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2011 Ridley Cyclocross Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Ridley Cyclocross Bikes

updated cyclocross ridley bikes 1 300x195   2011 Ridley Cyclocross BikesRidley updates its cyclocross bikes for July 2011, the X-Night, X-Fire, X-Ride and Crossbow.

The X-Night has a high modulus carbon frame and a 4ZA Oryx full carbon monocoque fork. With an oversized BB30 bottom bracket shell, it has increased lateral stiffness and reduced q-factor. With an inch and a half lower head tube and fork crown, it also features mudless tube technology applicable to the fork and seat stays.

The X-Night has fully integrated Kevlar cable guides and a CNC design to keep the rear derailleur in place when the wheel is on collision with other objects along the ride. A new housing makes sure that the cable is safe from mud. It runs inside the seatstay towards the derailleur. It also has an integrated seatmast and a 34.9 front derailleur clamp. Offered in white, the X-Night comes with SRAM Red components, Avid Shorty Ultimates and Fulcrum Racing…

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Genesis 2011 Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Genesis 2011 Bikes

genesis 2011 bikes 5 300x200   Genesis 2011 BikesGenesis showcases its 2011 collection of road bikes which features the usual steel and branding except for some few tweaks. Here’s what’s coming soon in 2011.

Alfine-equipped Day One is in its final stage on the drawing boards and is designed with a hub-geared, drop-barred cyclocross iron and a Reynolds 520 frame. It uses the Versa 8 speed integrated lever shifting for its hub and for its stopping power, the Tektro Lyra mechanical disc brakes. Its longer rack mount braze-ons give more clearance on the disc. It has a price tag of £1000.

The Vapour CX bike in matt olive finish with gloss decals is obviously attractive. It has a Tiagra drivertrain with 2300 non-series chainset and a Tektro cantis coupled with secondary levers. Its cable stop is on the fork crown not hanging by the spacer stack which results to less prone to wobble braking. It has a…

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Pro Lite The One Kids Cyclocross 650c Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Pro Lite The One Kids Cyclocross 650c Bike

pro lite the one kids cyclocross 650c bike   Pro Lite The One Kids Cyclocross 650c Bike

If your child has a itch for cyclocross, Pro Lite has a answer for you soon. Here we have a sneak peak of “The One” Kids 650 Cyclocross Bike. With months of testing, Pro Lite is getting closer and closer for the full production. As you can see from the photos, the bike is not fully built, and may change in before the initial release. Click below to see more.

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2011 Carbon Kona Jake

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Carbon Kona Jake

2011 carbon kona jake   2011 Carbon Kona Jake

Kona took on the challenge posed by cyclocross Elite riders Ryan Tebron and Barry Wicks. For 2011, they requested for a specific frame which is lighter, faster and stiffer than the competition but must be in a 63cm frame. The result was the 2011 Carbon Kona Jake.

Wicks shares, “I don’t know how they did it, but they were able to produce a bike for us that met all our specific targets… from the perspective of a racer, we are always trying to make our bikes lighter, stiffer and faster. The scandium Major Jake frames that we have been riding for the last few seasons have been awesome, but we wanted to see if we could push it a little bit further.”

Kona developed an all-carbon Kona Jake with special attention to details like the bottom bracket junction. A BB30 bottom bracket shell was in place and to bring it…

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Cannondale SuperX Hammer Time 2011 Cyclocross Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cannondale SuperX Hammer Time 2011 Cyclocross Bike

superx hammer time 2011 cyclocross bike 300x215   Cannondale SuperX Hammer Time 2011 Cyclocross BikeCannondale introduces the new 2011 SuperX Hammer Time cyclocross bike which rivals other brands on weight and performance. The cyclocross bike weighs a mere 14.5 lbs without pedals. The frame is made from BallisTec carbon fiber and is designed to have wide with flat SAVE seat and chainstays. This allows the top tube to flow around the seat tube and continue to the stays. For easy shouldering and climbing, the junction on the frame flattens at the bottom area.

The Aluminum CAADX models of the SuperX comes with SRAM Rival or Shimano Utegra 105 or Tiagra parts and components. The complete bikes may cost you from $1,179 to$1,919.

The SuperX uses a Fizik Tundra2 saddle and FSA seatpost. It also has a custom rear brake cable hanger and a downtube that nearly matches the width of the BB30 bottom bracket shell. The tapered headtube measures 1-1/8” to 1-1/4”…

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Hutchinson Road, Mountain, Cyclocross Tires

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hutchinson Road, Mountain, Cyclocross Tires

hutchinson road tires 1 165x300   Hutchinson Road, Mountain, Cyclocross TiresHutchinson debuts quite a number of upgraded new tires for all types of riding along with the new RTI carbon clincher road tubeless wheelset. As of the latest reports, the Atom and Fusion are soon to be shipped out with new tints. The Hutchinson Cobra’s 29” models are now on the drawing boards for finishing touches and soon to be introduced in the spring of 2011, while the Toro currently has a new 2.35 size for both 26 inch and 29 inch models.

The German Off-Road Series now permits 29ers in their races, as a line of 29” models are being designed for the mountain bikes that go underway. A rise in the demand for big wheel mountain bikes has indicated a substantial increase in the German market.

Top of the line models now at Hutchinson are the new carbon bead (versus Kevlar) of Bulldog and Piranha CX Cyclocross tires….

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2011 Kinesis Crosslight CSix2

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Kinesis Crosslight CSix2

2011 kinesis crosslight csix2   2011 Kinesis Crosslight CSix2

Kinesis UK shows off its new cyclocross frame called the Crosslight CSix2 for 2011. The frame is full carbon-made and a first for Kinesis. It weighs about 1kg and around 1.8kg if you include the forks, headset and clamp. Tested by National Cyclocross Champion Jody Crawforth, the CSix2 received excellent observations on performance.

Photo in frame shows the early prototype model. It has wide mud clearance and cables are routed along the top tube. Cable stops are canted so you won’t experience any entanglements while carrying the Crosslight Csix2. It can also take on outer cable housing to the rear, making the shifting precise. The fork is judder resistant and the bottle bosses will not be included in its final design.

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