA. It is the first UCI-sanction race in this season. The victorious riders will hold World #1 ranking for a week.

New to MAC is the Whirlybird Cyclocross. The race has been part of the PA Cyclocross Series and is held at Pennsylvania’s Bryn Thyn College grounds.

This year, Granogue and Charm City races follow Super Cross Cup in Long Island by adding a second day of racing. There will also be a full program to have all MAC classes compete on the two-day events.

Back for the Halloween weekend are the Highland Park Cross and Beacon Cyclocross in New Jersey. Making a comeback is the Fair Hill, a.k.a….

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Zipp SLC2 Handlebars

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Zipp SLC2 Handlebars

keeping it steady with zipp slc2 handlebars   Zipp SLC2 HandlebarsIt has always a common thing in cycling for riders to customize their own bikes. For some, this decision can really cost you some money but for some, this could be the secret for their ameliorated performance. With this, one of the most important parts they first focus on would be the handlebars. Have you heard of the newest handlebar from Zipp?  

It was in 2009 when the brand launched three new bike handlebars. But it was just recently that they launched the SLC2 which is a more packed version of the SL, which is known to be superlite amongst the three designs. These Zipp SLC2 Handlebars have a top section that is oversized and has a structure made out carbon laminate to meet and exceed the requirement of every tough rider. 

These handlebars are made intentionally to be extremely stiff. It also has a feature VCLC technology which works as…

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