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2011 Colnago World Cup Cross Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Colnago World Cup Cross Bike

2011 colnago world cup cross bike   2011 Colnago World Cup Cross Bike

Some companies release cross bikes as a hybrid model, where the bike can also be used as a commuter. This is not the case for the 2011 Colnago World Cup, a true cross racing bike.

The Colnago 2011 World Cup features a fully redesigned frame. Last year, Colnago used 6000 series aluminum, and in 2011 the World Cup upgrades to a 7000 series aluminum. A hydroformed frame and shoulder are reinforcements that add to this strong cross bike for the next year.

Furthering the 2011 World Cup is a double welded and reinforced head tube, semi integrated and replaceable cups, tapered butted frame, and an easy shouldering triangle connecting the top tube and down tube.

The forks on the World Cup 2011 are full carbon, including the steerer. Last year, they were aluminum.

You can purchase the Colnago 2011 World Cup as a frameset or a complete bike, which…

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2011 Raleigh SSCXWC Cross Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Raleigh SSCXWC Cross Bike

2011 raleigh sscxwc cross bike   2011 Raleigh SSCXWC Cross Bike

Once again in 2011, Raleigh and SSCXWC will come together to produce a limited edition cross bike.

Limited indeed, only forty 2011 Raleigh SSCXWC framesets will release, while one lucky individual will win a complete bike suited with Shimano components and a Gates Carbon belt drive.

Both Raleigh and SSCXWC did a excellent job meeting cyclocross racers needs, with tapered seat stays and a flat top tube for shouldering. The dropouts are removable so a Gates carbon belt drive can be added if desired.

Dipped in SSCXWC team colors, the total weight for the frameset is 1,050 grams. Retail price is $1,200.

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2011 Ellsworth Roots Cyclocross Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Ellsworth Roots Cyclocross Bike

2011 ellsworth roots cyclocross bike1   2011 Ellsworth Roots Cyclocross Bike

The 2011 Ellsworth Roots Cyclocross Bike was first introduced in 1996 with a drop bar and a geometry specific to cyclocross. The lastest Roots gives more than what its ancestor offered. More than a cyclocross bike, the Roots can even be a commuter bike.

The new 2011 Ellsworth Roots features a rare earth carbon rear and SST Aluminum front end. It comes in five sizes and now includes water bottle cages incorporated into the design. It also has the firm tail technlogy called dual Mono Stay which allows the cyclocross bike to be flexible enough to support belt drive configurations, gearless NuVinci, singlespeed configurations, multi-gear chain drive options and belt and chain drive.

The chainstay length is at 17.15 inches and the bike is available in two colors, Velo Bella and White Carbon. The frame kit retails at $999 which includes Easton EC90X Cross fork, 35.0 seat clamp and FSA Orbit…

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2011 Bianchi Volpe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Bianchi Volpe

2011 bianchi volpe   2011 Bianchi Volpe

Known as the “all purpose” bike, the 2011 Bianchi Volpe can be used for entry level cyclocross racing, touring, and commuting.

The Bianchi 2011 Volpe is a part of the Gran Fondo series, which consists of classic bikes made of steel.

History for the Volpe dates back years, but despite its roots the 2011 model contains a mixture of Shimano, SRAM and Sugino drivetrain, and other modern components from WTB, Kalloy, Velo, and Cane Creek.

The 2011 Bianchi Volpe is basically the same release from the past 5 years, and will release in cream.

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2011 Fuji Altamira CX Cyclocross

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Fuji Altamira CX Cyclocross

2011 fuji altamira cx cyclocross   2011 Fuji Altamira CX Cyclocross

Fuji introduces its cyclocross bike for 2011, the Altamira CX. The name comes from a Spanish cave located near the base operations of the Fuji-Servetto team. Initial production of 60 framesets is available while the rest will be by spring of 2011. There are two models to choose from, the Altamira CX 1.0 and the Altamira CX 2.0. The frame weighs 1000g for a 54cm model and costs $2949 for a set of frame, fork, headset and seat collar.

The Altamira CX 1.0 comes in six sizes and in colors of white, red and blue. It retails for $5899 and is equipped with Shimano Dura Ace components, Oval Carbon Clincher wheelset, Vittoria Cross tires and Avid Shorty brakeset. It features a high modulus D-6 carbon frame with tapered headtube, BB86 shell, tapered steerer and FC-330 Cross Carbon monocoque fork.

The Altamira CX 2.0 has a C-4 carbon frame with tapered headtube…

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2011 Rocky Mountain Solo CXR Cyclocross

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Rocky Mountain Solo CXR Cyclocross

2011 rocky mountain solo cxr cyclocross   2011 Rocky Mountain Solo CXR Cyclocross

Rocky Mountain, as you may know, is predominately a mountain bike company. In acknowledging the need to train, however, they will release the 2011 Rocky Mountain Solo CXR cyclocross.

Last year, Rocky Mountain had 3 cross bikes in their line up. In 2011, they will only feature 2. The Rocky Mountain 2011 Solo CXR received input from team riders Geoff Kabush and Alison Sydor. In the end, the Solo CXR is a race cross bike scaled down.

Oval shape tubing is featured at the top tube and down tube, so when lugging the 2011 Solo CXR up hills, it is easier to grab and more comforting to shoulder.

Carbon fiber is used on the seat stays to absorb bumps on the course. Lastly, carbon was also used on the front fork and steer tube.

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Campagnolo CX Cranksets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Campagnolo CX Cranksets

campagnolo cx cranksets 1 300x211   Campagnolo CX CranksetsCampagnolo ventures to the rain and mud with its CX Power-Torque Cranksets. They come in carbon and aluminum versions but with the carbon components weighing lighter by 100g. The cranks come in 10-speed and 11 speed versions aptly named CX10 and CX11 respectively. For the carbon models, they weigh 628g (11-speed) and 629g (10-speed). As for the aluminum models, they weigh 728g (11-speed) and 731g (10-speed).

The CX Power-Torque Cranksets feature Campagnolo’s C.A.R.T. or Cyclocross Advanced Racing Techonlogy. This was applied to the chainrings which actually uses a special drivetrain for smaller chainrings. The Power-Torque BB has the doubleslip pedal feature to protect and prolong the bearing life of your bike.

The Campagnolo CX Power-Torque Cranksets will be available of 170, 172.5 and 175mm lengths.

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