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2010 Conquest Sport from Redline

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2010 Conquest Sport from Redline

2010 conquest sport from redline 281x300   2010 Conquest Sport from Redline

The Redline 2010 Conquest Sport offers flexibility and quality. Marketed for cyclocross, it can also be customized for city commutes. There are rack mounts on the frame and fork plus it is disc brake ready. With triple crank and disc brake tabs, the Conquest Sport is a versatile machine.

The Redline Conquest uses 6061 DB Alloy for its frame and R6 Alloy Steerer for its fork. The Conquest Sport rides on Kenda K-197 black tires. BB set is FSA Square Taper 68 x 116mm and FSA Vero Compact 28x38x48T cranks.

The Redline features a V-Cut on its saddle and Alex DH 19 rims that are 32 hole alloy hubs. It also has 14g stainless spokes, Alloy Quill with clips, straps for pedals and a Shimano cog.

Retail price for the Redline 2010 Conquest Sport is $729.00….

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Fox Duncan Sport Eyewear

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fox Duncan Sport Eyewear

fox duncan sport eyewear   Fox Duncan Sport Eyewear

It has been years since Fox made its first try on the eye-wear front, teaming up with Oakley to make a various range of designs. Releasing five brand new designs, this product is just in time for the approaching summer season.

Since Fox teamed up with Oakley, expect to see some similarities. There are five new designs in this collection. Though its riding sunglass is strictly Duncan Sport, Oakley went with more angular lines.

The Duncan Sport features a Hydrophobic coating on its frame. The wraparound frame is made up of O-Matter with an Unobtainium ear pieces and a nose pad to fit your face perfectly, allowing its user to cruise around without worrying about the frame slipping out of position. The Duncan Sport comes in seven color combinations to choose from.

Also available in non-sports designs: the Super Duncan, Rayavanna, Decorum and the Heartless….

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Specialized Trail 110

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized Trail 110

specialized trail 110 300x272   Specialized Trail 110

Specialized Trail 110 is designed with a 3/4 cuff ankle. Being lightweight, each weighs just over 400 grams. Although it has a lightweight nylon sole, its hard molded toe kick protector and welded reinforcement in high wear panels makes it durable and reliable. Four Velcro straps provide a great snugged-down fit.

Specialized Trail 110 pair is even comfortable for hiking and can grip well in loam or mud.

If you are looking for a pair of cycling shoes that can work with you off the saddle, Specialized Trail 100 might serve you as a great choice. Whether you are for cycling, climbing, long distance riding or even for everyday riding, this pair of shoes is a reliable partner….

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Topeak Survival Gear Box

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Topeak Survival Gear Box

topeak survival gear box   Topeak Survival Gear Box

Topeak Survival Gear Box is a tool kit that riders shouldn’t go without.  In using any vehicle, it is important for the operator to have some type of fall-back in case the inevitable were to occur. 

The good thing about having a Topeak Survival Gear Box is that it is composed of a whopping 17 tool kit, packed in a compact box. The Topeak Survival Gear Box includes: five Allen wrenches, torx wrench, three box wrenches, chain tool and hook, flat and Phillips screwdrivers, tire repair patch kit and glue, tire levers and others.  These are made from steel, increasing its durability.

In getting this product, you will have a complete tool kit that you can bring with you on your rides as insurance.  The length of Topeak Survival Gear Box is 10 centimeters and 4.6 centimeters in width, so they should fit in most bike carry-along bags. …

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Eating While Riding Is Good for You

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Eating While Riding Is Good for You

eating while riding is good for you   Eating While Riding Is Good for You

A lot of nutrition experts say that they’re astonished by the eating habits of cyclists. Most of them, including some of the pros, don’t always eat the right kinds of foods before and after a ride. It’s no surprise then, that these cyclists who don’t pay more attention to their nutrition constantly suffer from loss of energy, injuries, and even a full-fledged bonk.

It helps a lot if you’re a professional cyclist who’s on a big-budgeted team. Then you can easily have access to a medical staff that can monitor and regulate your physical conditioning, including your diet. But what if you’re just a regular weekend rider, or one of those cyclists who haven’t quite made the successful leap to pro level yet? Then you’re on your own, and you need to study up on what’s best for your body when you’re out there riding.

What You…

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Polar CS200 T31C Special Edition Cyclocomputer

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Polar CS200 T31C Special Edition Cyclocomputer

polar cs200 t31c special edition cyclocomputer   Polar CS200 T31C Special Edition Cyclocomputer

Polar CS200 can be a great tool on the trails as it blends heart rate and cycling functions to help you monitor your fitness and cycling performance. The Polar CS200 T31C Special Edition cyclocomputer/heart rate monitor checks your speed, cycling intensity, distance, estimated time of arrival, calories burned, heart rate zones and training dates of your last seven sessions. This gadget also includes Polar T31 coded transmitter. One you have mastered this gadget, you can analyze your statistics to improve your performance. cheap cialis

Some of the exciting features of this gadget are the following:

Polar Exercise Features: Wireless ECG accurate heart rate; Polar OwnZone; Polar OwnCal; Polar OwnCode; Target zones with visual alarm; Target zones with audible alarm; Maximum heart rate of total exercise; Average heart rate of total exercise; Average heart rate of each lap; Automatic lap recording; Number of laps — 50; Exercise Date; Compatible…

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Exposure Lights Six Pack

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Exposure Lights Six Pack

exposure lights six pack   Exposure Lights Six Pack

This new product is the latest invention from Exposure. Packed with 6 leds at a 1800 lumens, the Exposure Light Six Pack is twice as bright as the MaXx-D 960. Burn time for this light is a good 3 hours if the switch is placed on a high meter, 10 hours on medium and 24 hours on low.

The weight of this Exposure Light isn’t really that heavy, at only 500g. Although, the Six-Pack is not available till August this year, there are events in Mountain Mayhem, Dusk ’til dawn and Bontrager 24/12 that can give you a glimpse of what this new light is all about.

According to a test run, this light can illuminate great ranges. It can reach far enough ahead on the darkest nights. Even at a medium setting the Exposure Light Six Pack is brighter than the MaXx-D 960′s highest setting.

This light…

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